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Visit Norway – Top 8 most go places and exhibition

Are you planning a trip to a country with maritime weather? Then you should visit Norway. Norway is one country that has mild winter and cool summer. This simply means that the weather conditions here can’t affect your desire to have fun in the most desirable places in the country.

Norway is one of the best countries in Europe, and it’s a destination worth visiting. It is the 6thrichest country in the world, so the tendency to be confronted with only beautiful places if you visit Norway is high.

Norway, which is also called the Land of the midnight sun, has got the world’s best attractions which you can only savor when you visit Norway. You wouldn’t resist the temptation to go discover and explore the gorgeous lakes, magical skies, or spectacular fjords. 

Thus, you would need to have information about the top places and exhibitions you would need to see when you visit Norway. This post is right on time to give you the honest information that you need. This will help you get into the right places before leaving Norway.

Top 8 most go places and exhibitions

If you visit Norway, you should visit these places if you are looking to indulge in some stunning landscapes, incredible seaside cities, friendly people, and natural endowed caves. You will be excited and fulfilled with the following places on your exhibition tour.

#1. Tour the troll’s tongue

Troll’s tongue, otherwise called Trolltunga is a beautiful place you would need to be in Norway. The Trolltunga is rated the most beautiful place to visit. This is an incredible Rock formation that sits about 700m above the lake level.

So apart from having a good view of this place, you can have fun hiking in it. The mountains Are about 20m high. The place has a lot of trails, so you might grab your hiking boot if you love to do some endurance exercises too.

After all the fun you can relax and have your meals in one of the fantastic hotels in the place. If you would love to taste their local delicacies in different varieties, then you would get more than enough of them here. You can try the famous Trolltungahotel or its guest house.

Getting to Trolltunga is very easy; you can either take a bus or a car, and you will get there within minutes from the capital.

#2. Visit the Charming Alesund

As you visit Norway, you have to make a stop at this small village because you need to enmesh yourself in the appeal of this place. This architectural fish village is a sight to behold as its rebuilt structures are gorgeous. The village was rebuilt in 1904 due to a fire incident, and this has made it into a stunning piece of art. As it has been crafted beautifully to be admired by all.

So if you are ready to learn about Norway’s culture and way of life, this will be a place to be. Don’t forget to come along with your camera, as you will find unique mountains, stunning views, and delightful fjords to capture here for your delight.

Alesund has good eateries that can soothe your sweet tooth after exploring the place so that you can get your burgers from Emils Burgers or even a vest restaurant.

#3. Have an adventure at Bryggen Wharf, Bergen

You can’t visit Norway without going on a fun-filled adventure on this wharf. This is an alluring place where you need to take advantage of all the stunning attractions it has got to offer. The place is dotted with vibrant colors that are appealing visually.

You would have galleries, museums, historic areas, restaurants, and other interesting areas to explore in this place. There’s no dull moment here as you have a lot to learn, especially the historical matters that concern Norway.

This is not all; if you want to have spicy meals that are mouthwatering, then you would need to visit some restaurants here. There is the popular Monge hotel, Radisson Blu, and even the Bergen Bors hotel.

#4. Relish the Stiklestad summer exhibition 

You would have lovely indoor and outdoor activities to relish during the exhibition here in Stiklestad.

The Stiklestad National Culture Centre is the place to be if you want to learn about child play and farm work during the exhibition. How about acting as an archaeologist? You would test your skills by seeing what is on a burial ground or mound.

Next, you would learn how to shoot arrows from a bow, same with learning how to light a fire using steel and flint; lastly, you would also study how you can sew your leather money-pouch. So many activities will leave you drained physically though positive, after the event.

This exhibition isn’t just about you viewing the historical items here; you would have the opportunity to learn a lot. So this is one of the exhibition centers you can be as you visit Norway.

#5. Have fun at bygdoy peninsula

You can’t leave Norway without stopping by this spectacular peninsula for unlimited fun. This is a residential area but heavily forested. You would have fun hiking here as they are a lot of trails here. If you love to enjoy some cool beaches, then you would be having a nice time here as you can take advantage to relish the moment.

The place has captivating museums here as you can visit and see a 19th-century polar. You can also study the history of Norway here to be conversant with the culture of the people.

After your tour, you can sit for palatable meals at the different hotels scattered in the place. You can try the Radisson Blu hotel, thon hotel same as the popular thief hotel.

#6. Explore Norway’s Fjords

You can’t be in Norway and not visit the Fjords; you would be missing a lot. You just have to view the magical landscapes the place has got to offer. Getting to Fjords Wouldnt cost you an arm like other places. Even with a local ferry, you are good to go.

If you are a lover of seafood, then you have to get to Norway’s fjords. You would find an assortment of them. You just need to approach the locals to help point to your places like orangey, Haugesund, and the Fisketorget fish market for cheap scallops. You just need to point to your choice, and it is done.

#7. SavorLillehammer

How about having fun in a resort as you visit Norway? Yes, the little town of Lillehammer will be worth your trip. This is a ski resort that you can locate in Southern Norway. It has a mixture of historic architecture buildings same as modern buildings. So you would enjoy sighting structures from both sides of the world.

Lillehammer Is one of the most beautiful places in Norway as it plays host to numerous tourists globally every year. If you arrive during the winter, then you enjoy several outdoor activities that include skiing, sleigh rides, and ice skating. Better still, you can go spend the whole day at the Norwegian historic museum here. You could go with a camera since it is allowed in the ski jumping arena to capture tantalizing views. If you need to get yourself refreshed after the day’s tour, there are restaurants scattered in Lillehammer. You can try good ones like the Ming hotel or the Nikkers hotel.

#8. Enjoy Tullinløkka exhibition

If you are looking for a good exhibition place when you visit Norway, Tullinløkka will be your best bet? You would be enjoying the Løvetanntunet at the dandelion garden Tullinløkka exhibition is an Art installation in Norway. This installation is near the famous Norway historical museum. At this exhibition, you would learn more about Skeivt kulturår. This is information about various activists that were involved in the liberation of gay struggles.

This exhibition will be a collaboration between the Historical Museum in Norway and the Kunstplass Contemporary Art, which is from the Faculty of Law in Oslo. So if you want to know more about gay rights and practices in the world today, then this will be the place to be.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it cheap to visit Norway?

It is not cheap to visit Norway because it is an expensive country. Though you will spend less if you visit cities with low cost of living like Telemark, Oppland, and rural Østfold.

What is the minimum wage in Norway?

The minimum varies according to the sector, years of experience, and practices. A skilled worker in Norway earns 220 NOK per hour, while an unskilled worker earns 198,30 NOK. Note that 1 NOK is equivalent to $0.1.

Is Norway friendly to tourists?

Norwegians are very receptive and friendly to tourists. This is why the country continues to record a high tourist inflow every year.

What is the best month to go to Norway?

You can visit the country in June, July, and August because the weather is always friendly with a long day.


Norway is one rich country that offers visitors to its destination different magical places. You would be fascinated with the array of displays of glamour and splendor In each of these places. This is why a visit to Norway should be a dream desire you should work into reality soonest.

You would color your world with thrills and excitement when you visit the top places and exhibitions as outlined here. This article has been put together to update your knowledge on the places to visit when you take your next trip to Norway. You visit the country for exhibitions using a tourist visa.

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