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Ukraine Permanent Residency – Benefits, Application and obligations

Did you visit Ukraine and fall in love with the country? It will need you to get the Ukraine permanent residency to live here without validity limits. However, you can work and stay in Ukraine for more than the short ninety days as tourists. Ukraine is one of the good places in Europe where you can grow your career prospect, enjoy its architectural designs, and live modestly.

Getting the Ukraine permeant residency comes with huge benefits, and the outstanding one is staying in the country legally. And you can be in the country for as long as ten years. So to leave and enter the country without hitches, you would need to get Ukraine permanent residency.

This article is here to guide you on all that you need to know about obtaining the Ukraine permanent residency: Itseligibility, benefits, application, and lots more.

Benefits of getting a Ukraine permanent visa

Obtaining a Ukraine permanent visa comes with enormous benefits to a foreigner. The benefits include;

  • The legal movement of entering and exiting Ukraine without having to obtain other visas before entering Ukraine
  • You would have the status of a permanent resident in Ukraine.
  • As a foreigner with a Ukraine permanent residency status, you would be able to get into other EU countries to work without needing a work visa.
  • You would be at liberty to enjoy the state benefits such as disability or maternity benefits.
  • A foreigner from EU or non-EU countries with Ukraine permanent residency permit can quickly get Ukraine citizenship. If you are from the EU nations, you need a minimum of 4 years to stay to request citizenship, but in non-EU countries, you must have stayed for about ten years to make a request.

Eligibility to obtain Ukraine permanent residency

Being eligible to get the Ukraine permanent residency will enable you to stay legally in Ukraine. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • You should be highly needed in the country’s economy as a qualified specialist for Ukraine’s economy.
  • Proof to show that you have no criminal records in your country of residence
  • A foreign cultural expert or scientist whose skills will be needed in line with Ukraine’s interests.
  • You will be issued one if you are an investor that your investment in the country is about $100.000 and above.
  • A permanent residency permit will be issued if you are a former Ukraine citizen.
  • You can also be issued Ukraine and permanent residency if you are a granddad or sibling to any Ukraine citizen. Same with a spouse whose partner is a citizen of Ukraine, you can obtain permanent residency.
  • Military in Ukraine can obtain residency provided the person has worked for at least three years.
  • Lastly, if you are a legal guardian to a Ukrainian, then you can get your residency after ninety days.

How to apply for a Ukraine permanent residency

When applying for permanent residency in Ukraine, EU and non-EU citizens can apply for it. All you first need is to have lived in Ukraine for some number of years to be able to use it. For the citizens, four years of continuous stay in Ukraine applies, while non-EU citizens need to live in Ukraine for about five years to be eligible to apply.

So to be eligible to apply for permanent residency as an on-EU citizen, you must first get your temporary residence permit. This permit will enable you to stay in Ukraine for up to 5 years after you enter the country.

Foreign EU citizens don’t need this temporary resident permit. You have to report to the police department in Ukraine as you arrive in the country for declaration. You need to do the declaration at least eight days post entry into Ukraine. But to apply for your permanent residency permit, you should live in the country for about four years.

As a non-EU citizen, you would need to get your temporary resident permit and live in Ukraine for five years before you are qualified to apply for a permanent residency permit.

Ukraine temporary residency permit

To get your temporary resident permit, you must do the following ;

  • Fill out your application.
  • Collect the required documents are:
  1. Application form
  2. A passport of a non-Eu citizen that has in it a D visa
  3. Proof to show that one has a legal representation
  4. Pages of your passports translated into Ukrainian shows the foreigner’s data and are carried out according to Ukraine’s legal procedures.
  5. A medical insurance policy that is still valid
  6. Payment slip of government charges which are: Government charges: 34 UAH Administrative charges: 517 UAH
  7. Four copies of photographs on matt paper with a dimension of 35mmx45mm. You must avoid covering your facial features with any head cover if your religion does not permit that.
  • Thereafter, you apply and attach all the supporting documents that are required.
  • Next, you would be issued a temporary resident permit.

So if you have stayed for the required years in Ukraine, you can legally apply for your Ukraine permanent residency :

You would submit your application in person to the immigration office. The documents you would need to submit along with your application are:

  • Submit your passport that is notarized in the Ukrainian language.
  • Document to show permission to immigration and your health insurance.

The immigration office will review the application for one year. So you have to keep monitoring the process to obtain the permanent resident permit.

Obligations of foreign citizens after obtaining the Ukraine permanent residency

At this point, you would be enjoying almost the same rights as a citizen of Ukraine, so you would also be expected to perform some obligations to the country.

This obligation includes:

  • Register your place of residence in Ukraine. You have to do this within the first 30 days of getting your permanent residency permit.
  • As a foreigner in Ukraine, you are to obey the laws and constitution of the country.
  • As a permanent resident, you would need to pay your taxes. You would find out the ones that pertain to you to start paying.
  • Become a banking resident In the country. You would need to disclose your permanent residency status to the bank. So that the same rules that apply to the citizens will work on you. It is necessary when it comes to how much you can send out of the country yearly. The order is that it shouldn’t be more than 2000,000 Euros each year.
  • You would need to replace your driving license.
  • You can still be allowed to use any other foreign driver’s license In Ukraine up to 60 days after getting your permanent residency. But you would apply for a Ukrainian driving license within this period so that you can change and start using a Ukraine driving license which is more acceptable in the country. But note that you would only succeed at exchanging if you have passed the medical test need to be carried out on you. And after the authority has certified that you are medically fit to drive. But if you never had a foreign driving license before obtaining your permanent residency permit, you would need to apply and learn from one of the driving schools in Ukraine to get the country’s driving license.
  • No obligation for a minimum stays in Ukraine to maintain your residency permit.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s the validity of Ukraine’s permanent residency permit?

With this permanent residency, you can stay in Ukraine for a long time as it has an indefinite duration. There are no validity limits. However, you can only renew the documents in some cases after ten years.

What are the prerequisites for obtaining Ukraine permanent residency?

You have to get the Ukraine temporary permit which will enable you to stay in Ukraine legally for about five years before applying for your Ukraine permanent residency. it is only for Non-countries citizens

How can I get Ukraine permanent residency?

You can obtain this permanent permit in various ways. Firstly by staying in the country for up to 5 years. If you can invest up to $100000 in investment in the country

Can I apply for citizenship as a foreign citizen with Ukraine permanent residency?

If you have your Ukraine permanent residency permit, you don’t have to apply for citizenship to have it. But you have to be eligible for it.

  • By passing the language test
  • Showing evidence that you have a source of income in Ukraine
  • Showing that one has recognized and complied with the laws in Ukraine
  • You must not have any other foreign citizenship
  • if you have legally and continuously lived in Ukraine for about five years after securing permanent residency.

Can one have dual citizenship in Ukraine?

No, the Ukrainian government doesn’t allow dual citizenship in their country.

Can Ukraine’s permanent residency permit be renewed?

Yes, though the permit has unlimited validity. But it needs a renewal every ten years. it is to allow holders to update their information in the migration service


If you intend to live for an extended stay in Ukraine, you need to get your Ukraine permanent residency. The country is with rich social and educational opportunities. Moreover, it is one country with an attractive business climate, so staying for a long duration wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The information above will help guide you in getting your Ukraine permanent residency. You have to make up your mind to start the process.

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