UK Marriage Or Spouse Visa- Requirements & Eligibility

The UK Marriage or spouse visa is for people who are married to or in a civil relationship with a UK citizen or permanent resident.

UK permanent residents and citizens are eligible to apply to sponsor their spouses or partners for a marriage visa. In other words, you can get your spouse (wife or your husband) to the UK as a permanent resident or as a British citizen with a UK marriage or spouse visa.

Benefits of a Marriage Visa

There are several advantages to applying for a marriage or spouse visa in the UK. And they include the following;

  • An applicant who marries a UK citizen can automatically becomes a permanent residents in the UK.
  • An applicant is free to engage in any type of work in the UK without limitations.
  • An applicant enjoys the same benefits as other UK citizens.
  • The UK marriage or spouse visa serves as a pathway to permanent stay in the UK and becoming a British national.

UK Marriage or Spouse visa Requirements & Eligibility

Presently, if you are not married, it may save time to apply for a marriage visa once married, instead of having to make two separate applications.

The UK Marriage or Spouse visa applicants have to satisfy the following conditions and eligibility requirements:

  • The partners have to attain a minimum of 18 years of age
  • The both partners must have met each other, be married to each other legally and plan to live together as a married couple in the UK
  • There must be good accommodation for you to live in the UK
  • A marriage visa applicant must be financially able to support his or her stay in the UK.
  • For sponsoring the settlement of a spouse or partner, applicant have to meet the income threshold of £18,600
  • The applicant have to meet the English Language requirements with a Grade level A1 course.

Required Documents for UK Marriage or Spouse visa

There are important documents which need to be carefully completed and submitted with your visa application, and they include the following:

  • Your international passport and 2 recent passport photographs
  • Birth certificate of both spouses
  • Marriage certificate and evidence to live together permanently
  • Documents to show that you are financially capable to live in the UK
  • Documents that show the successful achievement of the relevant English language criteria

UK Marriage or Spouse visa processing times differ depending on several factors. For instance, processing times for marriage visas is sometimes determined by the country you are applying from. Generally, processing times may take just a couple of weeks to several months or more.

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