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Guide in Applying for Vietnam Residence Permit

Regardless of the type of Vietnam Residence Permit you wish to obtain, this article will put you through the entire application procedure.

There are two residence permits for foreign nationals who want to live in Viet Nam for more than two years or forever. Citizens of China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea are the most applicants for Vietnam Residence Permits. While Viet Nam Temporary Residence Permit can allow its holder to stay for up to ten years, Vietnam Permanent Residence Permit lets you remain in the country as long as you desire.

There are many benefits of holding any of these residence permits, which include allowing you to stay in Viet Nam for more than two years and explore the country without restrictions. Continue reading to find out more.

Eligibility Criteria for Vietnam Residence Permits

Foreign nationals need to fulfill a different set of conditions to qualify for either of the types of Vietnam Residence Permits.

Vietnam Temporary Residence Card Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for Vietnam TRC, your passport’s remaining validity period must be 13 months, at least. You also need to satisfy one of the following conditions.

  • You must possess family ties with a Vietnam TRC holder. This means that your spouse, parents, or child/ren must be a legal resident of Vietnam.
  • You are also eligible for Vietnam TRC supposing you own a 1-member limited liability company. Bear in mind that authorized representatives are ineligible for the TRC.
  • Vietnam Temporary Residence Card is also open to members of a 2-member limited liability company.
  • You can also apply for Vietnam Temporary Residence Card as a member of the board of directors of a joint-stock company.
  • You must be an international student, intern, or expert signed between ministries accredited by the government.
  • You must be an attorney licensed by the Ministry of Justice of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • You also qualify for the TRC provided you hold a valid work permit for Viet Nam. The work permit must be valid for a minimum of one year when you apply.

Vietnam Permanent Residence Card Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for Viet Nam Permanent Residence Card, you must fulfill one of the following conditions.

  • At least one of your family members must be a Vietnamese permanent resident.
  • You are also eligible for Vietnam permanent residency as a Cambodian citizen born anytime between 1975 to 1979. Moreover, you must have given birth to your child/ren in Viet Nam.
  • Supposing you had lived in Viet Nam before 1975 and had a child in the country, you also qualify to apply for Vietnam Permanent Residence Card.

How to Apply for a Vietnam Residence Permit

Below are the steps foreign nationals need to take towards applying for a Vietnamese temporary or permanent residence card.

  1. Gather all the documents required for your Vietnam Residence Permit application.
  2. Apply in person at Vietnam Immigration Department in Hanoi.
  3. Wait for the Immigration Department’s decision.

Step 1: Gather all the documents required for your Vietnam Residence Permit application

The first step in getting Vietnam Residence Permit is to assemble all the documents needed by the Immigration Department to decide on your application.

See above for a list of these documents and ensure you don’t exempt any of them.

Step 2: Apply in person at Vietnam Immigration Department in Hanoi

After gathering all the required documents, you have to visit Vietnam Immigration Department, located at Address: No. 44 – 46 Tran Phu St., Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. It is equally important to visit between its opening hours, as indicated below.

  • Mondays to Fridays (excl. public holidays): 8 am to 11:30 am, 1:30 pm to 4 pm
  • Saturday: 8 am to 11:30 am only

Vietnam Immigration Department phone number: +84 24 3825 7941

During your visit, you will have to apply for one of the two types of Vietnam Residence Permits and submit all the required documents. The office will issue you an appointment receipt if you are considered eligible.

Step 3: Wait for the Immigration Department’s decision

At this time, you will have to wait until Vietnam Immigration Department decides on your residence permit application. If successful, the office will contact you to pick up your TRC. However, you must pay a fee (ranging from $145 to $155) before you can collect the card.

Vietnam Residence Permit Requirements

The requirements for Vietnam Temporary Residence Card differ from what you need in applying for a Permanent Residence Card for the country.

