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Top 5 Ranking Universities in Nova Scotia, Canada

The universities in Nova Scotia provide varieties of career pathways for international students.

Read this post to discover the top universities in Nova Scotia, as well as to get information on the services, supports and programs offered by these post-secondary institutions.

Have you heard that Nova Scotia is among the friendliest places in the globe?

Regardless of your answer, Nova Scotia is a unique city for many reasons, which includes its university education system.

Besides, there are many universities in Nova Scotia province, which are located in all nooks and crannies of the province. These universities serve both domestic and international students.

For the most part, it can be hard at times to choose one of these universities for study.

Thus, this article explores top ranking universities in Nova Scotia province.

Average tuition fee in Nova Scotia

Generally speaking, the international tuition for post-secondary education in Nova Scotia province is low-priced compared to other provinces and territories in Canada.

For this purpose, CAD $20,000 should be enough to register ten (10) undergraduate courses every year.

Regarding graduate programs at the universities in Nova Scotia, you need to set aside funds between CAD $13,000 to CAD $20,000 depending on the study program.

List of universities in Nova Scotia

Below are list of universities in Nova Scotia Canada for international students.

  1. Acadia University, Wolfville, NS
  2. Cape Breton University, Sydney, NS
  3. Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS
  4. Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS
  5. Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, Halifax, NS
  6. NSCAD University, Halifax, NS
  7. St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS
  8. Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS
  9. University of King’s College, Halifax, NS
  10. Université Sainte-Anne, Pointe-de-l’Église, NS

Best universities in Nova Scotia

All things considered, the following are five (5) top ranked universities in Nova Scotia Canada.

  1. Acadia University
  2. Cape Breton University
  3. NSCAD University
  4. Saint Mary’s University
  5. Dalhousie University

Acadia University

Established in 1838, Acadia University is a post-secondary institution located in Wolfville, Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Its campus sits on a land of 100 hectares.

Of course, Acadia University is among the most esteemed and oldest universities in Nova Scotia, and nationwide.

Besides, studying in Acadia University avails opportunities for research, study abroad programs, volunteering, as well as work placement.

Acadia University does not only provide opportunities to its students but also offers 200+ undergraduate and graduate degree programs across various fields of study.

Acadia University also makes provision of online courses, English Language Centre and certificates & teacher education.

Completing any of Acadia University programs will let you earn a degree certificate in English, marketing, biology, kinesiology, environmental studies, as well as psychology.

About 11% of Acadia University students who are newcomers for a program are non-Canadians from several countries.

Another key point to apply to Acadia University is that 80% of its academic programs help to gain work experience.

You can also become a recipient of an amount in its CAD $4,000,000 scholarships.

During your study, you will be able to derive benefits from student services like accessible learning, academic & student support, health & wellness, residence, among others.

Regarding health & wellness, Acadia University fulfills its promise by providing a gymnasium, indoor track, 25-metre swimming pool, fitness centre, squash courts, dance studio, stadium, sports therapy clinic, tennis courts, etc.

View Contact information for Acadia University

Contact information:

  • Acadia University campus address: 15 University Avenue,

Wolfville, Nova Scotia, B4P 2R6 Canada

Phone number: (902) 542-2201

Cape Breton University (CBU)

If you seek for quality education and would love to adventure around a beautiful island at the same time, Cape Breton University in Sydney, Nova Scotia is where you want to stay and study.

Without doubt, Cape Breton University campus is located in a very beautiful island in Nova Scotia province, Canada.

As a public post-secondary institution founded in 1951, CBU offers a variety of study programs, which includes online education, diploma, certificate, bachelor, post-baccalaureate diploma, as well as master degree programs.

Moreover, Cape Breton University campus harbors up to 5,500 students from 40+ countries globally.

Therefore, studying at CBU will not involve any form of discrimination because of your country of origin, age, skin color, etc.

This also makes it very easy for you to integrate with other students and the community altogether.

In addition, Cape Breton University programs cuts across diverse disciplines, including arts & social sciences, business, health, education, science & technology, etc.

Above all, there are means to study affordably due to Cape Breton University scholarships. You can also access some student services, which would always come in handy throughout your study.

View Contact information for Cape Breton University

Contact information:

  • Cape Breton University campus address: 1250 Grand Lake Road,

Sydney, Nova Scotia B1M 1A2

Phone number: (888) 959-9995

Fax: (902) 563-1371

  • Cape Breton University website:

NSCAD University

Founded in 1887, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAS) is one of the top universities in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada.

With its campus in Halifax, Nova Scotia, NSCAD University has a long list of academic programs, which are available to both Canadian and international students.

