Visa-free Travel to Canada for Mexican Citizens

If you plan to travel to Canada from Mexico for business, tourism and health, you can do so using Canada visa-exemption..

Without a doubt, December 1, 2016 was a day that was a declared visa-free travel to Canada for Mexican citizens. That is, for the first time since 2009, nationals of Mexico could travel to Canada without having to first apply for a visitor visa called Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

It was a day of joy for Mexicans who wish to visit Canada as the Canadian government lifted the visa requirements for nationals of Mexico. However, it does not mean that any Mexican national can just carry their bag and start heading to Canada. This entails that they would require a valid Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) when they are to travel to Canada via air or land. Whether they are to travel by air or land, all they need to do is to present their passport at the border or port of entry.

Although this is great news for Mexicans, there are trends and risks associated with. That said, this comprehensive guide aims to discuss everything regarding the visa-free travel to Canada for Mexican citizens as well as what eTA is all about and how you can obtain it.

Visa-free Travel to Canada for Mexican Citizens, what next?

After the visa to travel to Canada was lifted for Mexican nationals, there was financial support up to the tune of $212 million for over five years and $47 million requested from all partners to help in curbing the risk possible with the situation.

There was, as well, a continuing pressure that emanates from irregular migration as a result of the visa exemption. This added to the Canadian government’s resolution to allocate more money for Canada’s asylum system in the 2019 budget.

Additionally, the trend and risk that follows the visa-free travel to Canada for Mexican citizens kept increasing, just the same way the funding pressures was escalating. However, the CBSA which is the management agency for the risk inherent in the migration trend, will not give up on its efforts.

So, it will continue to work with partners to monitor and respond to the risks to make certain that integrity of Canada’s immigration system as well as the security and safety of Canadians are definite.

Why Visa-free Travels to Canada for Mexican Citizens?

This via-free travel to Canada for Mexican citizens was first announced by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. He first made the promise for the visa exemption during the election campaign of 2015. Then, he formally declared it during a two-day state visit in June 2016 by the president of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto.

Both presidents also let everyone know about their decision to lift Mexico’s ban on Canadian beef import. With the move, Mexican nationals could visit Canada and also help in growing the economies of the country.

It is noteworthy that the relationship between Canada and Mexico is beyond the surface. Together with the United States of America, Canada and Mexico put into operation the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). However, it first came into existence in 1994.

Finally, data from a Canadian statistics indicated that for the first seven months of the year, there was a 17 per cent rise in travel from Mexico to Canada. Also, there was an increase in flights by the airlines. This, unequivocally, is in connection with the visa-free travel to Canada by Mexican citizens.

What does the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) mean?

Without a doubt, an eTA is simply an electronic document that is connected to one’s passport. You can only apply for it via online, although there may be cases where paper application will be valid. Once you collect an eTA, you can use it for five years or until the expiration of your passport, whichever happens first.

The process of acquiring an eTA, as against that of temporary resident visa (TRV) is quite simple and easy. It confers on Mexicans, the right to travel to Canada without applying for any visa, just like most countries. With that, Mexican nationals will only show their eTA before they can board a plane to Canada.

However, before they can obtain an eTA, they must fill a form detailing their personal information and answering a few important questions. These questions are mostly for them to disclose some information on their health status and criminal record.

Moreover, you will need to provide some documents such as:

  • a valid passport from Mexico as a visa-exempt country
  • credit card to pay the processing fee
  • a valid email address
  • a device that has an internet connection

Equally important, the process of acquiring an eTA is quite fast. It can even take just minutes to process. However, it is best you apply some days before your travel date to avoid some delays. This is because some travelers who did not apply in advance have experienced some delays in their flight. And this was due to the fact that the process unusually took a longer time.

Why does Canada insist on eTA for Mexican Citizens and Other Nationals?

One of the major reasons for applying for an eTA is to travel to Canada for a short visit up to 90 days. Such visits include tourism, business, transit or medical reasons. This eTA is mandatory for all Mexican citizens travelling to Canada for short stays.

Most importantly, before you are to travel to Canada from Mexico, you must check the validity of your passport. It must be at least three months valid past the anticipated exit date.

Another reason for the implementation of eTA Canada Visa is to improve security at the point o entry. Although the eTA program was implemented in 2016, its approval took place in 2012. That means it took four years to develop. It was introduced in Canada to screen travellers from outside the country as a response to the global increase in terrorist activities.

Can one apply for Canada Visa as a Mexican Citizen?

The Canada Visa for Mexican Citizens takes place online. All you need is to obtain your online application form that does not require up to five minutes filling out. Also, ensure to enter the information on your passport page, personal and contact information, email address, employment information, among others. You must equally be in good health and have no criminal record.

You will use your credit or debit card to pay the fees. Once you do so, you have officially started your eTA application processing. After that, you will receive the eTA via your email. However, in any case an additional document is necessary, the officials will contact you before the Canada eTA is approved.

What are the basic Requirements of Canada Visa for Mexican Citizens?

For Mexican citizens to enter Canada, they will need an official travel document or passport. This is to help them apply for their Canada eTA. Besides, if you have another passport of another country, you will need to make sure you apply with the same passport you are to travel with.

The essence is that the Canada eTA will be linked with the passport that you referred to during the time of application. Also, you will not need to print or present any further documents at the airport because the eTA is stored electronically against your passport in the Canada Immigration system.

Does It take too long to Receive a Canadian eTA for Mexican Citizens?

The processing of a Canadian eTA is quite fast. So, you can always expect a speedy response. Majorly, the application and approval time takes between five minutes to 24 hours. However, in some cases, the time may be longer than usual, especially if there is a high volume of application during the busy tourist period.

Also, your email address must be valid and you must frequently check it because that is where your eTA will be sent. After the application approval, your Canadian Eta will be digitally connected to your Mexican passport. Printing a copy may equally save you from a probable occurrence during at the airport.

Frequently asked questions

What Canada visa can I apply for if I want to travel to Canada from Mexico?

You will need to apply for your electronic travel authorization (eTA). It is for visa-free travels to Canada for Mexican citizens and other country nationals. It is valid for five years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first.

What are the steps to obtain my eTA?

The steps include:

  • Complete an online form
  • Cross-check your information and choose your method of payment
  • Submit all necessary documents

What is the cost of obtaining the Canada visa for Mexican citizens?

There are three alternative payment structures for you and they are:

  • standard processing time – 24 hours = USD 22.30
  • rush processing – 4 hours = USD 55.30
  • Super rush processing – 30 minutes = USD 69.80


The visa-free travel to Canada for Mexican citizens has offered a great opportunity for the citizens of Mexico to travel to Canada for such purposes as business, tourism, health and other issues. You must note that this visa-exemption is quite different from immigrating to Canada through the over 100 different pathways.

In that case, you need to apply through the right source and join the pool of candidates to enable you acquire permanent residency in Canada.