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Ukraine e-Visa – Meaning, Who Can Apply and Requirements

Are you planning a short trip to Ukraine? Are you too busy to physically visit the embassy for your application? If so, the Ukraine e-Visa is an easier route for you to enter Ukraine in with the most straightforward possible procedure. To take if you don’t have the time to visit the embassy.

Ukraine is a beautiful country in South-East Europe, bordered by Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Belarus, and Moldova. The country has a population of about 44 million. Suppose you’re wondering about their visa policies and travel regulations. In that case, you should know they are slightly different from most European countries, considering they are not yet part of the EU or the Schengen free-travel area.

Here, we’ll try to explain how the Ukraine e-Visa procedure works. Then, you will understand if you qualify for an e-Visa, how you can get it, and how it differs from a regular Ukraine visa.

About Ukraine e-Visa

The Ukraine e-Visa is a digitally-approved visa program that legally permits eligible foreign nationals to enter Ukraine for up to 30 days. Since this visa is applied for and processed online, you can get it without going through the rigorous process of applying for a regular Ukraine visa. Therefore, it is a wiser option for those who wish to enter Ukraine for a month or less.

Types of Ukraine e-Visa

Ukraine e-Visa is a kind of short-stay visa. Hence, you can get it for the same reasons as a Ukraine Short-Stay Visa. You can get an e-Visa for any of the following reasons;

  1. Tourism
  2. Business
  3. Private Reasons
  4. Medical Treatment
  5. Cultural/Scientific/Educational/Sports Activities
  6. Foreign Mass Media Staff Visits


Tourism is one of the most popular reasons people visit Ukraine. Usually, you’d want to apply for the Ukraine Tourist Visa. However, if you don’t intend to stay beyond a month, it will serve you better to get an e-Visa.


The Ukraine Business Visa is issued to foreign nationals coming into Ukraine for business purposes. For business people, making out the time to submit documents physically to the embassy and attending an interview for a visa might be too much of a hassle. The Ukraine e-Visa offers a way around this as well. As long as you have the required documents, you can make a stress-free application from wherever you are.

Private Reasons

To qualify for the Ukraine Private e-Visa, you must provide an invitation letter from a Ukrainian citizen or resident proving that you must be in Ukraine. It will be one of the documents you submit when making the online application.

Medical Treatment

Certain conditions need special attention, and such a specialist may not be available in your home country. If you’ve been referred for medical treatment in Ukraine, you can apply for an e-Visa, as long as you’re sure you won’t stay longer than 30 days. If you think the treatment will last longer, you can apply for a regular Ukraine Medical Visa.

Cultural/Scientific/Educational/Sports Activities

Another short-stay visa available is the cultural visa, which covers those who intend to travel to Ukraine for cultural exchange programs. It also covers sporting activities, research purposes, etc. For activities lasting a month or less, you can use the e-Visa option instead.

Foreign Mass Media Staff Visits

Journalists can also get a Ukraine visa based on their job. Hence, those coming into Ukraine on official duty can get the foreign mass media e-Visa.

Ukraine e-Visa Eligibility

Typically, any foreign national who wants to visit Ukraine needs a visa. However, EU citizens and a few other groups are exempt from needing a visa when they come to Ukraine. Yet, not all those who need a visa to enter Ukraine qualify for an e-Visa.

Before applying for a Ukrainian e-Visa, check the list of countries below to ensure your country is eligible;

  • the Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Belize
  • Bolivia
  • Bhutan
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Costa Rica
  • the Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Fiji
  • Grenada
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Jamaica
  • Kiribati
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • the Maldives
  • Mauritius
  • Mexico
  • Micronesia
  • Myanmar
  • Nauru
  • Nepal
  • Nicaragua
  • Palau
  • Peru
  • the Philippines
  • Saint Lucia
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Samoa
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore
  • the Solomon Islands
  • the South African Republic
  • Suriname
  • Thailand
  • Timor-Leste
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Tuvalu
  • Vanuatu

Ukraine e-Visa Application Process

To apply for a Ukraine e-Visa, you must begin processing at least ten days before your intended travel date. All you need is a device that can access the internet to start your application. Here are the steps for processing your e-Visa to Ukraine;

#1. Create an Account

Visit the website for the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is there you will create an account for the application.

#2. Fill out the Form

Fill out the e-Visa application form online. The form will need you to provide all your details and the details of your trip. You’ll also need to upload scanned copies of all the required documents. Since this application is online, filling out the form is crucial. Ensure all your details are correct and you don’t miss anything. Else, you could be denied the visa.