Besides, NSCAD University programs includes foundation/foundation transfer program, advanced standing, advanced standing art history (non-studio), visiting, exchange/mobility, non-degree, pre-university, post-baccalaureate, as well as master programs.

NSCAD University offers undergraduate programs like Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Design (BDes) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).

If you have already completed your undergraduate studies, you can apply to NSCAD’s MFA, MDes or in MA in Art Education.

Furthermore, NSCAD University makes provision of several student services and supports such as personal counseling, academic advising, disability services, financial aids, accommodation, career exploration resources, etc.

While studying at NSCAD University, you can also reach out to the Office of Student Experience for referrals as regards to your health, psychological wellbeing or for legal matters.

Indeed, you can apply to study in Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) for September, January or May semester.

This serves as three (3) different opportunities to apply to NSCAD every year without waiting till the following year.

View Contact information for NSCAD University

Contact information:

  • NSCAD University campus address: 5163 Duke Street,

Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3J6, Canada

Phone number: (902) 444-9600

Fax: (902) 425-2420

Saint Mary’s University (SMU)

SMU is a mid-sized post-secondary institution with its campus located in Halifax, Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

As an international student looking forward to study in one of the top universities in Nova Scotia, you can opt for Saint Mary’s University because 29% of its students are non-Canadians.

Since Saint Mary’s University accepts international students from over 118 countries, you will always meet someone from your country of origin and beyond.

Additionally, SMU collaborates with many institutions around the world. Maclean has ranked Saint Mary’s University for two consecutive years as the “Number 4” Canadian university for undergraduates.

Of course, SMU dedicates a sum of CAD $7,690,000 every year in order to award financial aids like scholarships, bursaries, as well as fellowships to support study and research.

SMU also feels concern for its students’ health & wellness by making provision of sports & recreation, sport clubs, intramurals, weight room, sexual violence supports, among others.

Furthermore, Saint Mary’s University programs constitutes of continuing education, university preparation, online courses, exchange and co-op programs to students.

Thus, you can become an exchange student and gain unique experiences in Northern Ireland, Gambia, China, etc.

You will also be opportune to get top-notch services and supports, including career advising.

With this in mind, you can then apply for your preferred certificate & diploma, continuing education, undergraduate or graduate degree program in Business, Arts, Education and Science at SMU.

If you are done with your first degree, Saint Mary’s University has up to 26 Masters and Doctorate programs open for your application.

View Contact information for Saint Mary's University

Contact information:

  • Saint Mary’s University campus address: 923 Robie Street,

Halifax, NS, Canada B3H 3C3

Phone number: (902) 420-5400

Email: [email protected]

  • Saint Mary’s University website:

Dalhousie University

Established in 1818, Dalhousie University is a public research post-secondary institution with three (3) campuses located in Halifax and Truro, Nova Scotia province.

Being among the oldest universities in Nova Scotia and Canada generally, Dalhousie University offers not less than 190 academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students throughout the world.

Dalhousie University is one of such post-secondary institutions that avails distinctive, cooperative and interactive learning to students.

Furthermore, Dalhousie University carries out comprehensive research with the financial support provided by industries, governments, as well as non-governmental organizations.

Thus, you can collaborate with any of Dalhousie University professors in order to participate in research.

Moreover, Dalhousie University is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to admit non-Canadian students.

Dalhousie University also possesses membership with U15, amongst fourteen (14) other public research-intensive universities in Canada.

Additionally, Dalhousie University provides a wide range of services to its students.

Examples of these services include career counselling, academic advising, residence & housing, health plan & insurance, human rights & equity services, immigration advising, IT, library, financial aids, etc.

View Contact information for Dalhousie University

Contact information:

  • Dalhousie University Halifax campus: 6299 South St.,

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2

Phone number: (902) 494-2211

  • Dalhousie University Agricultural campus: 62 Cumming Dr.,

Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada B2N 5E3

Phone number: (902) 893-6600

  • Dalhousie Medicine campus address: 5849 University Ave., Halifax,

NS B3H, 4R2 Canada

Phone number: (902) 494-1874

  • Dalhousie University website:
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best universities in Nova Scotia for masters?

  • Cape Breton University
  • NSCAD University
  • Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Saint Mary’s University

What are the best public universities in Nova Scotia Canada?

  • Dalhousie University
  • Acadia University
  • Saint Mary’s University

What are the cheap universities in Nova Scotia Canada for international students?

  • Acadia University
  • Cape Breton University
  • Dalhousie University
  • Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Francis Xavier University