Uruguay Student Visa – Application, Documentation and Funding

Are you anxious to study at one of the prestigious universities in Uruguay? Then you need to know about Uruguay student visa requirements. Getting a student visa in Uruguay is a hassle-free process with plenty of benefits.

Uruguay has many prestigious universities you can study in such as University of Montevideo, Universidad ORT Uruguay, Universidad de la Repulica (UdelaR), and Universidad Catolica del Uruguay (UCU). You need a student visa if you want to study law and another popular social science course in Uruguay.

This article will provide all the knowledge you need about the student visa application process, documentation requirements, and funding options. Let’s get started!

What is a Uruguay student visa?

A Uruguay student visa is legal documentation that allows foreigners to study in Uruguay at one of their prestigious universities. The access is perfect for the applicant’s course of study. If you wish to renew the visa, you must go to the immigration office.

Your ability to qualify for a Uruguay student visa depends on your nationality and fulfilling specific requirements such as gaining admission to an accredited university in Uruguay.

Students of certain South American countries may not need a visa to study in Uruguay for stays up to ninety days.

Why study in Uruguay?

While searching for the perfect country to study abroad, applicants tend to factor in the cost of education, quality of education, and so on. However, Uruguay is one of the best destinations to explore in South America. The following are five reasons why you should consider studying in Uruguay.

  1. The country has in place high-quality universities that mainly comprise two public and four private universities. Among those institutes, four have a good rating among the best universities globally.
  2. If you study in Uruguay, you can live affordably. Compared to other significant European and North American countries, the cost of living in Uruguay is low.
  3. Studying in Uruguay will enable you to be fluent in the Spanish language. Being proficient in multiple languages will open doors both in your personal and academic life.
  4. The country will expose you to beautiful natural scenery you can enjoy. You will visit popular destinations such as Punta del Este, Laguna de Rocha, Colonia del Sacramento, and so on.
  5. Lastly, you will get to engage the Uruguayan culture. The country is famous for its Gaucho lifestyle, which is a cowboy-like lifestyle.

Required Documentation for Uruguay Student Visa

Before making your travel plans to study in Uruguay, you must know the visa requirements. Here are the required documents you should have and take to the Uruguay embassy closest to you.

#1. Valid Passport

Your international passport is a crucial Uruguay entry requirement. It should be legal for a minimum of six months beyond the date of your expected departure from Uruguay. Please note that you will submit copies of it.

#2. Complete Application Form

Go to Uruguay’s embassy website to download the application form. It will help if you input the necessary information with a black pen.

#3. Photo

One of the Uruguay student visa requirements is a passport-sized photograph. Applicants should take two copies of it that are 2cm by 2cm in size along to the consulate. Please note that it should have a white background.

#4. Admission letter

An essential document is an unconditional admission letter from a registered university in Uruguay. It should explicitly state the course you fill out your application form. In addition, the Ministry of Education and Culture should have a registration number.

#5. Proof of sufficient fund

You must provide your last bank statements for the past three months as proof of sufficient funds. It will demonstrate that applicants can cover their tuition and living expenses while staying in Uruguay.

#6. Letter of Permission from Parent/Guardian

Applicants below Eighteen years old should bring a permit letter from their parents or guardians, assuming they’re traveling alone. It should have a notary or court seal on it.

#7. Medical Certificate

A medical certificate from a legalized doctor is part of Uruguay student visa requirements. It can be a vaccination card for typhoid and yellow fever diseases.

#8. Flight Itinerary

Applicants should present evidence of flight reservations to Uruguay and their country of origin.

#9. Copies of Credentials

One of the Uruguay student visa requirements is copies of your original academic transcript credentials. It can be your bachelor’s degree or a diploma certificate. If you are going for undergraduate courses, you should bring your high school certificate.

Application procedures for Uruguay student visa

Are you seeking information on how to secure a Uruguay student visa? Here are the steps to take in applying for a student visa in Uruguay.

#1. Contact the Uruguayan embassy in your country

Uruguay doesn’t have an eVisa service, so you must visit the Uruguayan embassy to know whether you need to make a visa appointment. Upon getting to the embassy, consulate, or diplomatic representation of Uruguay in your home country, the consulate officials will schedule an appointment for a visa interview.

#2. Collect the necessary documents

After getting the complete list of the necessary paperwork, you should gather those essential documents. The papers should be according to the law of the authorities of Uruguay. Your application will be a futile attempt if you fail to meet the requirements. Finally, you can send the paperwork over to the consulate via mail before your appointment or come with them on the interview day.

#3. Attend your visa appointment and interview

Well done! You possess all the papers you need with you. The next stage is to appear at the visa appointment with the documents. At the embassy, they don’t tolerate getting late. Hence you should be prompt.

Furthermore, you will have an interview with a consular officer. The officer will ask applicants simple questions about their day-to-day activities in their country. Additionally, you will answer questions about why you plan to travel to Uruguay and the actions you intend to engage in there.

#4. Finally, wait for notification from the embassy.

The consulate officer will process your application at the end of the interview. After that, you’ll get an alert that your visa is ready for collection. When you obtain a student visa, you can travel to Uruguay to start entering your school campus. Applicants have thirty days to apply for residence before their study visa expires.

Uruguay Student Visa Fees

A student visa in Uruguay costs $42 (€35). You can only pay this once your application is successful and granting of travel authorization. You’ll not pay this fee if you’re from countries on the exemption list. That’s if you’re holding a diplomatic or a government passport.

Funding requirements for Uruguay student visas

Obtaining a Uruguay student visa shouldn’t be a complex task if you follow the right direction. You can fulfill the funding requirements through different options.

First, you can apply for scholarships through Uruguay’s official Ministry of Education and Culture website. For instance, you can apply for the Carlos Quijano Scholarship for your graduate studies.

Another option is to apply for solidarity funds. It’s suitable for financially weak Uruguayan students studying at the university. The age limit for this option is Twenty years.

Finally, Applicants can get funding through Uruguayan Higher Education Institutions. You should check with the schools to see the scholarships on the ground. Please note that you should research all available funding sources before applying for a student visa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I live permanently in Uruguay?

You can gain permanent residency in Uruguay after living there for more than two years. Applicants must have photos, photocopies of ID cards, medical certificates, police clearance certificates, and so on to apply for it.

How long can foreigners stay in Uruguay?

Foreigners can stay in Uruguay for ninety days. Although some citizens of certain countries don’t need a visa to enter Uruguay, it’s only a passport required at the point of entry.

Can I speak English in Uruguay?

Please note that Uruguay is a Spanish-speaking country. However, you can speak it a little in the major cities such as Montevideo, Colonia, and Punta del Este. It’ll help you learn some basic Spanish phrases so you won’t lose your way around the city. If you can teach English as a course, you should move to Uruguay and teach it after finishing your school year.

Is Uruguay a nice place to live?

Yes, it’s one of the friendliest South American countries to settle down. According to research, it’s also the happiest country in the region based on the high standard of living. While staying in Uruguay, you’ll enjoy the fantastic beaches, lax tax rules, and a stable economy.

How strong is a Uruguay passport?

Uruguay passport holders have access to 153 countries and territories. However, according to Henley Passport Index, Uruguay passport is ranked 27th in terms of travel freedom.


In conclusion, if you are looking to study in Uruguay, be sure to apply for a student visa and gather the required documentation and funding. The process may seem daunting at first, but with proper preparation, you will be on your way to enjoying all that this beautiful country has to offer.

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