It is also where you choose the visa you’re applying for; based on reason and number of entries.

#3. Pay the Fee

After making your application, you will need to pay the necessary fees for your visa. There are two kinds of Ukraine e-Visas;

  • single-entry e-Visa: $20
  • double-entry e-Visa: $30

The single-entry e-Visa allows you to enter Ukraine for up to 30 days at a time, but it only permits one entry. This visa expires as soon as you leave the country. However, the double-entry e-Visa for Ukraine, valid for 30 days (beginning with when you first enter the country), allows you to leave the country once and return within 30 days.

You can complete the payment for your Ukraine e-Visa through PayPal or any other online payment option. After completing it, you’ll receive a receipt.

#4. Processing and Verdict

Now, you wait for the verdict. Ukraine e-Visa processes very quickly; it takes about three working days to complete, or one day for urgent visa applications. If the authorities approve your application, they will email you a PDF file for you to download. That file IS your e-Visa. You will print it and take it with you on your trip to Ukraine. You must present that printed e-Visa and your national passport upon entry and before exit in Ukraine.

Conversely, suppose your application isn’t accepted. In that case, you can either apply or appeal the decision if you feel strongly (and have proof) that it should’ve been accepted.

Required Documents for Ukraine e-Visa

When applying online for a Ukraine Visa, there are certain documents you need to submit to the embassy for assessment. With the e-Visa, you only need to scan and upload these documents to the registration portal.

Here are the documents you need when applying for a Ukraine e-Visa;

National Passport:

The Ukrainian authorities need to know you have a valid travel document before they approve your passport. Therefore, your national passport is one of the documents you’ll upload during your application. The visa sticker is attached to a passport page with the regular Ukraine visa. However, with the e-Visa, you only need to bring the passport with an original printout of the e-Visa when you come to Ukraine.

For your passport to be accepted, it must be valid for up to six (6) months beyond your intended travel date.

Passport-Sized Photograph

Next, you will upload a photo card; following the proper specifications on the registration portal. The photo you upload must be recent; that is, it mustn’t be more than six (6) months old.

Proof of Funds

If you visit Ukraine, you should provide proof that you have the means to fund your trip. You do this by providing a bank statement showing you can access the money you need. If not your bank statement, you can give that of the individual or organization sponsoring your trip.

Travel Health Insurance

As a principle, when traveling to Europe, you need to purchase a travel health insurance plan. This plan will cover medical emergencies while traveling or during your stay in Ukraine. The nominal amount for the travel health insurance plan is €30,000

Purpose-Specific Document

The final document you’ll need to provide has to do with your reason for wanting to travel. Here are the documents you need for different reasons.

  • For tourism: documents that specify the nature of your tour; an itinerary of sorts.
  • For business: you can provide one of three documents: an invitation from a government organization, a document confirming you’re about to make a foreign investment in Ukraine, or an invitation from a registered private enterprise.
  • For private purposes: you can provide one of three documents; an invitation from a Ukrainian citizen or resident, a document that confirms you own property in Ukraine, or a document confirming you’re a direct relative of a Ukrainian citizen.
  • For medical treatment: you only need an invitation from a medical institution.
  • For culture, science, education, and 9sports: one of the following documents will do; an invitation from a legally registered body in Ukraine, an invitation from a Ukrainian government body, or an appeal from a foreign government/registered body or international organization.
  • For foreign mass media personnel on duty: your organization needs to write an application on your behalf for the submission

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can I fly to Ukraine now?

Due to the Russo-Ukrainian war in 2023, Ukraine is not safe to fly to. If you have any business there, you should see if you can find a different country for it.

#2. What is a Type D visa for Ukraine?

A Ukraine Type D visa is a visa that lets you stay in Ukraine for a long period, typically more than 90 days. This visa is also called the Ukraine long-stay visa, and having it means you’ll need to get a temporary residency permit.

#3. Is Ukraine a Schengen country?

No, it is not. Ukraine is not yet part of the Schengen free-travel agreement, nor is it part of the European Union, most of whose members constitute the Schengen countries.

#4. What language is spoken in Ukraine?

The primary language spoken in Ukraine is Ukrainian. However, a good number of locals speak Russian as a first or second language.

#5. How many countries are visa-free for Ukraine?

About 134 countries do not need a visa to enter Ukraine. This includes countries in the EU/EEA/EFTA, the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Albania, Bosnia (30 days), Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, etc.


The Ukraine e-Visa is a much simpler way to secure your trip to Ukraine; however, not every country is eligible for it. Therefore, if you only intend to visit Ukraine for a short while and are a citizen of an eligible country, go for it.

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