Top 9 Best Places and Times to Visit Armenia this Year

Do you want a perfect place for your vacation? Or are you looking for a quiet place to stay alone and contemplate? Then, you have a reason to visit Armenia this year.

Armenia is a great place to visit if you want to have a memorable trip and see some of the best places in the world. Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world. It was the first country to make Christianity its official religion and had a rich 3,500-year-old culture.

Armenia is a paradise for tourists because it has many fabulous places. Tourists can see breathtaking views of mountains, spectacular landscapes, and scenery and take part in a wide range of interesting activities.

This article will find the best place and time to visit Armenia.

Top 9 places to see when you visit Armenia this year

Let’s examine some of Armenia’s most fascinating tourist destinations, which are as gorgeous as any well-known tourist destination and rich in culture and history.

  • Take in Yerevan’s Amazing Architecture
  • Admire Lake Sevan’s Beauty
  • Travel to Karahunj, the Mysterious Place
  • Investigate the Shikahogh State Reserve.
  • Immerse Yourself in Jermuk’s Natural Beauty
  • Experience Dilijan National Park’s tranquility
  • Take in Mount Aragats’ breathtaking beauty
  • Admire Mamrot Qar Waterfall’s Beauty
  • Visit the Tatev Monastery

#1. Take in Yerevan’s Amazing Architecture

When discussing the most popular tourist destinations in Armenia, it is wise to start with none other than Yerevan, founded in 782 BC. Visitors who come to Yerevan for the first time or who return frequently feel rejuvenated after their visit. First-time tourists cannot afford to miss the city’s renowned architecture, which has won worldwide awards. Yerevan, also referred to as “the city of the cafés,” is home to eateries, cozy cafes, parks, etc.

  • Visit Republic Square, Yerevan Cascade, etc., as things to do in Yerevan.
  • June through August and December through February are the best months to visit Yerevan.
  • Yerevan can be reached by vehicle, train, airplane, etc.

#2. Admire Lake Sevan’s Beauty

Sevan is a fascinating place to see while traveling across Armenia because of its breathtaking beauty, which is energized by Lake Sevan and titillates tourists’ thoughts. The 66 miles from Yerevan Lake Sevan should not be missed by anyone looking to experience true natural splendor.

Lake Sevan, also known as the Pearl of Armenian Nature and covering an area of 1,900 meters, is the ideal location for everyone. You can enjoy B.B.Q., cruising, thrilling views of the breathtaking scenery, and much more.

  • Visit Sevanavank, Sevan Island, Hayravank Monastery, and other Lake Sevan attractions.
  • Winter and the middle of summer are the best times to visit Lake Sevan.
  • Take a minivan, van, subway, etc., from Yerevan to Lake Sevan to get there.

#3. Travel to Karahunj, the Mysterious Place

The next town you will find when looking for the most popular locations in this nation is Karahunj, which is 200 kilometers from Armenia’s capital city. The mystery of the 200 stones, each with a hole 5 cm in diameter, can confound visitors who throng this location. This is a mystery to many scientists regarding its function, origin, etc.

  • Visit Khndzoresk Bridge, the medieval Goris Cave Dwellings, and other attractions while in Karahunj.
  • All months are the best times to visit Karahunj.
  • You can reach Karahunj via bus, taxi, etc.

#4. Investigate the Shikahogh State Reserve

One of Armenia’s secret locations is the Shikahogh State Reserve. Shikahogh State Reserve, surrounded by lush green mountains and home to 1,100 different plant species, is still largely undiscovered. It is one of the reasons why it is regarded as an undiscovered city. Shikahogh State Reserve offers a lot to those who appreciate the outdoors and animals. Numerous creatures can be found in the forest, including bears, leopards, and wild goats.

  • Activities in Shikahogh State Reserve include seeing Mount Khustup and viewing wildlife.
  • All months are the best times to visit Shikahogh State Reserve.

#5. Immerse Yourself in Jermuk’s Natural Beauty

Jermuk is the most inspiring site for tourists to explore. It has become well-known among them as a renowned spa city in Armenia thanks to the moderate climate, curative mineral water, and magnificent natural beauty. Remember to visit the Gallery of Water while you are here to sample the therapeutic mineral water.

It would be impossible to visit Jermuk without admiring the magnificent beauty of Armenia’s second-largest waterfall, Jermuk Waterfall. You can have a thrilling experience that immerses you in the music of nature when water falls from a height of 70 meters.

