10 Well-Ranking Universities in Alberta, Canada

The province of Alberta has many universities and colleges. Let’s explore the top 10 by ranking.

The top 10 universities in Alberta discussed in this article are well known institutions of learning in Canada and across the globe. The ranking scores obtained by these universities are due to the educational standards of their courses and programs compared to similar schools in other parts of Canada and North America.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the top 10 well ranking universities in Alberta Province of Canada. Among these schools are best post secondary schools in the Oil-rich province.

List of Universities in Alberta

Universities in Alberta are of global importance because they are well ranked in academic courses and modern research facilitates. Thus, drawing international students form over 152 countries every year.

Degree and diploma courses offered by these Alberta universities are of global acclamation, and employers engaged in various economic sectors appreciate highly regard their academic and professional degrees.

Check out our selection of best 10 universities in Alberta Province
  1. University of Alberta
  2. University of Calgary
  3. University of Lethbridge
  4. Athabasca University
  5. The King’s University College
  6. Concordia University College of Alberta
  7. St. Mary’s University College
  8. Ambrose University
  9. Grant MacEwan University
  10. Mount Royal University

#1. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta, UAlberta, on top of Alberta’s best universities. This school is a public research institution that was found in the city of Edmonton in Alberta in 908 by Alexander Cameron Rutherford.

Rutherford was he first premier of Alberta, and also the first president of Henry Marshall Tory university. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta province. U of A has five campuses as follows:

  1. North Campus
  2. South Campus
  3. Campus Saint-Jean
  4. Augustana Campus
  5. Enterprise Square.

In addition, the university of Alberta has 18 faculties which are divided into schools that teach various courses or subjects as listed below.

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University of Alberta has the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Agricultural.
  • Faculty of Arts.
  • Faculty of Education.
  • Faculty of Engineering.
  • Faculty of Extension.
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.
  • Faculty of Law.
  • Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry ix) Faculty of Native Studies.
  • Faculty of Nursing.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation.
  • Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, School of Public Health and
  • Faculty of Science.
  • Alberta School of Business.
  • Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences.

#2. University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is the second well ranking university in Alberta. University of Calgary is also known as U of C and sometimes called UCalgary. This is a public research university which is located in Calgary, Alberta.

University of Calgary Programs

Faculties and schools in university of Calgary offer more than 250 academic programs. The faculties and schools are:

  • The faculties of Arts,
  • Faculty of Science,
  • Faculty of Kinesiology
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • The Faculty of Law
  • The Faculty of Social Work,
  • The Faculty of Nursing
  • The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

In addition, University of Calgary has professional schools which include:

  • The Haskayne School of Business,
  • The School of Engineering
  • The School of Medicine, ,
  • The School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
  • The School of Education

#3. University of Lethbridge

Number 3 in the list of well ranking universities in Alberta is the University of Lethbridge. This university is one of Canada’s well ranking schools and a leading research institutions. It is a comprehensive academic and research university in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Owing to it’s large carrying capacity, the university of Lethbridge admits more than 8,900 undergraduate and graduate students from around the world to its campuses in Lethbridge and Calgary each year.

University of  Lethbridge Programs

U of Lethbridge offers more than 150 undergraduate and 70 graduate programs in the following field:

  • Arts and Science
  • Education.
  • Fine Arts.
  • Health Sciences.
  • Liberal Education.
  • Graduate Studies and the Dhillon School of Business.

#4. Athabasca University (AU)

Athabasca University 4th on our list of best universities in Alberta. This is an Open University that offers online courses and distance programs to students across Canada and around the world. Athabasca University is therefore one of Canada’s online schools.

Furthermore, Athabasca University (AU), is a publicly funded university. AU is one of the world’s foremost and fastest growing online and distance education specialists, serving 40,000 students and 87 countries worldwide.

As an open university, AU strives to reduce to eliminate the barriers that prevent people from pursuing university studies. This is done by providing access to flexible online and distance learning.

AU helps people continue their studies irrespective of where they live, their educational backgrounds, and their career or family obligations. AU is charged to innovation, flexibility in learning, and excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship.

Therefore, this university offer over 850 courses in more than 55 undergraduate and graduate programs. Some of the programs are of arts, science and professional disciplines

#5. The King’s University College

King’s University College is a popular university in Alberta province of Canada. King’s University College is a private Christian university that offers bachelor degree programs as listed below.

