Turkmenistan Work Visa – Documents needed and Application

Always consider learning more about the Turkmenistan work visa before accepting that job offer. Yes, you are more likely to consider the job’s compensation and benefits first. However, the Turkmenistan work visa determines whether or not your dream of working in Turkmenistan will become a reality.

While Turkmenistan has not traditionally been considered an Asian economic powerhouse, foreign citizens still find working in the region more fulfilling. As a result of the level of compensation and benefits that employees enjoy, it is unsurprising why there is an increase in demand for the Turkmenistan work visa.

If you want to work in Turkmenistan you should apply for a work visa. This article will expose you to how to apply for a work visa in Turkmenistan, including requirements and fees.

Turkmenistan work visa

Turkmenistan work visa allows citizens of certain nationalities who secure jobs in Turkmenistan to enter the country for work. The stamp of the permit is attached to the foreigner’s passport. It allows the citizens to cross the borders of Turkmenistan without hassle.

On entering the country, the non-Turkmenistan citizen goes to the Turkmenistan embassy desk for other confirmatory exercises. They submit some documents to the embassy. During the exit flight, the citizen will submit some materials to the Turkmenistan migration service. Also, they will return some of the papers issued during entry upon exit.

One thing stands out for a Turkmenistan work visa. The visa does not allow the holder to engage in any paid job. The function it performs is that it permits entrance. The holder needs a work permit before undertaking any work in the country.

Why you should consider getting a Turkmenistan work visa

Sometimes, the payroll is not what employees value more in a job. Employees can still reject a job offer despite the attractive salary attached to the job. The Turkmenistan labor Ministry understood this phenomenon. As a result, it created and implemented a compensation law that gives priority to the employee.

The Turkmenistan compensation law cuts deep into employees’ interests by providing them with the appropriate job compensation and benefits. Aside from its favorable work culture, Turkmenistan’s work policies focus more on improving the skills of its employees.

Moreover, nothing is so uncomfortable as being caught up between an inconveniencing work environment and not enjoying the work you do. Also, not having an appropriate benefit attached to your job is draining. It is the easiest way to make you lose interest in your work.

What documents does an employee need for a Turkmenistan work visa?

The Turkmenistan work visa application requires the same documents as the other visas except for a few specific requirements.

The documents that any foreign employee requesting a work visa for Turkmenistan must have include;

Below are the visa application documents they must present.

1. A Turkmenistan work visa application form.

Download the Turkmenistan work visa application form. Fill in every personal information as requested in the visa.

2. A valid passport.

The passport number on the passport should be visible. Show passport number in full. Full facial features are prominent. Maintain a neutral facial expression in the photo. Two blank pages for entry and exit stamps should be available. The passport must be more than six months active from the arrival date.

3. Invitation letter

For Turkmenistan visa applications, the immigration service approves and issues an invitation letter to the foreign employee on behalf of the corporation or employer.

4. Two passport-size photos

The passport photos should be colored and follow every requirement of the Turkmenistan immigration office. The passport-size pictures must be clear and have no shadows.

5. Medical check certificate

The embassy requires you to submit a medical fitness report or a medical check certificate.

6. Turkmenistan work permit

On entering the country, you should request a work permit at least six days after your arrival.

7. Proof of visa application fee payment

Pay a visa application fee after submitting your document. Confirm your visa payment and print the payment confirmation slip.

Other materials for the Turkmenistan work visa

  1. An employment contract – This must indicate the condition of the contract. It also points out how long you are working.
  2. Proof of accommodation – That shows that you have secured a place for shelter during your stay.
  3. Proof of financial means – your proof of financial means must show that you can pay for specific transactions.
  4. Travel health insurance – An insurance coverage of £30,000 designed to protect you against risks and losses that could happen during your travel and stay within the country.
  5. Travel itinerary – The travel plan and arrangements for your journey.
  6. Curriculum Vitae – A summary of your work experiences, skills and certifications
  7. Certification of work experience – This document indicates the duration you have worked in a particular industry.

What documents does the employer need in the Turkmenistan work visa application?

  1. Corporate income tax returns – It should cover the part of the tax year that the corporation began.
  2. Personal income tax statement – Submit two copies of the individual income tax payment levied.
  3. Corporation registration certificate – proof that the corporation is legally registered
  4. Enterprise business registration – Shows ownership claims.

Do you want to apply for a Turkmenistan work visa? Follow these steps

The application process for a Turkmenistan work visa is almost like other Turkmenistan visas. However, you should determine if your country qualifies to travel to Turkmenistan.

