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What to Consider when Planning to Visit Belarus

Do you plan to visit Belarus but do not know what your expectations should be? This article will help you in planning your trip.

Belarus is a landlocked republic located in the east part of Europe. It shares borders with several countries, including Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Additionally, the country has a total area of approximately 208,000 square kilometers.

Foreigners enter the Republic of Belarus every year for various reasons. Most travel to the country for vacation, while others visit due to its exciting history, low cost of living, and fantastic nature.

If you are making arrangements for a trip to Belarus, visiting some of the attractions in the country will make your stay more exciting and memorable.

Read on to start exploring several factors you must consider while planning a trip to the Republic of Belarus.

Reasons to Visit Belarus

Below is a list of reasons to visit the Republic of Belarus.

  • Living in Belarus is inexpensive.
  • Belarus has many unique places for visitation.
  • There are several exciting historical things about Belarus.
  • The foods in Belarus will undoubtedly suit your mood.
  • It is easy to obtain a visa to let you enter Belarus.
  • There are many theatres where you can watch blockbuster movies in Belarus.
  • Belarus’ history is worth knowing.

Seven Things to Consider when Planning to Visit Belarus

The following are the top seven (7) things you must consider while planning to visit Belarus.

#1. Consider opening a Belarus bank account

If you want to visit Belarus for any reason, you must create an account with a Belarusian bank. You’ll need a bank account to keep your funds and access them when needed.

Some of the most popular banks in Belarus include Belarusbank, Priorbank, Paritet Bank, Belgazprombank, Absolutbank, and BPS-Sberbank. These financial institutions offer first-rate banking services. You won’t have to worry at any time as your funds are safe with them.

You can open a Belarus bank account online or in person at any of the bank’s branch locations. However, you must hold a valid identity document to create the account.

A reason to open a bank account before traveling to Belarus is frequent robbery occurrences in the country.

#2. Learn Belarusian and Russian language

Belarusian and Russian are the two (2) official languages spoken in the Republic of Belarus. Therefore, to visit Belarus, you must learn at least one of these languages.

You can only find a few or no person that speaks English in the country. Thus, learning these languages will allow you to communicate, without a barrier, with anyone out of the country’s 9.2million population.

There are several ways to learn Belarusian and Russian languages. First, you can try self-learning instead of hiring a language teacher. This is possible by reading children’s and comic books, listening to podcasts, and watching movies made in Belarusian and Russian.

#3. Find out the crime rate in Belarus

Foreigners who intend to visit Belarus must consider the level of crime rate in the country. Without a doubt, there are high occurrences of criminal activities in Belarus. The country’s crime rate is more than 60%.

Women are more susceptible to attacks than men in the Republic of Belarus. Moreover, walking alone at night in most parts of the country is unsafe. Robbery is also another common crime that occurs in Belarus.

#4. Check out the restaurants and varieties of food you can get in Belarus

Regardless of your location in the world, you must eat good food to survive and maintain good health. There are many restaurants located in different cities and towns of Belarus.

You’ll indeed find your choice of food in most of these restaurants. Some top restaurants to visit in Belarus include The View, Kamyanitsa Restaurant, Grand Cafe, Panorama, Oriyent Ekspress, BARCAROLA, Fornello Restaurant, Falcone Restaurant, Maroon Restaurant, and Osteria la Bruscetta.

Most of these restaurants have a few options for food purchases. They offer foods bought to be eaten in the restaurant or taken out to dine elsewhere. You can also order cooked foods from these restaurants while at your home or office.

#5. Research some tourist attractions to visit

Another thing to consider when planning a visit to Belarus is the places where you can easily reach for fun. These include historic sites, iconic churches, museums, recreational parks, picnic areas, gardens, and artificial islands, among other exciting places.

Some examples include Dreamland Waterpark, Marc Chagall Museum, Babrujsk Fortress, Kreva Castle, Skiing complex Logoysk, Belarusian Central Botanic Gardens, Lošyсki Park, Island of Tears, Mir Castle Complex, Nesvizh Radziwiłł Castle, and the Belarusian National Arts Museum.

These attractions offer top-notch fun and are spread across different locations in the country. It is equally important to know their opening hours before you visit any of them.

#6. Be sure to visit when the climate is warm

The climate in Belarus typically has a moderate level of precipitation and warmer months due to the country’s closeness to the Baltic Sea. As a result, Belarus has about 125 winter days in a year. Besides, the duration of summer in Belarus is about 150 days.

Winter starts around mid-November and ends in mid-March. This is proportional to four months. Hence, you can visit Belarus any time during the remaining eight months. By visiting Belarus in the summer, you won’t have to worry about the weather not to talk of experiencing extreme cold, which could adversely affect your health.

#7. Plan how to spend your nightlife in Belarus

The Republic of Belarus offers a unique nightlife experience. While visiting Belarus, you can partake in various social and entertaining activities. These include visiting any of the nightclubs and pubs in Belarus.

Coyote Bar, TNT Rock Club, Graffiti Bar & Club, Banki-Butylki Bar, Clever Irish Pub, Black House Club, Honky Tonk Piano Bar, Rich Cat Club, CUBA BAR, and Dictator Bar.

Other ways to experience nightlife fun in Belarus include watching movies in cinemas and eating out in restaurants.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is best to visit Belarus?

The most appropriate time to visit Belarus is anytime in summer. This is because the country’s weather is warm during this period. You’ll also enjoy many outdoor activities during the summer season in Belarus.

What do you need to obtain a visa for Belarus?

To obtain a visa for entry into Belarus, you must fill out an application form, possess a valid passport, proof of funds, travel health insurance, an invitation letter from your host, and more.

Is Belarus suitable for tourists?

Yes, the Republic of Belarus is a great tourist destination. Its locals are friendly and accommodating to foreign nationals. Tourists also have many kinds of attractions to visit across the country. These include museums, historical sites, nature reserves, and nightlife spots.

Does Belarus speak English?

Belarusians do not speak English as they don’t have it as their official language. Nevertheless, a few Belarusians understand English and can fluently communicate in the language.

Is it safe to visit Belarus?

Yes, it is still safe to visit Belarus even though the country has an average crime rate. However, because of this, you need to be conscious wherever you plan to stay and visit Belarus. Another thing to ensure is that you shouldn’t try entering Russia without a valid visa.

Is a Belarusian visa easy to get?

Yes, Belarusian visas are straightforward to get. Citizens of many countries are suitable to obtain a visa on arrival. In contrast, others must apply for the visa through a Belarusian embassy or consulate. There are several types of Belarusian visas that allow for entry into Belarus.

How do I get a visa for Belarus?

You can get a Belarusian visa by applying to a diplomatic mission in your country. However, the process demands you to submit some documents and pay a visa fee on time.

How much is a Belarusian visa?

A Belarusian visa costs €60 and is valid for 90 days.

Is Belarus cheap to visit?

Yes, it is inexpensive to visit the Republic of Belarus. The average hotel room cost is about €40 per night, and you can get cheap meals as well. Besides, most attractions are free for tourists to access.

Are Belarusians welcoming to visitors?

Belarus locals are welcoming to visitors and are known for their kindness to guests irrespective of their nationality. Belarusians are also willing to learn about foreign cultures.


In summary, the Republic of Belarus is worth your visit no matter your proposed time of travel. The country’s distinctive mix of historical and cultural backgrounds offers a rewarding experience to visitors of all ages. This is hard to find in any other European country.

Above all, people who intend to know a great vacation spot within Europe can consider Belarus, as the country is a highly recommended and fascinating destination.

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