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Top 5 Universities in New Brunswick, Canada

The universities in New Brunswick will provide you with the best possibilities and experiences as an international student.

Applying for admission into any of the universities in New Brunswick is a perfect decision especially now that post-secondary education certificates are in demand.

Moreover, New Brunswick university programs are not only offering certificates after study but also helps to gain work experiences that can be resourceful in the labour market.

Your time spent for post-secondary studies should be unique, memorable and advantageous, which is one of the things you will always get from the universities in New Brunswick, Canada.

Notwithstanding, studying in New Brunswick will help you discover your new interests, meet more people and make connections, as well as to have benefitting experiences.

However, this article will serve as your guide if you intend to apply to study in New Brunswick for a university degree program.

Average tuition fee in New Brunswick

The overall costs of studying in each of the universities in New Brunswick are different from each other. Indeed, international students pay higher tuition to local students.

Thus, it is equally important that you budget enough funds while planning to apply to study in New Brunswick province, Canada.

With this in mind, you need to budget up to $35,000 Canadian Dollars per year in order to cover for your tuition, accommodation with meal plan, books & supplies, student fee, as well as for basic health coverage.

List of universities in New Brunswick

The following are list of universities in New Brunswick Canada for international students who want to further their studies in an area of endless opportunities.

  1. Crandall University, Moncton, NB
  2. Kingswood University, Sussex, NB
  3. Mount Allison University (MtA), Sackville, NB
  4. St. Thomas University (STU), Fredericton, NB
  5. University of New Brunswick (UNB), Fredericton & Saint John, NB
  6. St. Stephen’s University (SSU), St. Stephen, NB
  7. Yorkville University, Fredericton, NB

Top universities in New Brunswick Canada

Below are the best universities in New Brunswick that you can apply to for your international studies.

  1. University of New Brunswick (UNB)
  2. Mount Allison University (MtA)
  3. St. Thomas University (STU)
  4. Kingswood University
  5. St. Stephen’s University (SSU)

University of New Brunswick (UNB)

Of course, UNB is a post-secondary institution that has been serving students since 1785. Its campuses are located in Frederickson and Saint John, NB, Canada.

At UNB, you can enrol for an undergraduate program, graduate program, experiential education, English as a Second Language, continuing education & UNB online, exchange, as well as study abroad programs.

Certainly, University of New Brunswick will always top the list when talking about the best universities in New Brunswick, and at large in Canada. UNB also leads as regards to research and innovation.

Moreover, UNB has a history of over two (2) centuries. Applying to the University of New Brunswick will help you acquire hands-on skills and experience as you study.

Furthermore, University of New Brunswick programs are outstanding to suit the career needs of all students.

Therefore, UNB offers more than 75 programs in business, nursing, engineering, arts, applied arts, applied management, computer science, kinesiology, education, environment & natural resources, forestry, medical laboratory science, health, health sciences, law, recreation & sport studies, science, leadership studies and software engineering.

In addition, UNB allows for project-based learning, co-op programs, internships, community-based research, clinical placements, as well as fieldworks to students.

Obviously, University of New Brunswick International Students Advisor’s Office (ISAO) provides non-Canadian students with immigration advising, mentorship, online resources, emergency treasury support, group sessions, etc.

View Contact information for University of New Brunswick

Contact information:

  • University of New Brunswick Fredericton campus address: 3 Bailey Drive, O. Box 4400,

Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada E3B 5A3

Phone number: (506) 453-4666

Toll free number: (888) 895-3344

  • University of New Brunswick Saint John campus address: 100 Tucker Park Road, P.O. Box 5050,

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada E2L 4L5

Phone number: (506) 648-5500

Toll free number: (877) 753-6763

  • University of New Brunswick website:

Mount Allison University (MtA)

Based in Sackville, New Brunswick, Mount Allison University is a majorly an undergraduate liberal arts & sciences post-secondary institution that was founded in 1839.

Generally speaking, Mount Allison University is the best undergraduate university in Canada. On many occasions, Maclean magazine has recognized MtA as the top Canadian undergraduate university.

For the most part, Mount Allison University makes provision of several academic program types, including major, minor and honours. You will also have access to financial aids.

As an international student who wants to take part in Canada’s post-secondary education, you can apply to Mount Allison University for BA, BCom, BFA, BMus, BSc or MSc degree program.

Of course, Mount Allison University avails its students with various campus support services, which includes mail services, books, course materials & supplies, printing services, among others.

Due to these campus services, you will get vast advantages like easily sourcing of learning materials, as well as accessibility to Mount Allison University mailing address.

