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10 Top Reasons to Visit Cyprus and What Time of Visit

Are you thinking of some reasons to visit Cyprus? This blog post will provide you with all relevant information on the best spots in Cyprus, including the reasons to visit each.

Cyprus is a great country to visit for numerous reasons. The country has many fantastic sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Its locals are also welcoming. In addition, there are various things to learn about Cyprus’s history. If you are a lover of history, a visit to Cyprus will enable you to have an enlightening experience.

Moreover, the weather in Cyprus is always easy to cope with. Nightlife is also fun in Cyprus, and you’d love the scenery as it’s breathtaking.

Read on to find out more.

Visiting Cyprus Visa Requirements

Before you can visit Cyprus, you must possess a valid Cypriot Short-Stay Visa. The application process of obtaining the visa requires completing an application and providing some documents to a Cypriot embassy or consulate.

Here is a list of the required documents for Cyprus visa applications.

  • Cyprus visa application form (must be correctly filled out and signed)
  • Your passport or travel document, whose validity must last all through your stay in Cyprus and even after leaving the country
  • Two (2) passport-sized photos that conform to stated specifications
  • Proof of accommodation set and paid in advance
  • Travel itinerary and a round-trip flight ticket
  • A recent bank statement
  • A valid travel health insurance that covers you against any health-related issue: Its minimum worth must be €30,000.
  • Evidence of visa fee payment

Additionally, you must meet the visa-specific requirements depending on the type of visa you intend to obtain for entry into Cyprus.

Ten (10) Top Reasons to Visit Cyprus

The following are ten top reasons to consider visiting the Republic of Cyprus alone or with your loved ones.

#1. Enjoy the fantastic scenery at Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach is one of the most popular attractions in the Republic of Cyprus. It is wonderfully turquoise and located in Ayia Napa’s resort.

Besides, Nissi Beach features several infrastructures that would make your visit memorable and enjoyable. Such infrastructures include sunbeds with umbrella, which allows you to sit and enjoy the beautiful views around the beach.

There are also some supermarkets and a bakery in the vicinity if you need to do some shopping and get baked foods at affordable prices. Without a doubt, Nissi Beach is a paradise on earth.

Some amusing things to do in Nissi Beach include swimming, sunbathing, parascending, dining and wining in any of the bars around the beach, jet skiing, kayaking, and so much more.

#2. Visit Minthis Golf Club to play golf

According to some reports, golf is the world’s most fantastic sport. You can visit Minthis Golf Club in the Republic of Cyprus. The golf course has a clubhouse where you can get a coffee drink with varieties of sweet baked foods.

Minthis Golf Club has spectacular scenery, and playing golf games there can be pretty challenging whether you’re a beginner or professional player.

#3. Hike and experience adventure at Avakas Gorge Nature Trail

Avakas Gorge Nature Trail is one of the top-rated attractions to visit in Cyprus. Hiking is fun on the trail, with wildlife and water views.

Avakas Gorge Nature Trail is a beautiful destination worth visiting any time of the year. However, due to the waters and rocky trails, you may need to wear hiking shoes. The trails are also slippery at times. Thus, it would help if you watched every step to ensure you don’t fall.

Many people visit Avakas Gorge Nature Trail daily. However, you may have to consider going in the morning as there will be less sun and crowd.

#4. Swim, kitesurf, relax or read your novels at Coral Bay

With so many positive reviews by past visitors, Coral Bay is another excellent place to consider on your visit to Cyprus. It is a big sandy beach located in the Paphos district of Cyprus.

It’s a beautiful beach with numerous facilities and is ideal for swimming. So, don’t forget to come along with your swimsuit. In the evening, there is always a beautiful sunset around the beach.

There are lots of exciting things to do in Coral Beach. You can also participate in your watersports choice, including taking a boat ride, jet skiing, and kitesurfing.