If you are eligible, follow the steps below to get your Turkmenistan work visa is the most stress-free way;

  • Determine the purpose of your travel and the itinerary of your trip to Turkmenistan.
  • Go to the official immigration website of the Turkish embassy in your country and browse all the information you need. From the location of the Turkish embassy in your country to the materials, you need to make a visa application. If there is no Turkmenistan embassy in your country, find the nearest Turkish embassy and the working days and hours they operate.
  • Download the Turkish work visa application form
  • Prepare your Turkish work visa application materials according to the checklist and your findings from the Turkish embassy.
  • Fill out your details on the work visa form for Turkish that you downloaded. Then proceed to the Turkmenistan embassy nearest to you to continue your application.
  • Go through the Turkmenistan work visa application procedures and pay your visa application fee. Ensure to get your payment confirmation slip because you will need it to continue your visa application.
  • Wait for the Turkmenistan embassy to review your work visa application and contact you for the further application process.
  • Get back your passport with your Turkmenistan work visa stamp embedded in it. Cross-check the information on the visa for accuracy and correctness, especially the start and end time of the visa validity. After you have received your Turkmenistan visa, process your travel tickets, accommodation and other necessary travel itineraries.

Employment in Turkmenistan

You are excited and cannot wait to start your journey to your dream country in the career path of your choice. However, remember that you are travelling to a strange land. As a result, you need time to adjust to the work environment and culture. To make it easier for you, here are the things you should know about employment and working in Turkmenistan:

#1. Working Hours

The working hours in Turkmenistan are more statutory. Full-time adult employees above 20 years of age do not exceed 40 hours of work duration every week. Employees between 16 and 18 years of age cannot exceed 36 hours, and those below 16 years cannot exceed 24 hours of work duration per week. In addition, office working hours run from 9 am to 6 pm every day except on Sundays.

#2. Salary or Remuneration Package

The payroll package in Turkmenistan ranges from $300 minimum payroll to $6700 maximum payroll per month. However, the salary package varies between enterprises and businesses. Furthermore, the employee’s level of work experience also determines their salary package—the salary increases with more years of experience.

For example, employees with more than five years of work experience earn 36% more than those with lesser years of work experience. In addition, the educational qualification of the employee plays a role in increasing their payroll package.

#3. Vacation Leaves

Workers in Turkmenistan get 24 days of paid leave every year. However, employees are eligible for the annual leave only if they complete 11 months of employment. Teachers, professors and people with disabilities get more days than their counterparts.

#4. Public Paid Holidays

The nation Turkmenistan observes about nine public holidays throughout the year. It is good news for employees as their employers still pay them despite not working. The Turkmenistan public holidays are;

  • 31st December – 1st January— New Year
  • 8th of March—International Women’s Day
  • 21st-22nd of March—Navruz
  • 13th of May—Oryza Bayram
  • 18th of May—Constitution and State Flag Day
  • 20th-22nd of July—Kurban Bayram
  • 27th of September—Independence Day
  • 6th of October—Memorial Day
  • 12th of December —International Day of Neutrality

#5. Medical Insurance

Turkmenistan has a healthcare system where employees can buy medical insurance to cover themselves against medical expenses. Without medical insurance, medical costs can be a little unaffordable in cases of injuries and health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does processing a Turkmenistan work visa take?

Generally, it takes about ten days to process a Turkmenistan work visa application. These ten days start counting from the day the embassy receives your visa application. However, the Turkmenistan work visa processing time varies among countries and embassies.

Moreover, it can take up to one month to receive the invitation Letter from the Turkmenistan state migration service. This delay can lead to a delay in processing your Turkmenistan work visa.

Therefore, if you intend to request a Turkmenistan visa for any purpose, you should contact the Turkmenistan embassy in your country on time. You should also contact the state migration service of Turkmenistan on time for your letter of invitation.

How long can you stay in Turkmenistan with a Turkmenistan work visa?

The duration of the Turkmenistan work visa depends on the employee’s work duration stated in the work contract. However, you always have the option to renew your visa stamp or apply for a visa extension.

Do you need to extend a Turkmenistan work visa or apply for another one on expiration?

Extension of a Turkmenistan work visa is not regular in the country. Although it is not a common practice, you can still extend your stay. However, the visa extension duration is always shorter. Therefore, it is advisable to renew your Turkish work visa if it expires.

Can you travel to the Schengen area with a Turkmenistan passport?

The answer to this question is no. If you must enter a Schengen area, you should have a Schengen visa.


Turkmenistan practices more of an autocratic leadership system. It is not always easy getting a visa to visit the country. You can still get your visa endorsement in the most stress-free way. However, you must have a valid reason for your visit. Also, you need to know a lot about the visa you wish to request. Having enough knowledge about the visa application documents and procedures makes the visa application journey easier.

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