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Top 10 Epic Reasons to Visit Ireland This Year

One of the most captivating countries in the world is Ireland, no wonder a lot of people want to visit Ireland yearly. The country is always bustling with life and has a lot of things that suit every type of visitor. Sustaining yourself is the most about visiting Ireland as it has got everyone covered with their cuisines.

If you are looking for the prettiest cities in the world to visit, then you should be looking at Ireland. A lot of things you would be sighting and enjoying in this country will take your breath away. The comfort will leave you wanting more.

Ireland is a beautiful country with an amazing history, the people are friendly and the scenery is breathtaking. If you are looking for a relaxing trip, Ireland is the perfect destination. The Emerald isle is lush, green, and filled with history. From its ancient Monasteries to stunning landscapes, there’s something for everyone on Ireland’s tourist trail. Are you seeking to know why Ireland is a must-visit destination, then you need to check out the below epic reasons.

#1. Visit Ireland for its Bustling Atmosphere

If you are an energetic person that loves a lively environment, then your best bet would be to visit Ireland. The place isn’t just about beauty but for festive celebrations. The country is known for its festivity and celebration of history.

The Emerald isle hosts a lot of occasions, festivals, and events every year. You would need to check out their entertaining Tradfest celebrated every January, the thrilling and funfilled St.Patrick’s Day which is always in September. Not to forget the international oyster and sea festival that is honored by gastronomy lovers. There’s no dull moment as every October ushers in other celebrations like the Bram Stoker Festival and Fringe festival. You can’t get it better than visiting Ireland.

#2. World-class film locations

How would you like to see the film location of your favorite movies? Where to visit to have a first-hand experience is Ireland, especially Northern Ireland. The popular television series that is loved by all and sundry “Games of Thrones “was filmed in Ireland.

You would be confronted in each location with the country’s natural and magnificent landscapes. You would be amazed at other film locations like the Winterfell territory, the Cushendun Caves, BalintoyHabour, and the iron island Port.

#3. Visit Ireland to see the Superb Castles

The best destination for eye-popping castles can only be in Ireland. The beautiful country of Ireland is blessed with castles that are dottedall over the country. The estimated amount is about 30,000 and you are allowed to see as much as you can.

If you need the top most that you can just visit for the limited time you, I will suggest you first visit these five. You have a field day touring the Blarney castle to Bunratty castle, down toDunluce Castle and Rock of Cashel. The Ross Castle will complete the tour for you.

#4. Picturesque trips

You would be doing yourself a world of good if you go on a road trip in Ireland. Ireland is the place for breathtaking road trips. All you need do is to get a car and hit the road to behold some lovely scenic sights for your pleasure.

You would feed your eyes on a lot of attractions on your way. You can take a trip from one capital to another, go on the Causeway Coastal Route, explore the Ring of Kerry or even drive around the island to discover Northern Ireland. Apparently you can’t predict the fun that awaits you doing this

#5. Impressive Adventures and outdoor activities

How else will you enjoy a place more than having various outdoor and adventure activities? Ireland is one country that has enough activities that will keep your adrenaline high all day. You can go hiking on the Croaghaun Mountain on Achill Island, the Wicklow mountain, summit climb of Croagh Patrick. Even the highest peak, Carrauntoohil is like the highest cliff in Europe.

You can also engage in surfing in Bundoran, County Sligo and watch big wave surfers ride Mullaghmore. You can  also take advantage of the following outdoor activities:  Star gaze at Blackrock, watch the sunrise over LoughTay, and take a ferry to the Aran Islands. Additionally, activities like night kayaking, cycle the mayo Greenway and go whale watching In west cork are readily available

#6. Warm people.

You can’t get it better than in Ireland, as the Irish are very friendly people. You can’t be comfortable with hostile people and the Irish know this. So if you are looking at people that will make a big impact on your overall experience as you visit a country.

Then you should think of visiting Ireland. You would be glad you did. Don’t shy away from meeting the locals for any assistance. They can help you make the most of your stay in Ireland. The people are very accommodating and receptive to visitors. They always help point people to where they want to be.

#7. Visit Ireland for its Mind-blowing natural landscapes

No place will give you a spine-tingling view than the places Ireland has to offer. If you are looking at sighting seaside cliffs, green rolling hills, or a Celtic rock formation then you need to visit Ireland.

You need to check out places like the high mountains of both MCGillycuddy and Wicklow. Sail the majestic lakes of both Lough and Lough Erne. Don’t forget to sail the causeway coast where you can catch the dazzling glens of Giant’s Causeway and Antrim.

#8. Treat to Whisky and Guinness

If you are a fan of whiskey and the popular beer, Guinness, then you are in for a treat in Ireland. You would have a nice time at the Guinness storehouse as you would be offered the black stuff as needed. With whiskey distillers, they are all around in Ireland.You just have to stop by one. Stroll around and get to a distillery either at Jameson, Kilbeggan, or Bushmill. If you need to just curl up, then get to a nearby pub to make your orders.

#9. Vibrant cities

The cities in Ireland are always full of life from sunset to dawn, there are no dull moments. The places are always full of vigor and vim to keep them electrifying for visitors. The capital, Dublin has a dazzling mix of historic and modern architecture. The country is just full of thrilling cities like Belfast, Galway, Cork, and Londonderry. So you need to visit Ireland to have an unforgettable experience.

#10. Visit Ireland for its Mouth-watery dishes

Having a memorable experience would be incomplete without tasting the hearty local delicacies. The Irish have prepared tasty meals that will satisfy your taste buds. If you have sweet tooth then you would love the popular Irish soda bread same with their potato pancake.

As your breakfast try out their combination of beans, bacon, sausages, and eggs. When taking your trip around the cities take some kinds of seafood and their stew. Don’t forget to check out their seasonal produce to have an unforgettable experience of Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What season is best to visit Ireland?

It is best to visit in the low season which is between November and March. These are when almost all attractions are open

Does Ireland currently have travel restrictions?

No, on March 2023 all the covid -19 entry and exit restrictions were removed

Would I be quarantined on arrival in Ireland?

No, you won’t be quarantined provided all instructions are followed.

What are the things to note before visiting Ireland?

  • Carry along your rain gear
  • Tipping here is not mandatory
  • Think of renting a car
  • Have a pub meal before traveling
  • Stores don’t open always in the country

Do I need a visa to visit Ireland?

If you are not a citizen, you would need a visa. So you apply for your visa, find out more details about Ireland visas here

Do I need to submit documents with my application?

Yes, it is compulsory to submit requested documents along with your visa application

Do I need to indicate an obligation to return home?

Yes, it will show you in good light if you satisfy a visa officer with strong ties to your country. You would need to show a letter from your employer or pay slips that are recent. If you are a student you would need to present a letter from your school. The letter should include the course of studies, the amount of time needed, and dates of entry and exit of Ireland. You would be needed to show strong ties to your family by declaring your family status. In addition, you would be requested to present your original birth certificate and marriage certificate. You would also need to certify that your family is in your country.


Looking to have a getaway or a family time will need you to visit a charming country like Ireland. The reasons are enormous but these top 10 epic reasons should put a spring on your heels to make a move. Ireland has stunning places, intense activities, and palatable delicacies that will keep you coming back. Take the step to visit Ireland today, you would be allowed to discover and explore to discover more about Ireland.

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