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What to take into account when planning to visit Senegal

Are you looking forward to visiting Senegal? If so, then you should prepare well before going there. Meanwhile, there are certain things to consider now that you are planning to visit Senegal.

Senegal has a rich history and culture. There are numerous historical monuments and museums to see. Also, Senegal is a country with warm weather and friendly people. You will discover that People from all over the world come to Senegal because they want to enjoy their vacation.

Moreover, it is a great place to travel with family and friends. If you plan to visit Senegal, you should know certain things before going there. Here is a checklist of things you must consider when traveling to Senegal.

About Senegal

Senegal is a country in western Africa. Also, it is bordered by Mauritania to the north, Mali to the east, Guinea to the southeast, and the Gambia to the south. Meanwhile, the capital city is Dakar. Senegal has a population of about 19 million people. The official language is French, but other languages include Wolof, Pulaar, and Fula. However, the country has a diverse culture with influences from Arab, African, European, and West Asian cultures.

10 Things to take into account when planning to visit Senegal

There are things to consider while arranging to visit Senegal. Some of these are below:

#1. Senegal is a country of Hospitality.

Senegal is a country of Hospitality. Visitors are warmly welcomed and shown around. Visit Senegal; In the bustling capital city, Dakar, locals often go out of their way to help tourists find their way. However, the country is home to diverse cultural experiences, from the bustling marketplaces in the rural villages to the peaceful reserves in the far north.

#2. French is the Official language, but there are 39 spoken Languages in Senegal

Senegal is a West African country and has a population of over 18 million people. Although the official language of Senegal is French, there are 39 languages spoken in the country. Historically, the largest group of languages spoken in Senegal is the Wolof language, which is spoken by over a quarter of the population. Other languages spoken in Senegal include Serer, Mandinka, Bambara, and Diola. So if you visit Senegal, you may be opportune to learn a different language.

#3. Visitors from many Countries won’t need a Visa to Senegal

To visit Senegal, you may be happy to go visa-free. However, Senegal is a visa-exempt country for visitors from many countries, making it an excellent choice for tourists who do not need a visa. Visitors do not need to obtain a visa before arriving in Senegal. Generally, there are only a few exceptions, including Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, and Nigeria citizens. Also, Zimbabwe will need a visa if they are visiting for more than 90 days.

#4. Senegal is a majority- Muslim Countries

Senegal is a majority-Muslim country. Therefore, if you visit Senegal, you won’t need to wear a bandana, a head covering, or shoulder protection in most parts of the country. However, In larger cities and villages, many indigenous women don’t wear a head scarf, and you won’t be dishonored for not covering yourself as you might in parts of India, Malaysia, or the Middle East. Today many African women prefer covering their necks and arms or, more recently developing, clothing, like shorts and skirts. Also, they don’t cover their heads for religious reasons but to help shield themselves from the harsh, hot African sun.

#5. Do not panic, Senegal is Safe 

Senegal is known to have an exceptionally safe atmosphere, with solo visitors mainly should ensure that they take security practices in their country standard as they would when traveling alone elsewhere. However, the locals are welcoming if you Visit Senegal; they pose no unique challenges to travelers, and violent crime against them is minimal to nonexistent.

#6. Senegal has Seven UNESCO World Heritage sites

Senegal has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the most African country. This impressive tally includes sites like the Tomb of Senegambia, the Medina of Marrakesh, and the Gao Grand Mosque. Senegal’s rich cultural heritage is on full display at these sites, some of the most visited in Africa.

#7. Hire a local driver for Tours and Excursions

Tourism in Senegal is booming, and with good reason. However, the country is stunningly beautiful, the people are friendly and welcoming, the weather is great most of the time, and there are plenty of things to do and see. One thing you can do to enhance your visit is to hire a local driver for Tours and Excursions. Generally, this will allow you to explore Senegal at your own pace, making sure you see all the major attractions and meet some amazing people along the way.

