Various Steps Taken To Apply For A US Visitor Visa

Various Steps Taken To Apply For A US Visitor Visa. See the details below if you intend to apply for a US visitors visa.

Meaning Of the US Visitors Visa

A visitor visa is that visa issued to a foreigner by a country to enable them enter and leave the country as at when due.The Visitor visa is slightly different from the tourist visa although some countries treat them alike. The slight difference is in the fact that the Visitors visa is granted for longer period and you can increase your extension of stay but for the tourist visa, it states the particular time to which you live and it is for a shorter period.

The visitor visa is also called the B2 visa. Foreign citizens who wish to visit the country must apply and get the visitors visa. Some countries are not expected to apply for the visitors visa if they will stay for less than 90 days (US Visa Waiver Program).

Steps Taken To Apply For A US Visitor Visa

To get the US visitor visa, you must

  • Have a valid passport
  • Apply for the visitor visa and pay the fee that follows
  • Avail yourself for the Visitor visa interview
  • Get a digital photograph needed for the purpose of the visa which will meet various requirements., The dimension must be 600 by 600 pixels and must be in square shape, the image must be in the JPE format and must be coloured and less than or equal to 240 kilobytes.

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While filling the form for some embassies, you do not have to upload the digital photograph as the photograph will be taken at the Offsite facilitation centre along with your fingerprint

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