#5. Cycle, hike or walk with your spouse at Cape Greco National Forest Park

Supposing you intend to visit Cyprus with your spouse, Cape Greco National Forest Park should be on your checklist of places to see. Spending some time and creating more fun moments at the park is worthwhile.

You can take a walk or ride a bicycle with your partner while discussing certain things that you two might not always have time to discuss.

#6. Visit the Archaeological Site of Nea Paphos to see lots of historical stuff

When planning to visit Cyprus, the Archaeological Site of Nea Paphos should be on your list as it’s a highly recommended destination.

The site is large enough to contain hundreds to thousands of visitors. Visiting the site will enable you to learn about the history of Cyprus.

Furthermore, the Archaeological Site of Nea Paphos exhibits a large collection of ancient things, which include old buildings, beautiful mosaics, and more. There’s also a lighthouse at the site and several attractive areas for taking photos.

#7. Swim at Adonis Baths Waterfalls

Adonis Baths Waterfalls is a waterfall located in the Republic of Cyprus. It is accessible from 9 am to 8 pm daily.

Even though the water is freezing, it is still lovely for swimming. After swimming, you can also grab a cup of coffee within the vicinity.

#8. See varieties of artworks at a 900+ years old monastery

Kykkos Monastery can be a reason to visit Cyprus. The monastery exhibits a vast collection of golden items and artworks, including holy icons made from mosaic pieces.

Indeed, you can visit the Kykkos Monastery any time in the year. Its museum is also open to all citizens for a low entry fee.

We highly recommend the Kykkos Monastery on your next visit to Cyprus.

#9. Take your kids for a slide at WaterWorld Themed Waterpark

With WaterWorld Themed Waterpark’s location in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, there are plenty of amusing things to do at the waterpark. People of all age groups can have a day of endless fun at the WaterWorld Themed Waterpark.

There are wide-ranging activities for singles, newly-weds, and married persons to engage their selves in. Visitors can lay on the sunbeds, use the slides, see the bush monkeys, beautiful flowers, and other exciting things.

#10. See the stunning tombs of late kings in Chloraka, Cyprus

The Archaeological Site of the Tombs of the Kings is located in Chloraka, Cyprus. While visiting the site, don’t forget to check out the tombs and unique rock structures for a thrilling experience.

It is essential to wear a comfortable pair of footwear when visiting the site as walking around it can take up to two hours. Many kids love to see the Archaeological Site of the Tombs of the Kings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cyprus dangerous to visit?

Yes, Cyprus is a safe place to visit, and you have no reason to fear while in the country. The country has a low occurrence of criminal activities.

Where is the best place to go in Cyprus in October?

Some good places to visit in October in Cyprus include Paphos, Ayia Napa, and Limassol. By visiting any of these places, you’ll be able to experience life around historical sites and stunning beaches.

Is October a good time to visit Cyprus?

Yes, October is a great month to visit the Republic of Cyprus. The country is visitable year-round as its weather is generally pleasant.

What are the things to do in Cyprus in October?

There are several things to do in Cyprus in October. These include swimming at Adonis Baths Waterfalls, seeing Kykkos Monastery artworks, and the Nea Paphos Archaeological Site.

What is the best hotel to stay in Paphos, Cyprus?

Elysium Hotel is the best hotel to stay in Paphos, Cyprus. It is a 5-star hotel with two outdoor pools, a private beach, a spa, and a kids’ club, among other infrastructures.

What are the best places to visit near Paphos, Cyprus?

There are many great places near Paphos in the Republic of Cyprus. These include the Aphrodite’s Rock, Coral Bay, Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark, and the Holy Monastery of Saint Neophytos.


In summary, Cyprus has many picturesque spots that are great for dates, family holidays, and personal vacations. In addition, its locals are welcoming and friendly to foreign nationals without discriminating on their race, religion, or any trait.

Even though the Republic of Cyprus is a small country, there are plenty of things to see and engage in there.

Thanks for reading!

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