12 Reasons To Visit Israel While Planning A Vacation Trip

Isreal does not only have beautiful landscapes, big cities and historical sites. It is also a holy land for the three major religions of the modern world. Thus, it is perfect to visit Israel for your next vacation.

Though it can be scary to stay in the country, it is still a good experience. With the presence of barbed wire and soldiers at every corner of the cities, first-time visitors to Israel will wonder if it is a holy land.

This article will expose why Israel is the right place for your next vacation.

About Isreal

Israel is a country in the Middle East region of the world. It is the only country that shares borders with both Egypt and Lebanon. Its capital city is Jerusalem. Israel was founded in 1948 after the United Nations voted to divide Palestine between the two countries.

In recent years, there have been recent wars between Israel and its neighbours.
The population of Israel is approximately 8 million people. Most of them are Jewish, although there are many Arab citizens of Israel. The official language of Israel is Hebrew, although many residents speak Arabic.

Israel’s flag consists of two horizontal stripes comprising blue (top) and white (bottom). The colours represent the sky and earth. It has the Star of David, which symbolizes Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. The number seven represents perfection, eternity, and infinity.

Top 12 reasons to visit Israel

The top reasons to visit Israel for your next vacation include the following:

#1. Enjoy the beaches when you visit Isreal this year

The first thing to notice in Israel is the coastline. It stretches from Tel Aviv o the cliffs of Acre in the north. Most importantly, they are easily accessible by all. While at the beaches, you have plenty of food for you. Plus, you will relax under the sun in most places there.

Naturally, there are many intriguing things to enjoy. So, you would not want to miss them.

#2. A trip to the holy land

The holiest land in the world is Jerusalem. It is sacred land for the three monotheistic religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Apart from that, it is a historical place with many sites for tourists and pilgrims. So, a visit to Jerusalem is worth it.

What about a religious tour of the wailing wall? Or a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to the Mahne Yehuda market? You can even walk along the path Jesus took to his crucifixion along the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem.

#3. Visit the city of Tel Aviv

Established in 1948, Tel Aviv is the perfect modern city and capital. It has a lot of architecture and embodies the history and culture of Israel. That is not all, the city is known for its food, nightlife and fashion. Thus, it is a place you must see when you visit Israel this year.

#4. Enjoy good food

If there is no other reason to visit Israel, you can take a vacation in Israel because of the food. Starting with the street foods like falafel or sabich, you can switch to the local cuisine, including hummus or shakshuka. Israel has some of the best foods in the world.

Whether you live in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, there is always a good place to eat. Or you can try Arab town for basbousa or other Arabic desserts. What about enjoying fresh fish in the Old City of Acre?

#5. The local culture is amazing

The first thing that draws your attention while in Israel is the local culture. Is it the artisan market in Tel Aviv or the live shows in Jerusalem? Or maybe the international design museum? Israel has a culture that captivates every visitor.

You can attend the Tel Aviv passion week to enjoy film festivals and cultural events. Plus, you will enjoy the dance and street art.

#6. Visit Israel because of the diverse landscape

In addition to the people, culture and food, the scenes in Israel are ecstatic. It has diverse geography.

The south is full of deserts with the Negev Desert and the barren Arava. It is also the location o the Dead Sea. On the contrary, Jerusalem has greenery and mountainous landscapes. In Tel Aviv, it is quite different with its many beaches.

Conversely, in the north, you have high mountains for skiing, including the Golan Heights sitting between the Galilee and Carmel mountains.

#7. Visit Israel in a day and see everything

It does not matter whether you have only a day trip to Israel because you will see it all in a day. From the Red Sea resort town of Eilat to Metula in the mountainous Golan Heights, you can travel the whole of Isreal in six hours. Thus, you will have a view of the country in a day.

#8. Visit the dead sea

If you are a secular person, visiting the Dead sea will be the most spiritual experience of your life. It is the lowest point on earth with the vast emptiness of its salt beds. Moreover, the mountains offer a memorable experience to every visitor. Plus, the healing power of the mud bath can perform wonders on your body.

#9. Walk on the water with Jesus when you visit Isreal

There is no better experience for a religious person than visiting the sea where Jesus walked on top of the water. In fact, you can walk along with Jesus at the Via Dolorosa.

