Guide on How to Apply for Uruguay Temporary Residency Permit

Are you looking for a place to set up a new residence? Then, Uruguay will be a perfect place to stay, especially if you want a country with a friendly budget. However, you must obtain an Uruguay Temporary Residency Permit before you live in the country as a legal resident.

Uruguay is a country in South America with good weather and climate for everyone. Thus, it attracts many visitors from all over the world every year. In addition, visitors can also enjoy the nature trails and parks in the cities of this South American country.

Most residents of Uruguay prefer to stay in the capital city, Montevideo. However, others choose Punta del Este as their place of residency. But then, wherever you choose to live in Uruguay, there is something for you to do.

This article will explain every detail about applying for Uruguay Permanence Residency Permit. The steps to apply, processing period and fees, and validity, among others.

About Uruguay

Uruguay is a tiny country located at the southern end of South America. Its neighbors include Argentina in the north, Brazil in the east, Paraguay in the south, and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Its capital city is Montevideo.

In 1828, Uruguay joined the United Provinces of Central America (now known as Costa Rica), and then in 1831, it declared independence from the union. In 1865, Uruguay gained its current borders.

The climate of Uruguay varies greatly depending on where you live. Most of the land is covered in tropical rainforest, while some parts have temperate climates. There are two seasons in Uruguay: winter and summer. Winter lasts from November until April, while summer lasts from May until October.

There are many different types of people in Uruguay. About 80% of the population speaks Spanish, 20% speak Portuguese, and about 1% speak indigenous languages.

Reasons to live in Uruguay as a temporary resident

There are many reasons to live in Uruguay as a temporary resident. Therefore, you will enjoy the following benefits if you acquire an Uruguay Temporary Permit. They include:

#1. Affordable housing

Uruguay’s housing prices are much lower than those in North America. A three-bedroom apartment in Montevideo costs about $400 per month, while a two-bedroom apartment in New York City costs around $2,000 per month. In addition, Uruguayan citizens receive free healthcare, education, and social security.

#2. Low crime rate

The murder rate in Uruguay is only 0.8 murders per 100,000 people, compared to 2.9 murders per 100,000 in the United States. Violent crimes like robbery and assault occur at a low rate.

#3. High quality of life

In terms of quality of life, Uruguay ranks high among countries worldwide. Life expectancy is 80 years old, and infant mortality rates are relatively low.

#4. Beautiful weather

Uruguay enjoys warm temperatures throughout the year. Summers are hot and humid, but winters are mild. Rainfall averages around 1,200 millimetres (46 inches) annually.

#5. Friendly culture

Uruguayans have a friendly and welcoming attitude towards foreigners. People speak English fluently, and many speak Spanish as well. However, you need an Uruguay Temporary Residence Permit to enjoy the friendly culture in the country.

#6. Safe environment

Crime rates are low in Uruguay. There are no major cities where violent crimes happen frequently.

#7. Clean air

Air pollution levels are low in Uruguay. According to the World Health Organization, Uruguay has some of the cleanest air in the world.

What is Uruguay Temporary Residency Permit?

Uruguay Temporary Residency Permit allows foreigners to live in Uruguay legally. Thus, they can live and work in the country as legal residents. However, you must have a monthly income of at least USD 1,500.

In addition, if you are from a country that needs a visa to enter Uruguay, you must get a tourist visa first. Then, you can register for a temporary residence once you enter Uruguay.

Eligibility for Uruguay Temporary Residency Permit

To apply for a temporary residence in Uruguay, you must meet the following eligibility criteria. They include:

  1. You must have all the required documents.
  2. If you are from a country that demands a visa to enter Uruguay, you must acquire a tourist visa.
  3. You must show an intent to reside in Uruguay.

Required documents for Uruguay Temporary Residency permit

To obtain an Uruguay Temporary Residence Permit, you meet Uruguay visa requirements if you need a visa to enter the country. In addition, you must still meet the unique requirements for a residency permit in Uruguay.

Therefore, we must, first of all, list the documents required for a visa to Uruguay.

