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Top 17 Reasons to Visit Georgia – Monuments, Food and Culture

Georgia has some fantastic historical sites and natural wonders. Are you ready to see them? We’ve compiled the top 17 reasons to visit Georgia this year.

Georgia has long been known for its stunning landscapes and diverse culture. The country is home to some of the world’s most well-known landmarks, including Stone Mountain, the World War II Memorial, and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Furthermore, the country is located in Southeast Asia bordering Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, and the Black Sea. Tbilisi is its capital city, and it shares borders with Russia (north), Turkey (southwest), Armenia (east), and Azerbaijan (West).

Georgia is known for its delicious food, warm hospitality, and friendly locals. So beautiful these wonderful things, Georgia is home to some of the world’s oldest monasteries and churches. Let us now get into the specifics. So, we believe Georgia is the best option for you!

Top 17 reasons to visit Georgia

These are 17 reasons why everyone should go to Georgia right now:

#1.The Black Sea (Batumi and Ureki)

The thriving city of Batumi is home to a restored historic old town, a lovely Black Sea coastline, ostentatious modern buildings at Miracle Park, and a chic seven-kilometer seaside boulevard. People looking for the Ureki beach spa’s healing powers prefer it because it is more subdued.

#2. The religious monuments (Kutaisi)

Of all the Georgian towns, Kutaisi is not the most attractive. However, it makes a good home base for exploring the many local attractions. Unfortunately, the Orthodox cathedral in Bagrati, built in the eleventh century, has sustained significant damage. G formerly included it on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, but UNESCO removed the Orthodox cathedral from the list because of renovation efforts.

#3. Georgian Cuisine and Food

Every Georgian meal is a poem, they say. Alexander Pushkin, a well-known Russian poet, said these things, and we couldn’t agree more. Georgia’s traditional cuisine is a vibrant poem made up of the juicy ingredients offered by a mild climate. Georgians prepared food using ancient methods from the eras when the greatest empires, including the Ottomans, Mongols, and Persians, passed through Georgia because of its advantageous location on the Silk Road.

#4. Nature’s Breathtaking Beauty

Even though Georgia is a small country, it has a variety of climatic zones that have a beautiful effect on nature. The government is a haven for nature lovers who enjoy hiking, trekking, camping, or simply taking in the panoramic view of the Caucasus mountain range.

#5. The Caucasus mountains

We drove to Mestia, where we went on some of the most beautiful hikes in the Svaneti region. The majority of the trails’ starting points are in the town center. We chose the 25-kilometer round-trip hike to the Koruldi lakes, located at 2,740 meters on the way to Mount Ushba. We were overjoyed to see the white-capped peaks of the Greater Caucasus.

#6. The lovely old town of Tbilisi

Narrow cobblestone streets, charming squares, and the sulfur bathhouses that gave the city its name (Tbilisi means “warm”) can all be found in the lovely old town of Tbilisi. There is no lack of activities to keep tourists occupied, including great nightlife, boutique hotels, fantastic restaurants, the state opera house, and the national museum.

Additionally, modern architecture has moved in, including a new bridge over the Mtkvari River that isn’t totally, withal to one’s taste. Finally, with new Georgian Airways direct flights from London to the capital, getting to Tbilisi is simpler than ever.

#7. Ski Resort at Gudauri

You won’t ever get the chance to get bored while visiting this country because you can ski in Gudauri, hike through the wilderness, or sunbathe in Batumi. Additionally, if you don’t feel like doing anything, simply taking a walk in the park or through the old town will help you unwind.

#8. Sulfur Baths (Tbilisi)

The traditional sulfur baths in the Abanotubani neighborhood are dedicated to the art of relaxation. Numerous sulfur baths exist because it is believed that a sulfur bath followed by a bowl of Khashi soup helps Georgians recover from hangovers. There are bathhouses for every price range, offering hot water, massages, and scrubs in various levels of luxury and zen-like settings. The place is more genuine the cheaper it is.

#9. The Katskhi Pillar

Previously, some stylite monks sought solitude atop the forty-meter-high Katskhi pillar. A group of mountaineers made the first documented ascent of the Katskhi pillar in 1944 and discovered two stylite churches. Around 20 years ago, the pillar’s religious activity was revived when monk Maxim Qavtaradze decided to live in the church atop the pillar for two years, isolated from the rest of the world.

