Visit Nepal – Top 8 most go-to places and exhibitions

We would love to know if visiting Nepal is on your bucket list of holiday travels and tourist sites.

We tell you this for free; you certainly have not fully quenched your adventurous thirst if you have not paid a visit to Nepal.

First, Nepal is a country blessed with a lot of tourist sites. However, almost all year round, people from all walks of life troupe into this country for one reason. 

To soak up the beauty that surrounds Nepal. And to bask in the warmth of its natural and man-made magnificence.

So, if you’ve begun crossing out the tourist destinations, you plan to visit, hold on and let us give you a little insight about Nepal.

Maybe, you will make it your next tourist stop!

About Nepal

On the earth’s map, you will locate Nepal, placed directly in Southern Asia, just in the Himalayas. And if you look around more closely, you would notice it has neighbors just round about it. 

In its landlocked nature, Nepal shares its borders with China to the north, India to the south, west, and east, including Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Inhabitants of Nepal enjoy great weather because nature generously endowed the country with various gentle atmospheric conditions.

Additionally, Nepal houses most of the world’s phenomenal geographical landmarks. That is like, eight out of the ten world’s tallest mountains.

In continuation, the Nepali culture is such an interesting one. Just like the Nepali Caste system once prevailed in the country where they had various social classes and still discriminated amongst each class. 

Not only that, parents arranging their kid’s marriage was the order of the day in this country. But, of course, Nepal experienced all of these under Hindu rule.

Though the country has a government that runs a secular administrative state now, the history of Nepal and its culture is one you would love to listen to and maybe document. 

Furthermore, our country of interest has a flourishing industry in tourism. It stems from the fact that it has many beautiful places that people from all walks of life come in to witness.

So, for your reading and imaginative pleasure, we have made a list of some of the great places you can visit in Nepal.

#1. The Swayambhunath

Dating back to the 5th century, the ancient, historical, religious temple of Swayambhunath is set on the hilly side of Kathmandu city.

It remains an ancient compound of shrines and temples formerly designed for Buddhist nuns and monks. 

This architectural structure, known as the Stupa, has paintings of the Buddha’s eye and brows boldly painted on it.

Recently, they made more additions to the historical compound, which now includes a library, a museum, and a monastery.

As you approach the hill temple through the long stairwell, which they carved out from the eastern part of the hilltop, and spiraled directly to the front of the temple. You will sight the Vajra immediately.

Now, a vajra is an indestructible, historic ritual weapon that has the properties of diamonds and is immune to even thunderbolts. In Hinduism, it is considered one of the most potent weapons in the world.

#2. The international mountain museum

Following the pandemic, the mountain museum opened up again after shutting down for an earthquake attack in 2015.

These breaks in transmission did not stop the picturesque mountain museum from attracting tourists throughout the year.

The international mountain museum serves as a schoolroom for all the historical information you could get about the people of Nepal and their mountains.

Furthermore, the museum comprises three galleries equipped uniquely with knowledge-packed artifacts.

If you love to listen to stories about time past of a people, the first gallery will regale you with such stories. Then, a video shows you pictorial evidence of the way of life in ancient Nepal.

While watching the video, you will have a first-hand display of the ancient people’s materials during their time.

The museum reserved the second gallery for all mountain lovers. The gallery shows exhibits every detail of the mountains found in Nepal. All 14 peaks of the very tall mountains and what they are made of.

Finally, they designed the last gallery for all tourists who got pumped to go check out what the mountains look like. They show different kinds of mountain climbing equipment

#3. The white water rafting

Nepal is known for its white-water rafting adventures for tourists.

It has this significantly white, long rivers that may take up to three hours on a raft to cross.

Tourists take this trip in their numbers to enjoy the beautiful rivers surrounded by mountains on both sides. Also, there are tour guides to navigate you through the rafting sessions.

It is only natural to feel the adrenaline-filled excitement of a tour through the river, revealing the scenic white sand beaches, hills, and mountains.