#8. Be Ready for Anything and Everything

Although a yellow fever vaccine might not be necessary to enter Senegal, it’s still recommended, as are malaria pills and a typhoid vaccine. Wearing a good mosquito repellent, carrying tissues (as toilet paper may not be readily available in public places), and using sunscreen are all necessary. However, the surroundings can be particularly dusty during the dry season, so it’s essential to keep allergy medicine on hand. Don’t be surprised to see horse carts, wandering goats, cows, and buses with people all using a narrow dirt road alongside vehicles and pedestrians when you visit Senegal.

#9. Prepare yourself for an Adventurous Airport Experience

Many international flights from the US and Europe arriving at Dakar-S dar Senghor International Airport (DKR) come in the middle of the night between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM. With an exhaustion level that begins toward the top of the slump, it will be counterproductive to have the driver waiting for you. However, if you Visit Senegal, the few lodging options downtown either provide a free pickup or charge extra for arranging one. The Nouvelles Frontiers agency and the guide mentioned earlier can be used to initiate such a pickup.

#10. Experience All the Beauty That Senegal Has to Offer

Senegal is an interesting place to visit with its beautiful beaches and its many yachts. However, you can lounge on the beautiful shores of Saly or watch the fishing boats dock in the fishing town of M. Bour. Also, Birdwatchers will have a great time enjoying the mangrove-lined lagoon in Somone. After seeing several pelicans swoop in and out of the water, go to the Caribbean section of the Paradise Rasta Bar to relax on the beach.

What are the major cities in Senegal?

Senegal is a West African country. However, the major cities in Senegal are Dakar, Saint-Louis, Ziguinchor, and Thiaroye. Dakar is the largest city and the capital. Other major cities include Saint-Louis, Ziguinchor, and Thiaroye. If you want to visit Senegal, you may like to stay in any of these Cities.

What does accommodation look like in Senegal?

Accommodation in Senegal can mean different things to different people. To some, it might mean a basic room with shared facilities such as a bathroom and kitchen. Others may want the comfort and convenience of an apartment or villa with its bathroom and kitchen. Still, others may prefer the privacy and exclusivity of a luxury hotel. Whatever type of accommodation you’re looking for, there is likely to be a provider in Senegal that meets your needs.

Best hotels in Senegal

The best hotels in Senegal are perfect places to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds the country. However, Some of the best hotels in Senegal include the Le Meridien Dakar, the Pierre Hotel, and the Ritz-Carlton.

Senegal Airports

Senegal has four airports:

  • Dakar-Senegal International
  • Tambacounda-Lamadou Konate Airport
  • N’Djamena-Chadli International Airport
  • Fatick-King Fahd International Airport.

These airports handle both domestic and international flights. Senegal is a small country, so it is good to have multiple airports so that you can connect to different parts of the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you get to visit Senegal?

There are a few ways to get to Senegal. One way is to fly into Dakar and then take a taxi or bus to the city of Saint-Louis. Another way is to fly into Conakry and then take a taxi or bus to the city of Dakar.

Do I need a visa to visit Senegal?

No, a visa is not necessary to visit Senegal. However, you will need valid travel documents such as a passport and a visa for your destination country.

Can a Christian live in Senegal?

There is no definitive answer, as there is no legal recognition of Christianity in Senegal. However, it is generally safe to live as a Christian in Senegal without fear of persecution.

How much is a Senegal Visa?

The cost of a Senegal visa depends on the purpose of your visit. However, a standard visa costs $60, and a multiple-entry visa costs $120. Meanwhile, you can also apply for a tourist visa for $30, which allows you to stay for up to 30 days.

What are the Senegal Visa Requirements?

Senegal visa requirements are minimal. Citizens of most countries can obtain a visa on arrival for a stay of up to 30 days. However, citizens of Israel, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and the United States are not permitted to stay in Senegal for more than 14 days without a visa. Nationals of all other countries can obtain a visa on arrival for a stay of up to 90 days.


In conclusion, it is essential to consider your travel goals when planning a trip to Senegal. However, Senegalese beaches might not be the best option if you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation. However, Senegalese destinations like Dakar and Saint-Louis may be a good fit. Finally, pack your sunscreen and insect repellent, as Senegal can be hot and humid year-round.

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