#10. Georgian Wine

Georgians are proud of their country’s status as the birthplace of winemaking. For at least 8,000 years, Georgia has been producing wine. Their traditional winemaking method, known as Kvevri, has been designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

#11. The spa town of Borjomi

Borjomi is a resort town in the Caucasus Mountains. Borjomi is popular as a treatment spa area due to the healing powers of the region’s mineral springs. In addition, the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is an excellent location for some of the most beautiful hikes through the Caucasus forests.

#12. The cave monastery of Vardzia

The site on Erusheti Mountain was first hollowed out in the 12th century. It is a religious complex that once housed over 6,000 caves. Unfortunately, due to heavy rain or earthquakes, several chambers collapsed. The site was attacked by the earthquakes in the 16th century, and all of the monks were killed. Today, visitors can tour more than 400 chambers, which include the old monks’ cells as well as meeting rooms, refectories, churches, and even wine cellars!

#13. The Rabati Castle

The Rabati Castle, located in Akhaltsikhe, is a medieval structure that the government renovated in 2012. The outcome of the renovation work is contentious, with some claiming that the fortress’s original aspect and style have been lost. Inside the fortress, in addition to the Palace, a museum, the citadel, thminaret, synagogue, and synagogue, and one Christian church.

#14. The Gelati Monastery (Kutaisi)

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Gelati Monastery was built during the, however, the Golden Age. However, the impressive murals and mosaics from the 12th century are reason enough to visit this monastery.

#15. Georgian tomatoes are delicious

Georgia has won the title of the country with the BEST TOMATOES EVER in the diaries! We used to call Portugal by this name. If you know to wither country that has better tomatoes than Georgia, please let us know. Also, please send us some seeds so we can confirm the veracity of your claim!

#16. The canyon of Martvili

The canyon was once a summer retreat for the noble Dadiani family, who enjoyed bathing in its natural green pools. Nowadays, wooden catwalks have been built, and boat tours run up and down the river gorge to visit the limestone canyon.

#17. Georgian Hospitality

Finally, but not least! It is never too late to recall Georgians’ hospitality and generosity! When visiting Georgia, plan ahead of time so you can take advantage of the numerous invitations to join Georgians in celebrating life around a table with tasty Georgian food, Georgian wine, and chacha! Enjoy!

Now that we’ve persuaded you that Georgia is undeniably worthwhile, it’s time to plan your trip.

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Visiting Georgia from the United States

If you’re looking for a place to visit rich in culture, natural beauty, and history, Georgia is the place to go. Georgia is a small country in Eurasia’s Caucasus region that is easy to navigate. There is much to see and do in this fascinating country, from its capital city of Tbilisi to its stunning mountain villages.

One of the advantages of visiting Georgia from the United States is that no visa is required. Without a visa, you can stay for up to 90 days, making it an ideal destination for a long weekend or extended vacation.

And, because English is widely spoken in Georgia, you’ll have no trouble communicating with locals or navigating the country.

When it comes to sightseeing, Tbilisi is unquestionably worthwhile.

Visiting Georgia Country during Covid

There are currently no restrictions on visitors visiting Georgia. However, if you plan to visit Georgia in the near future, you should check with your embassy for the most recent information.

Georgia is a lovely country with a lot to offer visitors. Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city, is rich in history and culture, and there are numerous outdoor activities to enjoy in the surrounding countryside. Georgian cuisine is also highly regarded, so try some traditional dishes while you’re there.

Despite the war in Russia, Georgia is still a safe and welcoming destination. Just make sure to follow any local restrictions and exercise caution when traveling throughout the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people visit Georgia?

Georgia attracts visitors for a variety of reasons, including its history, culture, and natural beauty. Georgia has a diverse landscape, including mountains, forests, and beaches. Visitors can also explore the country’s rich history and culture in its cities and towns.

Is Georgia good for tourists?

While there was some danger during the Russo-Georgian War a decade ago, Georgia is now a safe country to visit. In fact, Georgia was ranked seventh in the world by the International Crime Index in 2017!

What is Georgia the Country known for?

Georgia is known for its wine, cuisine, and architecture.

Why is Georgia a good country?

Georgia is a beautiful country for a variety of reasons. It has a rich cultural and historical heritage and is an excellent place to live or visit. Georgia is also a perfect place to do business because of its strong economy and excellent connectivity to the rest of the world.


Finally, there are numerous reasons to visit Georgia. This country has something for everyone, with its rich culture and delicious food. Furthermore, the monuments and natural scenery are stunning. So, what are you holding out for? Plan your next trip to Georgia right now!

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