What to take into account when planning to Visit Comoros

If you’re looking for an enchanting place full of natural beauty, friendly people, and unique culture, you should visit Comoros. When you visit, you will not be denied the privilege to explore untapped business or investment opportunities in Comoros.

Undoubtedly, Comoros has something good to offer every visitor regardless of the purpose of their visit to the country. However, you should expect less of an elegant lifestyle and world-class amenities when you visit Comoros because the country is not rich.

Thus, let’s take you through the things to consider when planning to visit Comoros and fun things to do in the country. But before anything else, here is a quick fact about Comoros.

Quick facts about Comoros 

Comoros is an archipelago nation located in the Indian Ocean, between northeastern Mozambique and northwestern Madagascar. The three main islands are Grande Comore, Mohéli, and Anjouan, with a total land area of ​​2,236 square kilometers. The population was estimated at 798,000 in 2019. The official languages ​​are Comorian, French, and Arabic.

The capital city of Comoros is Moroni. Islam is the predominant religion in Comoros and has been an independent state since 1975.

There are opportunities for investment in Comoros, especially in the agricultural and tourism sectors. The country’s main export commodities are vanilla, cloves, and ylang-ylang.

Top Eight things to consider when planning to visit Comoros 

Traveling to Comoros will be peaceful, exciting, and eventful if the following factors into consideration.

#1. A Visa to Comoros

You might need to apply for a visa to visit Comoros. So it is necessary to check the Comoros visa policy to know if citizens from your country can apply for visas on or before arrival to the country. It is also possible that nationals from your country are exempted from visas to visit Comoros.

Nevertheless, Comoros has four types of visas accessible to foreigners they are: tourist visas, student visas, business or work visas then, and Immigration and naturalization visas.

So if you need to apply for a Comoros visa before arrival, do that early enough to avoid delays. The Comoros Embassy or Consulate in your country is the right place to apply for a Comoros visa. Alternatively, you can inquire about a credible visa processing agency in your country to assist in applying for the visa.

#2.Path to visit Comoros 

You may be privileged to visit the country through the land borders, island, or International airport. However, it is best to take a flight to Comoros because other routes may not be as safe as the air route. But, if you are not financially buoyant, you may take a cheaper route and be security conscious or seek a travel advisory.

#3.Vital documents 

Regardless of your entry point to the country, the immigration officers are available to perform their duties. So you should hold the following documents:

Traveling passport: This should be original and must not be an expired one; its validity must be at least six months. It should also contain your details and passport photograph.

Travel Insurance: You need this document to cover up for health treatments and other emergencies while in Comoros. You can get online to apply through a credible insurance broker or contact your tour company to get one for you.

Letter of invitation: You should have this if you are invited for a business, work, or tourist engagement by any company in the country.

Admission letter: Attach it if you are offered admission to study in Comoros.

#4.Security and safety tips 

Comoros has a low crime rate, making it significantly safe for citizens and foreigners. However, it would help if you were security conscious so that you do not fall into the hand pocket-pickers. Other security tips you should consider are:

  • You must wear your seat belt while driving in the country or if you are a front-seat passenger.
  • Ensure you do not work alone at night
  • Avoid staying longer in crowded outdoor markets and parks
  • Subscribe to car or taxi renting services because they are much safer than crowded bus transit.
  • You should adhere to the instructions of local authorities.

#5. Accommodation 

You have less to worry about regarding accommodation because Comoros offers some lovely accommodation options for visitors. The options include several upscale hotels, more modest guesthouses, and lodges.

The accommodation options also feature facilities like bars, restaurants, beaches, etc., that will fully comfort and entertain visitors.

Interestingly, you can make a reservation before your arrival. You can live in one of the most expensive hotels in Comoros on a budget of $120 per night. You may also go for fewer ones if your pocket is not heavy enough for the best hotels; other options like $16 per night are also available.

#6 The time to visit Comoros 

You must be very strategic with the time to visit Comoros so that you will not have an unsavory experience. Most times, the purpose of your visit and health status determines when to visit Comoros. Nevertheless, if you can influence your timing, it is best to visit Comoros from April to November because Comoros found itself in an active seismic and volcanic zone, thereby making the country prone to Monsoons and rarer tropical cyclones eruptions mostly during the rainy and hot season.

