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Top 10 Best Places And Times To Visit Finland This Year

Have you ever thought of going to Finland to have fun or spend the holiday? Or do you wonder whether going to Finland this year is worth it? Indeed, there are many reasons to visit Finland this year. But before you go to this beautiful country, you must find the correct visa depending on your purpose.

Whether it is winter or summer or heading north or south, there is something for everyone in Finland. From its natural habitat to the old wooden house to sleeping under the sun in the north, you can’t stop having fun in this beautiful country. So, whatever time you decide to stay in Finland, you must catch some fun.

This article will show the top 10 reasons you must visit Finland this year. Numbers 5 and 10 are so unique that you should not miss them.

About Finland

Finland has had a long history of peace and prosperity. It became a country in 1809, and its capital city Helsinki became capital in 1917. Finland is known for its beautiful nature. Besides that, Finnish people also enjoy good health care and a high standard of living.

Finland is known for its happiness, and it seems that the key to its success lies in its culture. They believe in family values, and they value their social life. However, they also take pride in their achievements and don’t let anything get them down.

It is also part of the Schengen area countries. Therefore, the EU/EEA countries can stay in the country without a visa for 90 days. Likewise, holders of Schengen visas and passports can travel to the country visa-free.

Places and Things to do in Finland this year

Of course, you are visiting Finland for fun. And we bet you will have a lot of fun during your stay in this country. So, take your time and look at our list of the 15 best things to do in Finland this year. Don’t miss number 5. Moreover, the number 10 gives you a lasting impression. Let’s go!

#1. Have a tour of the historic cities

The best way to experience the history of Finland is to explore its cities. This is because the history of Finland lies in the cities. For instance, Turku, the former capital under Swedish rule, has a lot of history. So, you can visit the town or the Aboa Vetus Museum to taste history.

Then, why not visit the current capital Helsinki. This historic city became the capital after the Russian forces occupied the country. This also embodies Finnish history with historical sites like the Suomenlinna Fortress, the National Museum, and the Helsinki Cathedral.

#2. Pay a visit to a lighthouse island

When you talk about islands, Finland has plenty of them. With the largest of it in Finland. So, you can decide to have a visit to any of them. What about going to the lighthouses for a weekend? You will have plenty of fun. Others before you have testified. Believe it; it is worth a visit.

So, do you want a place that is quiet and calm? Then, going to the island is ideal for the weekend because you will be alone with the sound of the sea around you. What a nice place to meditate!

#3. Go to the parks

Are you with your kids in Finland? Then, a visit to one of the national parks is a must in Finland. Finland has more than 40 national parks, giving you a taste of nature. So why not visit one of them when you visit Finland this year?

If you love skiing, hiking, canning, climbing, and snowshoeing, you must pay a visit to a park in Finland. You can see these parks in this beautiful country’s many lakes, islands, forests, and peat land.

One remarkable thing about the parks in Finland is that they already have all recreational facilities. Is it the hiking routes or the nature trails? Or do you want a picnic site, tent site, or cabins? They are waiting for you.

#4. What about a visit to a lake?

If you have a thing for fishing and boating, you wouldn’t love to miss the lakeside cottage in Finland. It has double advantages for visitors. One is that you stay away from the noisy cities and towns. Secondly, you can relax with nature and fish. So, you can go to one of these lakes and dine with nature.

#5. Swim on the ice

You must visit Finland in the winter to see the unexpected. This has also become a culture in this ice-cold country. What are we talking about? Ice swimming. Yes, people love and enjoy swimming on the ice. Funny it sounds to you. But it has become popular culture and activity among the folks. So, you can visit Finland in the winter and enjoy ice swimming. Ask the locals, and they will tell you that it is the e best way to meditate.

#6. Enjoy the local food

Don’t fail to look for a local kitchen in Finland. Yes, you may not hear about the Nordic delicacies as you hear about the treats from Asia and South America. Still, the Nordic country has a lot of special delicacies you must not miss. You will enjoy plenty of fish, meat, and mushroom in Finland. This is not a surprise when you look at the number of lakes and forests in the country. Besides, there is a lot of international food in the country. So, it is an opportunity to taste any of them.

#7. A safe and homely country

While Finland is the world’s 17th safest place to live in, the capital is the 2nd safes city in the world. Thus, in Finland, you don’t have e to worry about security. Instead, you can go about your business without fear. You don’t expect a pickpocket to attack you in Finnish cities; instead, you should be wary of the slippery ice, especially in the winter.

Besides being safe, you will also meet homely locals visiting Finland this year. Though Finns are most introverts, they have time to welcome their visitors. So, you are moving to one of the safes and most welcoming people on earth.

#8. Buy some cheap gadgets

For more than a decade, Finland has been a leader in mobile phone production. Some of their large companies have become a mainstay in gadget production. Of course, you know the mobile game, Angry Birds, is a Finland export. And many more. Expect to see many merchandises using the name to sell their products. So, we advise you to buy some cheap gadgets for your loved ones when you visit Finland later this year.

#9. Attend a Finnish celebration

Finland has a lot of festivals. However, the most popular one is Midsummer. Usually, it takes place at the end of June. Finns spend time with their family and loved ones outside the city during this festival. Preferably at a lakeside. The occasion s graced with lighting bonfires and bathing in saunas.

On the other hand, youths prefer celebrating their Midsummer in the cities. Her, they enjoy the open-air Midsummer dance.

There are other celebrations in Finland outside the Midsummer. You can enjoy your parties, celebration, and festivals any time in Finland.

#10. Stay out the whole night under the Northern Lights

If you don’t want to swim on the ice, you may prefer to sleep in the sun in Finland. However, the northern part of the country has a contrasting feature. The sun doesn’t set in the summer, so people stay out all night. Thus, that brought the nickname “The Land of the Midnight Sun.” On the contrary, the sun disappears for some months in the winter. But, it is not entirely dark as the white snow, bright moon, and stars create colorful Northern Lights. Hence, you can stay out and sleep in this fantastic nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best month to visit Finland?

You can decide to visit Finland in the winter or summer. It depends on the experience you want in the country. However, people generally believe that June, July, and August are the best times to visit Finland.

Is Finland good for tourists?

Finland has a lot of natural places and beautiful cities for tourists. Do you want to experience the landscapes, the nature trails, the mountains, the lakes, or the islands? There are a lot of experiences you will get while in Finland. Plus, you will have a peaceful and quiet environment. Tourists have a lot to experience in Finland.

Is it cheap to visit Finland?

It is not cheap to visit Finland. It is the 8th most expensive country in Europe. However, visiting Finland is worth it when you look at the entire experience you will get.

Do they speak English in Finland?

Yes, about 70% of Finns speak the English language. Today there is a debate to declare Helsinki an English-speaking city.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why visiting Finland should be on the top of your wish list for countries to go o this year. So, you can now decide to visit this wonderful country in Europe and experience life as never before. Meanwhile, you must apply for a Finnish Tourist Visa to visit Finland. However, if you have other reasons, you can apply for another type of Finnish visa.

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