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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Estonia This Year

What if all you have heard about Estonia and other Baltic nations are not true? Probably, you have heard so many stories about this great and quiet country. And for that reason, you keep wondering about the reasons to visit Estonia. Ok, let’s say that all you hear is not true, would you change your mind? Against many stories, Estonia is a country buzzing with life and so many activities.

So, it is good that when you visit Europe, you would make it a point of duty to have a day or two in Estonia. By doing this, you will explore the great natural environment of this Northern European nation.

Many visitors to Europe believe that visiting Italy, France, Germany and other countries in Western Europe is the best thing to do. On the contrary, visiting Estonia this year will make you doubt this old belief sponsored by the Western media. Obviously, there are many reasons to visit Estonia this year. Is it the great natural environment? Or the numerous festivals that grace the country? Or the Estonian wildlife? Whatever the reason you choose, you will find out that there are many reasons to visit this baltic country.

Hence this article will highlight the reasons to visit Estonia at least once in your life. But I tell you, this year will be a great time to go to this wonderful country and have one of the best moments of your life. Now, let’s see the top ten reasons to visit Estonia.

1. Easy to get around

Every city in Estonia is almost connected. This is due to the fact that Estonia is small. Thus, it becomes easy for everyone to move around. Plus, the good road network and the public transport. You can around the country to see the wonders in this Baltic region. Moreover, the big cities and towns like Tartu, Värska, Viljandi, and Haapsalu can be reached through public transport, especially through the capital, Tallinn.

2. Great forest reserve

When you visit Estonia this year, do not fail to have a tour of the great forests that make up the country. More than half of Estonia is made up of forests. Thus, in a time when the world is battling for clean air, Estonia boasts of the cleanest air. No wonder the Estonian people are so much connected with nature. Much more, they still take an oak tree as sacred. Invariably, this also means having a variety of fun activities in Estonia: hiking, bird seeing, sightseeing and many more. Simply put, Estonia is a place for nature lovers.

3. Estonia is a country of Islands

With more than 2,000 islands, Estonia is a country blessed with so many islands. This is a great tourist attraction for first-time visitors in Estonia. The good thing is that each of these islands is unique. So, you don’t get bored walking around these beautiful islands. Plus, it has a good reserve of wildlife which is almost untouched.

The peculiar thing about Estonian islands is that they are unusually small and inhabited. Thus, it becomes a place to hide from the noisy city life. They are the best places to go for birdwatching, canoeing, sailing or fishing. The biggest of this island is Saaremaa. This is also the third biggest island in the Baltic region.

4. A historic country

The Swedes, Russians, and the Germans at one point or the other occupied Estonia. Also, at a point in history, Estonia was among the Soviet Union. This has really shaped the history of the country. Therefore, wherever you find yourself in Estonia, there is a remnant of history. You will always see remnants of historic sights, and old traditions and customs. This is true, especially in the capital, Tallinn.

5. Estonian folk music festival

Estonian folk music festival is one of the largest in the whole of Europe. The biggest music festival in this country is the Viljandi Pärimusmuusika festival. So, if you love traditional music, then, you can visit Estonia in July. This is the period for this great music festival. This is a festival for everyone including children and visitors. It takes place Vilijandi. During this festival, people celebrate food, culture, music and drink.

6. Pay a visit to Estonia’s capital, Tallinn

Another exciting thing to do when you visit Estonia this year is to visit the capital Tallinn. Tallinn is a great destination for holidays in the Baltic region. This is a medieval city established by the Danish king in the 13th century. It is among the world heritage centres according to UNESCO. The city boasts many modern facilities, cultural heritage and many more.

7 Full internet connectivity

If not for any other reason, you can visit Estonia to enjoy their full internet connectivity. Are you in the forests, islands or parks? Thee is internet in the whole of Estonia. Guess what? They are free. So, whether you are using your laptop, phone or tablet, there is an internet connection for everyone. This interests many tourists and visitors in Estonia.

Also, being the home of many high-tech companies like Skype and Hotmail. Estonia has a thing for the internet. Why not visit Estonia to enjoy this.

8. Estonian wildlife

The wildlife in Estonia is preserved. Having the biggest forest reserve in Europe, Estonia also boasts some of the best wildlife in Northern Europe. The Beaver Safari is a rare experience but you can enjoy it in Estonia. Though this species is almost wiped out in Europe, Estonia still has a host of them. Fortunately, beavers are responsible for environmental changes. so, thanks to Estonia for preserving this wildlife.

9. Vist the museums

being a historical country, this Baltic nation has a lot of museums. Therefore, you have access to a lot of museums. You will see a lot of historical and cultural heritages in these museums. Some of the museums in Estonia include:

Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour: This is a maritime museum that opened in 2012. Therefore, it contains a lot of submarines, ships, naval artillery and seaplanes. Hence, a must-visit for lovers of maritime artefacts. One peculiar thing about this museum is the 1936 Lembit submarine.

Estonian National Museum: If you love learning history, this is the first place to visit Estonia. Opened in 1909 in memory of Jakob Hurt, it contains everything about the history of Estonia.

Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum: This is a museum that depicts the beautiful life of Estonia. It is located in the centre of Tallinn. The museum is surrounded by trees which show the life of old-century Estonia. So, whenever you visit Estonia, make sure that you visit this beautiful historic museum.

Estonian Museum of Occupations: This is a museum that represents the time when Estonia was part of the Soviet Union and Nazi. As a result, it contains many artefacts depicting the horrible times of war. Another great place to visit while in Estonia.

10: Visit the oldest resort town in Estonia

Talking about history, you will need to visit Haapsalu. This historic town was built in 1825 as the first Estonian water-mud bath. Not only is it the oldest mud bath, but also, it has some healing powers. Maybe, you can touch down in town and have a testimony to tell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Estonia good for tourists?

Yes, Estonia is very good for tourists. With its numerous forest reserves, wildlife and other nature reserves, it is a place that tourists go each year. Moreover, you choose to visit Estonia this year and have plenty of fun for yourself.

What is the best month to visit Estonia?

Generally, the time best time to visit Estonia is the month of August. During this period, you will enjoy this Baltic region. You can visit the beaches, lakes and islands. Nevertheless, the winter weather in Estonia is also beautiful. You can enjoy the snow-covered country yards.

Do I need a visa to visit Estonia?

all citizens of non-Schengen countries will need an Estonian Schengen visa. This visa allows you to visit Estonia for a 90 days period.

How much cash can I bring to Estonia?

You can bring as much as 10,000 euros when visiting Estonia. However, you must declare any amount bigger than this amount at an Estonian port of entry.


Let’s hope you have found a reason to visit Estonia at least once this year. However, before you can come into this Baltic nation, you will need an Estonian Schengen visa to come in. This allows you to stay in Estonia for a short period of time.

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