Are you a Christian? Then, you must not miss the experience. Visit Bethlehem on the West Bank, Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee in the north to follow the footsteps of Christ, the Saviour.

#10. Know about Israel’s minority religion in the Hanging Gardens of Haifa

It will surprise you that apart from the three monotheistic religions, Israel has people of other faiths.

So, while in the country, you can learn about the smaller faith of the Bahá’í. The group takes Isreal as their home and holy land. So, you can visit their sacred sites at the Hanging Gardens of Haifa sitting over the Haifa beach. You have a chance to learn about this secret religion when you visit Israel this year.

#11. Learn the Hebrew language when you visit Israel

You can not learn or speak Hebrew in any other place except Israel. So, if you love the ancient language, it is your chance to learn it in Isreal this year.

Though the language was dead for 2000 years, the people have revived it and introduced new vocabulary to upgrade it. So, why not visit Israel and learn the holy language?

#12. Tel Aviv is the LGBTQ capital

Though unofficial, Tel Aviv is the capital of LGBTQ in the Middle East. The people are free to express their sexual orientation, unlike in many cities in the region.

Things to do in Israel

In addition to the reasons above, there are many things to do in Israel this year. There are places to visit, events to attend and outdoor activities to perform. There is no dull moment for visitors to Israel.

Top sites to visit in Israel

When you visit Israel this year, do not fail to visit these sites. They include:

  1. Masada National Park
  2. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  3. Yad Vashem
  4. Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  5. NegevMuseum of Art
  6. Machaneh Yehudah Market
  7. Ein Gedi Reserve
  8. Bahá’í Gardens Haifa

Fun things to do when you visit Israel

In addition to these places, you can do the following fun things in Israel. They include:

  1. Sunbathing at the beaches
  2. Skiing in the high mountains
  3. Visiting the museums and historical sites
  4. Fishing

Outdoor places to visit in Israel

During the weekends, there are many things and places to visit in Israel. However, having fun outside will be the best experience you will get in Israel over the weekend. So, why not find a good outdoor place to spend the weekend? Look at the best here:

  1. Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve
  2. The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem
  3. Hayarkon Park
  4. Timna Park
  5. Valley of Elah (Terebinths)
  6. Masada National Park
  7. Mount Tabor
  8. Bahá’í Gardens Haifa – Balcony (Bahá’í Holy Place)
  9. Luna Park
  10. Ein Gedi Reserve
  11. Safari Ramat Gan
  12. Ariel Sharon Park
  13. The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
  14. Shefayim Water-Park
  15. Caesarea National Park
  16. Gan HaShlosha National Park
  17. Keshet Cave
  18. Mount Meron
  19. Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park
  20. Mount Arbel
  21. Memadion
  22. National park Ramat Gan
  23. Haifa Zoo
  24. Shimon Peres Park
  25. Red Canyon
  26. Superland
  27. Gai Beach Water Park
  28. Negev Zoo
  29. Yardenit
  30. Utopia Park
  31. Carasso Science Park

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Best beaches to visit in Israel

You can also decide to spend your time at the beaches in Israel. Israel has plenty of them. They include:

  1. HaBonim Beach
  2. Hilton Beach
  3. Coral Beach
  4. Aviv Beach
  5. Frishman Beach
  6. Gordon Beach
  7. Poleg Beach
  8. Achziv National Park
  9. HaTsuk Beach
  10. Jerusalem Beach
  11. Metzitzim Beach
  12. Bugrashov Beach
  13. Dado Beach
  14. Bat Galim Beach
  15. Ein Bokek beach
  16. Beit Yanai Beach
  17. Sironit Beach
  18. Dolphin Reef Beach
  19. Acadia Beach
  20. Golan Beach
  21. Ein Gedi Reserve
  22. Ein Gedi Beach
  23. Gai Beach
  24. Akhziv Beach
  25. Dor Beach
  26. Gofra Beach


In summary, whether you want to visit Isreal for a vacation or a day trip, you will have a good experience of the country. Of course, it has many beautiful places for your stay, and you can choose from the list we provided above.

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