University of Toronto Reduces Tuition Fees For International PhD Students

The University of Toronto was ranked 22nd in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2019 and is currently the leading institution in Canada.

The university has also declared that international Ph.D. students will pay tuition fees equivalent to their domestic counterparts starting this fall.

By cutting the tuition rate for Ph.D. students, the university is trying to avoid having international students face higher tuition fees once their funding is up.

“We endeavor to remove any financial barriers, or otherwise, that international Ph.D. students might face as they plan to attend our university,” said Joshua Barker, dean of the School of Graduate Studies. “This is exciting news for the university.”

The majority of Ph.D. students at the university generally receive a four to five-year funding package, which enables them to cover tuition and other fees.

Joshua Barker said lowering tuition fees for international Ph.D. students is one way to avoid any financial problems that international graduate students wishing to study at U of T might face.

We have heard reports from different quarters that at the point where international Ph.D. students come out of their funding packages, that’s when there’s a real differential between international students and domestic students, where international students have to pay an outrageously higher fee, so that’s what’s going to be changed,” Barker said.

The tuition fee for domestic Ph.D. students is about 8,500 CAD compared to 22,600 CAD for international students.

Situated in Canada’s biggest city, the University of Toronto is popular with international students as a study destination. University reports show the number of accepted admissions received from foreign countries increased by Twenty (20) percent in 2017.

Helping its international profile is the university of Toronto’s top ranking in most global education rankings over the years.

U of T is among the top Fifty (50) in Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The ranking is one of the most mentioned global university performance assessments of research-based universities.

In addition, the university took first place as Canada’s most prestigious university in Maclean’s news magazine’s 2018 rankings.

Many foreign students are interested in making Ontario their study destination due to the quality of its institutions, quality of life, stable economy, job opportunities, and the various routes to permanent residence available after graduation via the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

Permanent residence after graduation

For international Ph.D. graduates, in particular, there are the OINP’s Ph.D. categories that provide a route to immigration for qualified graduates who have successfully finished at least two years of Ph.D. programs in an Ontario university, who have the intention of settling in Ontario, and who have lived in the province for at least two years at the time of filing for the program.

The Ph.D. stream is one of many options open to international students hoping or looking to settle in the province. Other popular Canadian immigration programs available to foreign students are the Master’s Graduate Stream and the International Student with an employment Offer Stream.


In conclusion, the University of Toronto has reduced tuition fees for international Ph.D. students. This is an excellent step in the right direction and will help to attract top talent to Canada. We hope other universities follow suit and make their tuition fees more affordable for international students. Finally, we urge Ph.D. students to research all their options before deciding where to study. There are many excellent universities, and it’s essential to find the right one for you.

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