US High-Demand Jobs In Computer Technology

As the world increases reliance on computer technology for doing most part of work and staying connected, it shows that professionals in this field will certainly find themselves in high demand.

A computer-related career even made the list of top 10 most high demand careers, yet there are others with lots of positions waiting to be filled. So check out the following computer technology jobs if you wonder what careers are in high demand in the US high-tech industry:

Computer User Support Specialist
These computer specialists field seeks computer users who are experiencing technical trouble. They are also called “help desk technicians”. The job involves giving attentive listening to a caller’s description of a computer problem in order to diagnose the problem and provide help. Communication skills make a very important fit for this job. You should be able to describe technical issues in such a way that a non-technical person can understand.
• Total new job openings: 72,100
• Average salary: $54,150

Computer Systems Analyst
Computer systems analysts study a business’s information systems and procedures in order to help the company use technology more efficiently and effectively. They introduce new information technology measures to solve business problems. Analysts with a background in business are expected to find better prospects here. As companies move towards electronic medical records and e-prescribing the healthcare industry is also in demand for computer systems analysts.
• Total new job openings: 54,400
• Average salary: $92,740

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Systems Software Developer
Consumer electronics such as computers, phones, and tablets don’t run without operating systems designed by systems software developers. These developer professionals will see growing opportunities as products such as appliances and cars require more sophisticated computer systems. Mathematical analysis skills may be helpful to fit in this field.
• Total new job openings: 47,100
• Average salary: $111,780

Information Technology (IT) Manager
The major role of IT managers is to plan and direct the computer-related functions of a business. They usually supervise and coordinate the work of other professionals, like computer systems analysts and computer user support specialists. As businesses are looking for better cybersecurity and the healthcare industry in particular implements more information technology, IT managers will increasingly make the list of high demand careers. Employment of these managers is projected to grow by 12 percent in the insurance industry alone.
• Total new job openings: 44,200 -for computer and information systems managers.
• Average salary: $149,730