  • Visit a waterfall, a mineral water gallery, and other things to do in Jermuk.
  • All months are the best times to visit Jermuk.
  • Getting to Jermuk: From Yerevan, by buses and minibusses.

#6. Experience Dilijan National Park’s tranquility

The Dilijan National Park, established in 2002, is another entertaining location for tourists because it allows them to explore various things, including natural landmarks, therapeutic mineral water springs, and much more. Most tourists are interested in getting a fascinating insight into Armenian culture. For exploring this, Dilijan National Park is a one-stop location. Numerous cultural sites, including Goshavank Monastery, Haghartsin Monastery, Jukhtak Vank, etc., are located in the park.

  • Visit Lake Parz, Matosavank, and other attractions while at Dilijan National Park.
  • All months are ideal for visiting Dilijan National Park.
  • Dilijan National Park can be reached by taxi, van, minibusses, etc.

#7. Take in Mount Aragats’ breathtaking beauty.

Mount Aragats, another popular destination in Armenia, draws visitors from all over the world, especially those who appreciate nature and want to experience its spectacular beauty. As Armenia’s highest point, Mount Aragats offers a wealth of prehistoric rock art, including human likeness paintings, animal paintings, and other works that are about 100 years old.

The beauty of Mount Aragats is enhanced by its snow-covered peak, providing adventure seekers who climb it in July, August, and September with an amazing experience. The southernmost summit is best for those who want to ascend the mountain without difficulty, while the northern peak is better suited for those who enjoy a challenge.

  • Visit the Arshakid Mausoleum and Alphabet Park, among other Mount Aragats attractions.
  • Anytime is the ideal time to visit Mount Aragats.
  • Getting to Mount Aragats: by minibus, bus, etc.

#8. Admire Mamrot Qar Waterfall’s Beauty of Armenia

Along with the popular tourist attractions, Armenia also has some lesser-known locations that you can explore. One of these locations is the well-known Mamrot Qar Waterfall; it’s in Nagorno-Karabakh in the country’s eastern region and features an umbrella-shaped waterfall, providing tourists with an entirely revitalizing experience. The Mamrot Qar Waterfall is one of Armenia’s most popular natural attractions. Therefore, you must never pass up the chance to catch a fascinating glimpse of this magnificent gift from nature to humans.

  • Visit unique waterfalls while at Mamrot Qar Waterfall
  • All months are ideal for visiting Mamrot Qar Waterfall.
  • Mamrot Qar Waterfall can be reached via bus, minibus, etc.

#9. Visit the Tatev Monastery in Armenia

Tatev, around 253 kilometers from Yerevan, is another fascinating location to see while in Armenia. Tourists may get to this location quickly; they must get a taxi from Yerevan and travel there. Going to Tatev Monastery, you can visit a magnificent medieval building dating back to the ninth century.

Tatev Monastery has every motive to entice tourists to its picturesque mountainous setting and rural environs so they may take in the breathtaking views. Take the cable cars, which are reputed to be the longest in the world, to get to this location.

  • Tatev Monastery’s activities include touring the monasteries’ complex and visiting the church.
  • All months are the best times to visit Tatev Monastery.
  • Using a bus or a minibus will get you to Tatev Monastery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is popular in Armenia?

Some popular things in Armenia include the traditional dances, the music, the food, and the culture.

Is Armenia a lovely place to visit?

Certainly yes, Armenia is a beautiful country to travel to. There are many historical and cultural sites and beautiful scenery to see. The people are also friendly and welcoming.

Is Armenia expensive to travel to?

No, Armenia is not expensive to travel to. You can find low-cost lodging and food options throughout the country. Armenia is also a great value destination because there are many free things to see and do, such as visiting ancient churches and monasteries.

When is the best time to travel to Armenia?

Armenia is best visited in the spring or fall. The weather is lovely, and there are numerous cultural events and festivals to attend.

Is a visa required for travel to Armenia?

You do not need a visa to travel to Armenia if you are a United States, Canada, or Europe citizen.


There are many additional popular tourist spots in Armenia, but these are among the most well-known. It’s a tough call because they’re all equally popular with visitors. If you want to see everything there is to see in Armenia, you’ll need to figure out how long of a stay you can afford. A long vacation here will allow you to see every bit of Armenia.

However, you may also want to explore other best locations for your vacations.

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