In addition, academic programs at Mount Allison University involve different disciplines.

These include education, business, management & entrepreneurship, languages & literature, art, music & drama, environment & geography, life sciences, health & medicine, international perspectives, computers & technology, aviation, community engagement & public service, politics, public policy & law, culture, society & human behaviour, as well as math & physical sciences.

View Contact information for Mount Allison University

Contact information:

  • Mount Allison University campus address: 62 York St, Sackville,

NB E4L 1E2, Canada

  • Mount Allison University website:

St. Thomas University (STU)

Without doubt, St.Thomas University is a small post-secondary institution based in Fredericton, Canadian province of New Brunswick.

Certainly, St. Thomas University remains among the top universities in New Brunswick province. Studying in this post-secondary institution offers you a large number of opportunities.

Besides, STU provides a unique learning environment, financial aids, academic support and student services that can help you attain your dreams.

As a matter of fact, St. Thomas University has small-sized classes that brings about valuable networks between students and their instructors. Most classes hold 26 students or less.

Moreover, almost all STU full-time instructors have completed their doctorate degree or an equivalent level of certification. This assures you that professionals deliver lectures to St. Thomas University students.

Furthermore, St. Thomas University sets aside up to CAD $1,800,000 annually in order to support students financially through scholarships and bursaries. This creates possibilities for you to apply or become a recipient of 40+ scholarships and bursaries.

Additionally, STU avails resourceful student services like academic support, stress management, career planning, etc.

Another amazing benefit why you may want to consider applying to STU is that its graduates are unforgotten.

As a St. Thomas University graduate, you will have access and can benefit from free networking, STU MBNA MasterCard, as well as TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Program.

Above all, studying at St. Thomas University allows you to partake in national conferences and researches.

During your study, you can also apply for jobs within St. Thomas University campus or volunteer in any part of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

View Contact information for St.Thomas University

Contact information:

  • St.Thomas University campus address: 51 Dineen Drive, Fredericton, NB,

Canada, E3B 5G3

Phone number: (506) 452-0640

Kingswood University

Located in Sussex, NB, Kingswood University is a Christian post-secondary institution that provides associate degrees, majors & minors programs, undergraduate programs, graduate programs, as well as online degree programs.

Besides, Kingswood University has numerous advantages to international students. You will spend quite less to study at Kingswood University.

Furthermore, experienced and qualified professors deliver lectures at Kingswood University.

Joining its students on campus gives access to well-equipped accommodations featuring beds with beddings, cable TV, ACs, meal service, free laundry service & parking space, dishwasher, refrigerator, among others.

Indeed, a large number of Kingswood University graduates get employment early.

Moreover, Kingswood University has partnership with some post-secondary institutions. Due to these, you can transfer credits between Kingswood University and other post-secondary institutions.

Thus, credits is transferable from and to Crandall University, Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), Houghton College, Southern Wesleyan University, etc.

View Contact information for Kingswood University

Contact information:

  • Kingswood University campus address: 26 Western St, Sussex,

NB E4E 1E6, Canada

St. Stephen’s University (SSU)

Based in St. Stephen, NB, St.Stephen’s University (SSU) is a liberal arts post-secondary institution established in 1971.

SSU is also a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) recognized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Although St. Stephen’s University campus is small but that does not stop it from offering excellent academic programs.

Besides, SSU is one of the top universities in New Brunswick province because it provides integrated learning, financial aids, module-based Theology and Culture graduate programs, etc.

St. Stephen’s University also avails homeschooling and accepts mature students into its programs of study. Academic programs available at SSU include certificate, diploma, undergraduate, as well as graduate programs.

In addition, SSU has a variety of Bachelor of Arts (BA) programs in different disciplines such as in literature, psychology, history, philosophy, religious studies, community engagement and international studies.

Finally, SSU does not only offer BA degree programs but also makes provision of graduate degree programs like graduate diploma, MA, as well as Mmin in Theology and Culture.

View Contact information for St. Stephen’s University

Contact information:

  • Stephen’s University campus address: 8 Main Street, St. Stephen, NB,

E3L 3E2, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains commonly asked questions about the universities in New Brunswick for international students.

What are the public universities in New Brunswick Canada?

  • Mount Allison University
  • Thomas University
  • University of New Brunswick (UNB)

What are the private universities in New Brunswick Canada?

  • Crandall University
  • Kingswood University
  • Stephen’s University (SSU)

What are the best universities in New Brunswick for masters?

  • University of New Brunswick
  • Mount Allison University
  • Stephen’s University