Documents Required for Vietnam Temporary Residence Card Applications

#1. Vietnam Temporary Residence Card Information form (Form NA8)

#2. Duplicates of your passport’s data page and your Vietnamese visa (Both of them must be valid)

#3. Two 3 cm by 4 cm photos of you. You will have to affix one of the pictures to the Information Form.

#4. A written request by the guarantor regarding your request for Vietnam TRC (Form NA7 is for individuals while Form NA6 is for organizations and agencies)

#5. Evidence of temporary residence certification or declaration featuring the Commune Police’s seal

#6. You also need to provide one of these documents based on your application.

  • Proof of business registration, a valid Vietnam Work Permit, or work permit exemption certificate
  • Proof of family ties (such as your birth certificate or marriage certificate), license for establishment of the company’s subdivision or representative office, an investment certificate, or a certificate of being part of a company’s board of directors – required by foreigners who are applying for TRC without a work permit.

Documents Required to Apply for Vietnam Permanent Residence Card

  • Vietnam Permanent Residence Status application form (Form N9A)
  • Four recent photos with a dimension of 3 cm x 4 cm, as well as a white background
  • Photocopy of a Vietnamese permanent resident’s identity document, which must be for your family member
  • Guarantee Form (N10) from a Vietnamese permanent resident, as well as a photocopy of the guarantee’s identity document and household registration
  • A certified biography by a valid officer in the country of citizenship or permanent residence
  • A diplomatic note of valid officer, which asks the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to allow you to become a Vietnamese permanent resident

Take note that each of the documents (except your passport and the guarantee form) you intend to use in supporting your Vietnam Residence Permit application requires translation and notarization into Vietnamese only if they are in a different language.

Processing Time for Vietnam Residence Permits

After submitting all your supporting documents for review, it takes about five days (workdays) to receive the Vietnam Temporary Residence Card. Supposing that you are applying for Vietnam Permanent Residence Card, you will have to wait for a period ranging from four to six months.

Vietnam Residence Permit Fees

Foreign nationals who intend to get Vietnam Temporary Residence Card need to pay an application fee at the Vietnamese Immigration Department in Hanoi. The exact fee to pay varies depending on the duration of your TRC, as indicated below.

  • Vietnam TRC valid for not more than two years: $145
  • TRC for up to five years: $155

Validity Period of Vietnam Residence Permits

The duration of Temporary Residence Cards for the Socialist Republic of Vietnam varies depending on its symbol, as demonstrated hereafter.

  • TRCs with PV1, LĐ1, and LĐ2 symbols: are valid for up to two years
  • TRCs with TT, ĐT3, NN1, and NN2 symbols: allows a maximum stay of three years
  • TRCs with LS, DH, NG3, ĐT2, LV1, and LV2 symbols: valid for up to five years
  • TRCs with the ĐT1 symbol: valid for up to ten years

Moreover, Vietnam Permanent Residence Cards do not expire, as holders can stay permanently in the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I stay for one year in Vietnam?

To stay in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for up to one year and even longer, your purpose of visit must be for education, employment, or investment. In addition, upon arrival in Viet Nam, you must apply for a residence permit at the Immigration Department in Hanoi.

How long is a TRC valid for Vietnam?

The validity period of Vietnam Temporary Residence Cards ranges from two to ten years.

Can you work with TRC in Vietnam?

Of course, the holder of a Viet Nam Temporary Residence Card can work for any employer or company within the country.

Is it easy to get Vietnam Residence Permit?

No, getting a residence permit in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a bit difficult. Its application has a long turnaround time, which is also not easy to understand.

How much does a TRC cost in Vietnam?

The cost of getting a Vietnam Temporary Residence Card ranges from $145 to $155, depending on its validity period.


In summary, obtaining a Vietnam temporary or permanent residence permit allows you to live in the country without being bothered about overstaying your visa. Since there is no other way to stay in Viet Nam for up to two years without getting a residence permit, be sure to include applying for one in your plans.

Thanks for reading!

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