UAE Family Visa – Eligibility, Application, and Duration

The United Arab Emirates is a haven accommodating kids and other family members. This is why the UAE Family Visa is available so that family members living in UAE can bring their loved ones over. A person living in UAE is eligible to bring in a dependent; it will be about applying for the person to come over. If you intend to bring in your spouse, children, relatives, or any dependent to live with you in UAE, then this article got you covered. You will learn how to apply, your eligibility, and the duration the UAE Family visa will cover your family.

About the United Arab Emirates

The UAE (The United Arab Emirates) or Emirates is a country in Western Asia. UAE is found at the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula. This country also shares borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman. The maritime border is in the Persian Gulf with Qatar and Iran. The United Arab Emirates is a tourist haven, receiving visitors all year round. The land of the UAE is rich in history and tradition. It’s had a desert where one can explore the wild side of Arabia. It also offers an ambiance where one can relax the mind, body, and soul at the exclusive resorts. The UAE is a paradise for all foreign nationals trooping into the country.

This is the right destination for family members that weren’t to live in the country as the country is family-oriented. All the residing family members need to do to bring in a family member is to apply and get the UAE family visa.

What is a UAE family visa?

The UAE family visa is a residence visa that a family member living in UEA can get on behalf of another family member coming into the country. The family visa can be applied for and obtained by a family member in the country with an entry permit. This residence visa can be issued for a maximum of three years. This means one can have a year, two, or three years stay in UAE with the family visa before it expires. The good thing about the UAE family visa is that it is renewable. However, any renewal should be done 30 days before the expiration of the previously issued family visa. Again, this type of visa depends on the sponsor’s good stay in UAE. So this means that if the sponsored visa is canceled or expires, the dependent family visa becomes null.

Who needs a UAE family visa?

A man or a woman on a residence visa in UAE can bring the following family to UAE on a family visit. The people eligible are:

  • A spouse or spouses for a Muslim man (2 wives)
  • Children (both males and females), for the sons, can be sponsored if they are less than 18 years. The law still makes room for males above 18 that are still students, and the family member can still apply for their family visit up to 21 years. But the clause here is that they must always enter the country at least once in six months, as students are still studying there; otherwise, the UAE family visa will be canceled.
  • Any stepchild: A stepchild or children can be applied for. But one needs to get a “no objection certificate from the real parent. UAE family visa for a stepchild is a maximum of a year though it is renewable.
  • Parents: UAE family visa is open for parents after meeting the following conditions:
  • It would help if you got a family visa for both parents unless the other partner is dead
  • A deposit of 2500 AED will be made; this is to guarantee for the two parents
  • Another rule is that your parent should have the medical insurance policy
  • You would have gotten a two-bedroom accommodation you would have a monthly salary of AED 1900 or 20,000

Who can sponsor for UAE family visa

When it comes to eligibility for a person to bring a family member to UAE, any foreign worker in the country can. The clause is that you need to meet the salary requirements. For male expatriates, the minimum expected salary is AED 3000 or 4000 each month, and there must be accommodation. For the female, the minimum salary allowed is AED 8000 OR 10000. The requirement for a family member over 18 years is to pass the government-approved fitness test. The test will be carried out in the health center approved by the government. They will also be a test for tuberculosis and HIV for family members.

Documents required for UAE Family visa?

As a sponsor applying for a family to come into UAE, you should present the following documents to process the UAE family visa application for your family member. The documents are

  • The family member or members’ passport copies
  • A complete UAE visa application form: You can complete this either online or at a registered typing office.
  • Spouse legalized marriage certificate
  • Attach proof of tenancy or accommodation in the UAE
  • Show proof of recent utility bill
  • Clearance medical certificate for a member of a family that’s above 18
  • Proof of a sponsor’s company contract or employment contract. You can get it from the company’s employer
  • Proof of your monthly income

How to apply for a UAE family visa?

As earlier stated, the UAE family visa will be applied by the foreign national or the employer. The sponsor residing in the country must submit the UAE family visa application at least 60 days from the day of getting his or her residence visa. An entry permit would be first obtained for the family member to get into the country without the family visa. Your sponsor can apply at either the general directorate of residency for foreigners online or get it at the federal authority for identity and citizenship.

To apply for the visa, you can Apply at the office of foreign affairs or the office of the general directorate residency.

How to renew the UAE family visa?

The family visa can be renewed if the previously issued one is about to expire. You would need to do this a while back before the actual expiration. You can achieve this by following these Steps:

  • Start by contacting the Dubai Business Advisors
  • Then go ahead to present the information needed for the visa renewal
  • Show all the documents required to the courier, then pay your fees
  • You can enjoy your renewed visa after the approval.

 UAE Family Visa – the processing time and fees?

The processing time it will take you to get the family visa is ten to fifteen working days. But don’t forget that anything can delay the approval, so it can still be less or higher in some cases. Approval needs to come from the immigration dept of the different emirates. To make the approval speedy, you must adhere strictly to the UAE immigration rules. The visa fee for a wife and children in the country is AED 1,130.9; for a wife and children outside the country, AED 488.90 per person; then for parents in UAE, it is AED 400.90 per person.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can you sponsor a spouse of the same sex for a UAE family visa?

The united emirates have no business with same-sex marriage, so you can’t apply for a family visit for a spouse of the same sex.

What is the rule for obtaining a family visa in UAE?

You must have the minimum monthly income to be eligible to apply for your dependent. The least amount accepted is AED 3000; there must be accommodation for the family to stay. Note that only spouses, children, parents, and stepchildren are allowed. The female children must be unmarried too.

When can a family member hold a UAE family visa in UAE?

The Family visa must be approved by immigration or an authorized agency to be valid for usage in the country. But when outside the country, the family visa can’t be held by the family member.

Can a tourist visa be changed to a UAE family visa in the Emirates?

No, a tourist visa can’t change your status. The status change is only for family, residence, investors, employment, and partner visas. So a visitor with a tourist visa must leave the country and re-enter with a new family visa.

What are things to consider before visiting the UAE?

There are a few things to consider before visiting the UAE:

1. The UAE is a Muslim country, so visitors should respect the local customs and traditions.

2. The weather can be hot and humid, so visitors should dress appropriately and stay hydrated.

3. The UAE is relatively safe, but visitors should take precautions against pickpockets and scams.


Many foreign nationals living and working in the UAE lives away from their family, so the country wants to ease the burden of living apart for the expatriates. Therefore, if you are an expatriate living in UAE, you can bring your family members over with a UAE family visa. But you must check and be sure you are eligible to sponsor your family members’ visas. All the details you need to know about this residence visa are outlined above.

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