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Uganda Visa Requirements – Application, Types and Documentation

If you plan a trip to Uganda, you must fulfill Uganda visa requirements to qualify to leave your home country and for entry at the border crossing point.

The Republic of Uganda is an East African country well known for its many mountains, waterfalls, and wildlife. Uganda is close to Tanzania, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, and Rwanda. It has a total area of about 250,000 square kilometers and a population of approximately 46 million. About 1,750,000 of its population are immigrants from different world regions. The majority of these immigrants are international students and foreign workers. Without a doubt, visas for the Republic of Uganda are obtainable in person on arrival or online (eVisa). You can also apply at the nearest Ugandan embassy or consulate.

In this blog post, we will discuss all visa types for the Republic of Uganda, their requirements, application procedures, and more.

Exemptions for Uganda Visa Requirements

Foreigners from nine countries are visa-exempt for the Republic of Uganda and are suitable to stay there for up to 90 days without a visa. These visa-exempt foreigners can certainly enter Uganda for sightseeing, transit, or commercial-related purposes.

Assuming that you intend to stay in Uganda for more than 90 days or your purpose for a visit differs from the above, you should not consider traveling visa-free to Uganda. Hence, you must apply for a visa online or through the Ugandan diplomatic mission in your home country.

Here is a list of the countries whose citizens can travel visa-free to Uganda.

  • Madagascar
  • Ghana
  • Lesotho
  • Burundi
  • Seychelles
  • Angola
  • Mauritius
  • Kenya
  • Singapore

Requirements to Enter Uganda without a Visa

  • A valid passport for any of the countries listed above: Your passport must possess a validity period of at least six months from your arrival date in Uganda.
  • Evidence of vaccination against yellow fever (may not be required depending on your country of origin)

Types of Uganda Visas

Below are the visa types for the Republic of Uganda.

#1. Uganda Tourist Visa

This type of visa allows foreigners to tour Uganda and other places within the country. Nevertheless, it is impermissible for an Uganda Tourist Visa holder to work or enroll in an educational institution.

Find out the tourist attractions in Uganda, the reasons to tour the country, and more.

#2. Uganda Family Visit Visa

With a valid Ugandan Family Visit Visa, you can travel to the country to see your close relation, which can be your child/ren, parents, or spouse.

#3. Uganda Study Visa

This type of visa permits its holder, most especially international students to enroll in an Uganda-based accredited school.

#4. Uganda Business Visa

By getting a business visa for the Republic of Uganda, you can travel to the country for commercial-related purposes.

Applying for Uganda Visa Online (eVisa)

Uganda eVisa is a single-entry visa obtainable online. It allows its holder to enter Uganda for sightseeing, healthcare purposes, to have a short stay with a family member, to be present at business meetings, or to travel through Uganda to another country.

Contrarily, Uganda eVisa is valid for 90 days and is available to applicants via their email addresses. Besides, the Uganda eVisa application process takes only a few minutes.

Uganda e Visa Requirements

  • Scanned copies of certain pages of your original passport
  • Your recent digital photo
  • (Other documents depending on your purpose of visit to Uganda)

Getting an Uganda Visa on Arrival

Uganda Visa on Arrival is a privilege open to citizens of a few countries in obtaining a Ugandan visa at the port of entry. Only citizens of nine countries can enjoy this privilege, which includes foreigners from Singapore, Madagascar, Burundi, Ghana, Angola, Mauritius, Lesotho, Kenya, and Seychelles.

Uganda Visa on Arrival Requirements

  • You must be a national of Burundi, Madagascar, Lesotho, Kenya, Seychelles, Angola, Ghana, Mauritius, or Singapore.
  • Your passport must be officially accepted six months after your arrival in Uganda.
  • A Yellow Card to show that you have received a vaccination against fever (required depending on your country of residence)

Steps in Getting Uganda Visa on Arrival

Below are the steps involved in getting a Ugandan visa on arrival.

Step 1: Join the queue at the border crossing point

The first step in getting an Uganda visa on arrival is to travel to the country after confirming your eligibility. Upon arrival, you will have to join the queue at the border crossing point in Uganda.

Step 2: Fill out the visa application form

Afterward, you must collect the visa application form from an immigration officer at the entry point. You must then complete the form.