In addition, Comoros is an island country so you should be conscious of the clothes to wear. If you love swimming, you are at the right destination because the sea is mostly warm throughout the year.

#7.Financial Obligation 

The cost of living in Comoros is relatively low because foodstuff is cheap and other amenities like water, electricity bills, and cost of transportation. Therefore, you can survive comfortably on a budget of $500 a month. The amount will cover your expenses for feeding, transportation, accommodation, and other utilities.

Meanwhile, the Comoros economy is cash-based as there are fewer ATMs, and most locals don’t accept cashless transactions for services rendered. So, It is best to move around with enough cash to pay for services rendered to you.

#8.Culture and tradition 

Comoros is an Islamic country whose culture and traditions revolve around the teachings of the Islamic religion. Therefore, you should dress decently and be humble while interacting with the locals; this way, you are safe and cared for. In addition, you should not expect to access alcohol or cigarette smoking in most parts of the country because they are prohibited.

Religious tolerance in this country is high; you only need to be sensitive to their culture and traditions.

Top five fun things to do when you visit Comoros 

There are several many fun things to do in Comoros, but you shouldn’t afford to miss these whenever you visit the country.

#1. Take a tour of the Chomoni Beach

Chomoni Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the islands of Comoros. The sand is white and powdery, the water is crystal clear, and the palm trees provide plenty of shade. You can take a stroll along the beach, relax in a hammock, or go for a swim. There are also several restaurants and bars in the area, so visitors can enjoy a refreshing drink or a delicious meal while taking the stunning views.

#2. Visit the Grand Mosque du Vendredi

The Grand Mosque du Vendredi in Comoros is an impressive site. The mosque is the largest in the country and can accommodate up to 20,000 worshippers. The mosque is also home to the country’s main library, which has over 60,000 volumes. In addition, the architecture of the mosque is fascinating, with its tall minarets and intricate calligraphy. The Grand Mosque du Vendredi is a must-see for anyone visiting Comoros

#3. Check out the Bondi Beach 

Bouni Beach is impressive with its long coastline, white sand, and clear blue waters. It is located in the southern part of the country and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. A beach is also nice for surfing, swimming, sunbathing, and fishing.

However, bars and restaurants are not close by, so you should go with what to eat and drink.

#4. A trip to the National Museum of Comoros

The National Museum of Comoros is a world-renowned institution that houses a wealth of historical and cultural artifacts. The museum is also home to a library and research center. Visitors to the National Museum of Comoros can expect to see many exhibits, including a collection of traditional Comorian musical instruments. The museum is an impressive sight, and it is sure to leave visitors with a better understanding and appreciation of Comorian culture.

#5. A visit to Comoros Mount Karthala

You will have an impressive experience with this active Volcano on the island of Grande Comore. The mountain is the highest point on the island of Grande Comore, reaching an altitude of 2,361 meters. The views from the summit are stunning, with a 360-degree panorama of the island and its surrounding waters. The hike to the top is challenging but rewarding, and the sense of accomplishment at the end is unbeatable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does it cost to get a Comoros Visa?

The amount to pay for a Comoros visa depends on the stay in the country. Here are the price tags for the Comoros visas.

  • 45 days: 29,543.64 KMF (US$100.1)
  • 1 year: 123,098.48 KMF (the US $ 250.5)
  • Ten years: 246,196.97 KMF (US$501)

What are people from Comoros called?

The citizens are referred to as Comorians. They also referred to their country as Masiwa, meaning”the islands.”

How many airports are in Comoros?

At the moment, the country has five airports which are; international, domestic, milliary, and private.

How much is the Comoros visa application fee?

You should budget 160USD for the visa application fee if you are applying for a non-immigrant visa to Comoros. Moreover, if your application is for an immigrant visa to Comoros, you will pay 265USD and 205 USD for eVisa.

Does Comoros speak English?

Fewer people can speak the English language while most of the citizen shuttle the three official languages.

Can I Immigrate to Canada from Comoros?

Yes, Canada has different pathway programs through which you can immigrate to the country. You should also check the Canadian visa policy to know if you enjoy visa-free entry or a visa before arrival.


We have provided in detail factors to consider when planning to Visit Comoros. We hope the tips will make your visit to Comoros exciting and fulfilling.

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