Uruguay Visa requirements

You must meet the Uruguay visa requirements to obtain an Uruguay Temporary Residency Permit. They include:

  1. A valid passport
  2. Application for Uruguay visa
  3. Photos
  4. Medical certificate
  5. Proof of accommodation
  6. Proof of income
  7. Travel ticket
  8. Letter of invitation
  9. Police record
  10. Health insurance

Documents for Uruguay Temporary Residency Permit

In addition to the documents, you will still need the following documents for your temporary residence in Uruguay. They include:

#1. Birth certificate

Firstly, you need a legalized birth certificate from your country of origin. In addition, you must translate it into Spanish once you arrive in Uruguay by an official Uruguayan public translator.

#2. Marriage certificate

You also get a legalized marriage certificate. Of course, the legalization must be in the country where you got married. Then, you will look for an official Uruguayan public translator to translate the certificate.

#3. Criminal records

Another document you need to obtain an Uruguay Temporary Residency Permit is your police records. You must get a police record from all the countries you have lived in for the past five years. They must ascertain that you have a clean criminal record.

Your records must be legalized and translated. In addition, they must be six months old from the date of filing your application.

#4. Income proof

All applicants for a temporary residence in Uruguay must show proof of their income. The minimum salary is USD 1,500. Meanwhile, you must receive the monthly wages in an Uruguayan bank account.

#5. Vaccination certificate

You must provide evidence of vaccination for MMR and tetanus accepted by the Uruguayan Ministry of Public Health. However, you can get vaccinated in any local hospital in Uruguay for free.

In addition, children must get the same vaccination as other children in Uruguay.

#6. Health card

You will get your health card from any hospital in Uruguay. However, if you apply for your health card from a private hospital, you must pay an application fee of USA 70. Alternatively, you will get it for free in government hospitals.

Steps to apply for Uruguay Temporary Resident Permit

Once you have collected all the important documents you need for an Uruguay Temporary Resident Permit, the next thing is to apply for your permit. However, it may not be an easy step. Therefore, we have taken the time to bring the steps for you to obtain a residence permit. The steps include:

Step 1. Obtain a visa to enter Uruguay as a foreign citizen.

Step 2. Find out the documents you need to apply for an Uruguay Temporary residence permit

Step 3. Gather all the required documents

Step 4. Submit your application and the required documents to the Dirección Nacional de Identificación Civil (DNIC).

Step 5. Get your Temporary Residence card if your application is approved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process an Uruguay Temporary Residency Permit?

The processing time for an Uruguay temporary residency permit is for months. However, it can take longer if there is a delay, especially if your documents are not complete.

Where can I apply for a residence permit in Uruguay?

You must apply for a residence permit in Uruguay. Thus, if you need a visa to enter Uruguay, you must apply for a tourist visa to visit the country. Then, you can make your application in Uruguay.

Who can apply for a residence permit in Uruguay?

Any foreign citizen who wants to stay in Uruguay for more than 90 days must apply for a residence permit. It allows you to live and work in Uruguay legally.

How long is Uruguay Temporary Residency Permit valid?

A temporary residence permit in Uruguay is valid for two years. You can renew it before it expires. Or, if you meet the requirements for a permanent residence, you can apply for it.

What is the processing fee or an Uruguay Temporary Residency Permit?

You will visit the Dirección Nacional de Identificación Civil (DNIC) to get information on the processing fee for your residence permit in Uruguay.


In conclusion, it is not an easy task to obtain an Uruguay Temporary Residency Permit. However, it can become easy if you follow the correct steps. Therefore, the steps above will guide you whenever you want to apply for a residence permit to live legally in Uruguay.

Above all, you must visit the Dirección Nacional de Identificación Civil (DNIC) to get the necessary information you need about a residency permit in Uruguay. You will also learn about the documents and the best time to apply for a residency permit in Uruguay. Once you do this, it will be an easy process for you when apply for your temporary residency permit in Uruguay. Thus, you will become a legal resident of Uruguay.

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