Step 3: Pay your visa fee

Finally, you will have to pay the Ugandan visa on arrival fee and then wait to receive your visa.

Uganda Visa Requirements

The following are the lists of the documents required in applying for the different types of Uganda visas.

Uganda Tourist Visa Requirements

To obtain a tourist visa for Uganda, you must possess the documents listed below.

  • Photocopy of the data page on your passport
  • A recent picture of you (passport-sized)
  • Your travel itinerary
  • Proof of yellow fever vaccination
  • Evidence of accommodation in Uganda, such as a hotel booking

Documents Required for Uganda Family Visit Visa

Below are the documents needed when applying for a family visit visa to Uganda.

  • A duplicate of your passport’s bio-data page
  • Recent passport-sized photo
  • An invitation letter from your family member in Uganda
  • Proof of your family member’s current immigration status
  • Evidence of vaccination against yellow fever

Uganda Visa Requirements for International Students

Here are the documents required for Uganda Study Visa applications.

  • One copy of your valid passport’s data page
  • Recent photograph (passport size)
  • An invitation and admission letter from a Ugandan educational institution
  • Yellow Card

Uganda Business Visa Requirements

Without these documents, you cannot get a business visa for the Republic of Uganda.

  • A copy of your passport’s bio-data page
  • Your passport-sized photograph
  • An invitation that states the type of business activity you intend to carry out in Uganda
  • Yellow Card

How to Apply for Uganda Visa Online

To apply for a Ugandan visa electronically, you must take the following steps.

Step 1: Log on to Uganda E-Immigration System

The first step in getting an Uganda visa online involves signing in to the Ugandan E-Immigration System using an internet-enabled computer. You must then indicate your preferred visa type, category, and subcategory. After making your indications, you must click on the “NEXT STEP” icon to proceed.

Step 2: Complete the Uganda online visa application form

Next, on the online application form, you will have to provide your personal information, passport data, travel details, etc. Again, ensure to provide answers only in the English language.

Step 3: Upload each of your supporting documents

This step involves uploading each of the required documents one by one. After doing this, you will receive your application ID.

Step 4: Make payment for the Uganda visa fee

Upon receipt of your application ID, you will have to initiate your visa fee payment online.

Step 5: Submit your application

With a single click, you can go ahead to submit your Uganda visa application for processing by the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control.

You will then have to give time for your visa application processing.

Uganda Visa Fee

All types of visas for the Republic of Uganda costs $50, which is non-refundable. Emphatically, the Uganda visa processing fee is payable only in United States Dollars and involves a bank charge.

Processing Time for Uganda Visa

The turnaround time for Uganda visa applications takes three to six working days. Undoubtedly, that means you should receive a visa to enable you to enter Uganda after about one week of completing the application process.

Validity Period of Uganda Visas

The amount of time a Ugandan visa is officially acceptable (valid) depends on the type of visa, as indicated hereafter.

  • Uganda eVisa: 90 days
  • Tourist Visa: 90 days

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get an Uganda Visa on Arrival?

Of course, you can get a Ugandan visa on arrival only if you are from Singapore, Madagascar, Angola, Ghana, Burundi, Seychelles, Lesotho, Kenya, or Mauritius. Therefore, before leaving your home country, you should ensure fulfilling Uganda visa requirements.

Do South African citizens need a Ugandan visa?

Yes, South African citizens must obtain a visa to enter the Republic of Uganda regardless of their visit’s purpose and duration.

Do Nigerian citizens need a visa to Uganda?

Yes, citizens of Nigeria must obtain a visa before traveling to Uganda. They can apply at the Ugandan High Commission in Abuja, No. 3 Mandara Cl, Three Arms Zone.

What is the processing time for an Uganda visa?

It typically takes six working days to process a visa application for the Republic of Uganda.

How much does a tourist visa to Uganda cost?

Foreigners applying for a tourist visa to Uganda must pay a processing fee of $50.


In summary, you should not apply for an Uganda visa if you have not met its requirements to prove worthy of it. What else is resisting you from applying for a Ugandan visa? If it involves sourcing for information, you can contact the Work Study Visa team to research for you or check our other blog posts just in case we already have what you seek.

Thanks for reading!

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