#4. Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is an ancient royal city in Nepal. It is also where you find the trade route to Tibet. 

During the medieval days, the trade route bought wealth to the city.

By the way, Bhaktapur remains one of the most visited cities in the country of Nepal and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

#5. Pashupatinath Temple

Also a 5th-century monument, the Pashupatinath temple retains its aura of spirituality and sacredness.

Tourists who love to explore sacred places will find this complex gathering of Buddhist shrines interesting.

Furthermore, this tourist destination is now one of the UNESCO World heritage sites.

#6. Chitwan national park

What defines a tourist-worthy park other than the Chitwan national park in Nepal?

Worthy of all the hype surrounding it, the park has a tasty variety of animals and natural beauties in plants.

And while you learn and feed your eyes with the beauties in different flowers that lace around the park. You enjoy the exciting thrill of watching the elephants, birds, tigers, crocodiles, and rhinoceros living in their man-made habitat.

#7. The Sagarmatha national park

First, the park offers a hiking experience to tourist hikers to the scenic mount Everest and other accompanying peaks.

Again, this destination of the wild park houses many great wild animals like the red panda, the snow leopard, and other rare animals.

#8. The Royal Thai monastery

The Royal Thai monastery is a significant edifice that stands regally in Nepal’s Eastern monastic, Rupandehi area.

Crowned with a stunning white roof, the monastery exudes divinity and sacredness. Adorned in white crystal marbles, the structure, with its historical carvings, gives off a tranquil effect to whoever beholds it.

Uniformly, the garden houses a quiet meditation space for anyone who finds it befitting to meditate upon the beauty of nature and life. 

A destination you can comfortably spend your money to see and have no regrets about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nepal a good tourist destination?

Nepal sits pretty on the top of the lists for excellent tourist destinations.

First and foremost, Nepal boasts of being the great Buddha’s birth country. Then, many historic temples and shrines were erected for worship. Now, they serve as tourist sites.

Again, the mountains and their peaks give you the perfect hiking area for interested tourists. The white river and its beautiful white sandy beaches will make the photographers take several clicks their cameras.

What can you do when you visit Nepal?

As a tourist, you can do a lot of fun and interesting things when you visit the country. Nepal is not a boring country that will make you feel as if you wasted your money.

So, a variety of activities awaits you as soon as you make your way into Nepal, like

  • Trekking
  • Meditation
  • Mountain climbing
  • Boat rafting
  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Exploring different temples, shrines, parks, and terrains
  • Swimming
  • Food tasting

What can you not do in Nepal?

Before you travel, read about your destination and know what they frown on. It will save you a lot and solve half of your problems. Therefore, as a stranger in Nepal, 

  • Do not disrespect the nationals
  • Do not disregard your tour guard
  • Leave the Yaks alone
  • Avoid wandering into unknown destinations. They may not welcome you
  • Stay away from restricted areas
  • Avoid picking fights in the temples or shrines
  • Do not spoil tourist properties or indigenous properties
  • Don’t steal for any reason
  • Do not keep your properties carelessly

How safe is Nepal for tourists?

Tourism is among the economic income growth industry in Nepal. For this reason, the country protects its tourists, and makes the government makes the country a haven for them.

Also, the citizens of Nepal are very welcoming. They treat their strangers well and accommodate them in the warmest of ways.

Nonetheless, you must be careful and observant of your surrounding. And also, keep your belongings within eyesight and in a safe place.

How cheap is Nepal?

Nepal’s cost of stay per tourist is relatively fair. From the experience of former tourists that came to visit Nepal, they said that you must plan to spend at least $31 a day while in the country. But, again, meals in the country may cost between $7-$9, and you might spend within the same range of dollars on their local transportation.

In essence, your expenses will depend solely on the activities you involve yourself in.


To summarize, your plans to visit Nepal as a tourist is one good decision you will make. This is because you get to learn so much from the country and its citizens. Also, your well of knowledge will increase because the country holds so many historical memories.

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