 King’s University  College  Programs

Kings University offers the following  bachelor’s degree programs to its students:

  1. arts
  2. humanities
  3. music
  4. social sciences
  5. natural sciences
  6. business
  7. education
  8. commerce
  9. management

King’s University College has particularly distinguished reputation in the area of humanities, law, sciences including a wide range of health areas such as psychiatry, medicine, nursing and dentistry; and social sciences including international affairs.

#6. Concordia University College of Alberta

Concordia University College of Alberta is good university in Alberta, Canada. This school is a private university accredited under Alberta Post secondary learning Act.

This university is highly regarded in Canada for the excellence of its teaching, services for students, and its special programs. Concordia University blends higher learning with community responsibility. This is a kind of university where professors know their students by names due to its relative small size of class which even allow for individualized method of teaching.

Therefore, instructors ensure students receive a personalized learning experience. This brings about a supportive learning environment which encourages students to:

  • Understand they can make a difference in their life and in the lives of others
  • Develop their interests
  • Discover passions
  • Meet new people
  • Respect different points of view

Concordia University offers undergraduate degrees in the fields of arts, science and management, along with after degrees in education and environmental health, graduate certificates and diplomas, masters’ degrees, and a doctorate in clinical psychology.

#7. St. Mary’s University College

Saint Mary’s University is a well ranking university in Alberta province of Canada. It is a private Catholic university in Calgary, Alberta. St. Mary’s is a teaching and research-based institute.

St. Mary’s university is accredited by Alberta Advanced Education as an “Independent Academic Institution” and it offers degrees in the liberal arts, sciences and education.

St. Mary’s University admissions are to some extent selective with an acceptance rate of around 70 to 80% every year. The university has numerous campus facilities that include health, career, residence, library, research, facilities, and many more.

#8. Ambrose University

Ambrose is a Christian university in Calgary with a special focus in the area of theology and seminarian field.

Ambrose University Programs

This university offers programs in:

  1. Arts and Science,
  2. Business
  3. Education
  4. Ministry and Seminary,
  5. Full theology.

In 2011, Ambrose University established the Canadian Chinese School of Theology at Ambrose Seminary, which offers programs in:

  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Christian Studies
  • Diploma in Christian Studies
  • Certificate in Christian Studies

#9. Grant MacEwan University

Grant MacEwan University was established as Grant MacEwan Community College in 1971 as an institution of higher education. It offer university transfer programs and in 2009, it became Alberta’s 6th university and was publicly renamed as MacEwan University for all marketing and public communication purposes.

This university motivates program students and promotes their post-secondary education by offering a number of scholarships, awards, and grants to students.

Moreover, MacEwan University is considered to be a student-centered institution with a focus on teaching. This is because the university provides student-focused instruction in a warm and supportive atmosphere.

MacEwan’s unique method of learning which has been practiced for over 40 years has contributed in making this school one of the best universities in Alberta. Hence 9th on our list based on ranking.

#10. Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University is a public university which was founded in 1910. This is a Canadian university that was created with a charter by the Alberta provincial government.

Mount Royal became a post-secondary institution in 1931 as Mount Royal Junior College, which offered transfer courses to the University of Alberta and later to the University of Calgary.

In 2017 it became a university which are excelling in the field of social innovation and change-making. This university currently offers 12-degree programs and 32 majors with an average class size of 29 students.

Mount Royal University  Programs

Mount Royal University has Faculties of Continuing Education and Extension. And numerous institutes, such as:

  • Institute for Community Prosperity.
  • Institute for Environmental Sustainability.
  • Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and International Education.

Mount Royal University’s reputation is in their personalized learning in a smaller class sizes. This method of learning has attracted students to campus for more than 100 years.

Mount Royal is renowned for its academic excellence, dedication to undergraduate student success and its focus on teaching and learning informed by scholarship. Hence making this university 10th position in our list of top ranked universities in Alberta province of Canada.

Average Tuition Fees of Universities in Alberta

Tuition fees of universities in Alberta generally depend on level of study, type of program, courses offered, and whether or not the student is an indigene or an international student.

On average however, undergraduate students in Alberta pay about $6,098 per year while graduate students pay $6,724 in tuition per annum.

In conclusion, Alberta boasts of some of the best universities in Maple Land.