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What to Consider when Planning to Visit South Sudan

Should i visit South Sudan or is South Sudan safe for tourists are a few of the many questions put forward by foreigners planning their visits and vacations.

The Republic of South Sudan is an East African country that shares borders with Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, the Central African Republic, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In its total land area of approximately 645,000 square kilometers, there are about 13 million people, of which 14% of them are immigrants. Without a doubt, South Sudan is home to people of diverse ethnic groups, such as the Dinkas, the Azandes, the Nuers, and the Baris. There is no exemption to getting a South Sudanese visa, as all foreigners must obtain one before their visit.

Read on to learn more about planning your visit to the Republic of South Sudan.

Why Visit South Sudan?

Below are a few reasons to visit the Republic of South Sudan for pleasure trips and vacations.

  • It is easy and affordable to tour South Sudan.
  • Getting a visa for South Sudan requires only a little time and effort.
  • It is a bit cheap to visit the Republic of South Sudan. However, you may have to pay high amounts to get accommodation in the country.
  • Many exciting places are open for tourists to see in South Sudan.
  • Sufi Holiya Festival in South Sudan is worth seeing.

Top Twelve (12) Things to Consider when Planning to Visit South Sudan

The following are the top twelve things to consider when planning a visit to the Republic of South Sudan.

#1. Be sure of the reason why you want to visit South Sudan and whether it is worthwhile

While planning to visit the Republic of South Sudan, the initial thing to consider is your purpose for the trip. Many foreigners travel overseas to sightsee, experience cultures and festivals, and meet new friends.

Being a national of a foreign country, you must first consider why you want to visit South Sudan and find out whether the country can satisfy your interests.

#2. Determine whether you can afford a visit to South Sudan

You must also estimate all the expenses you wish to incur upon your arrival in South Sudan. These include your travel expenses, costs for food, clothing, public transit, attractions, shopping, phone, and internet.

Of course, you cannot do without any of these things if you want to visit the Republic of South Sudan. If you find out that you do not have sufficient funds for the trip, you may have to postpone your visit to another time.

#3. Decide on the city you wish to stay in when you arrive in South Sudan

Most foreigners who visit the Republic of South Sudan stay in its capital city, i.e., Juba. If you ever have to visit Juba in South Sudan, there are a few things to know, such as its crime rate.

Unquestionably, Juba has a very high crime rate, as the police receive many reports of cases involving armed robbers, vandals, and drug addicts.

#4. Reserve accommodation ahead of your trip to South Sudan

Another aspect to think about when planning to visit South Sudan is your accommodation. Supposing you fail to include this in your plan, you will probably spend more money to get a place to stay in.

Emphatically, the hotels in South Sudan charge quite high prices for their rooms, as indicated below.

Cheap Hotels to Visit in South Sudan

  • Royal Palace Hotel: $270
  • Pyramid Continental Hotel: $255
  • Panorama Portico Hotel: $129
  • Juba Landmark Hotel: $125
  • Airport Plaza Hotel: $115
  • Hotel Eastern Plaza: $72
  • Crown Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Juba
  • Palm Africa Hotel
  • Juba Continental Hotel
  • Juba Virgin Hotel
  • Dembesh Hotel
  • Amarat Classic Hotel
  • Aron International Hotel
  • Ambassador Resort Hotel

#5. Make sure you take the right clothes on your trip to South Sudan

While packing your bags to visit South Sudan, you must ensure to pick the right types of clothing. South Sudan is a two-season country that is typically hot throughout the year. That makes it necessary to pack more cotton and linen clothing in your bags.

We hope this settles your concern about what to wear in South Sudan.

#6. Visit South Sudan in October to experience its traditional music and dance festival

Assuming that you love to see a traditional music and dance festival, South Sudan has one, which is widely known as Sufi Holiya Festival. It takes place every October and greatly depicts the South Sudanese culture.

#7. Note down all the attractions you intend to visit in South Sudan

As there are numerous sights for tourists in South Sudan, you must specify the ones you are interested in visiting when you eventually arrive. Examples of these tourist sights include nature reserves, parks, and gardens.

List of the Tourist Attractions to Visit in South Sudan

  • Nimule National Park
  • Boma National Park
  • Southern National Park
  • Konyo Konyo Market
  • Kinyeti
  • Imatong Mountains
  • Bandingilo National Park
  • Lake No
  • All Saints Cathedral
  • Shambe Nature Reserve
  • Kidepo Game Reserve
  • Lantoto National Park
  • Narus River
  • Radom National Park

#8. Consider hiring a tour guide or creating an elaborate travel itinerary

Engaging the services of a tour guide will cost you further expenses, but will enable you to learn extensively about each of the places you tour in South Sudan. Assuming that you have enough cash to pay a tour guide, you may hire one to show you the way around the country.

Instead of hiring a tour guide, you can form a highly constructed travel itinerary ahead of your visit to South Sudan.

#9. Find out all unsafe places in the Republic of South Sudan

Despite that South Sudan is a dangerous country because of its regular occurrence of crimes and violence, it has several places that are safe for tourists.

We recommended that you are cautious anywhere you want to visit or stay in South Sudan, most especially in the city of Juba.

#10. Conclude on how you prefer to get around South Sudan upon your arrival

Taking a train, domestic flight, or bus are easy ways to get around the Republic of South Sudan. Each of these transport means works differently and they have varied costs for boarding them. Hence, you must consider which one suits your needs.

#11. Where to eat good meals in South Sudan

Many restaurants open daily in the Republic of South Sudan. Despite that, you may not find your favorite foods in any of these places. The reason is that most restaurants in South Sudan focus on offering local foods, such as Molokhia, fish stew (Kajaik), and millet porridge (Wala-wala).

Supposing that you are new to any of these dishes, your stay in South Sudan may not be as interesting as you desired.

List of Popular Restaurants in South Sudan

  • Notos Lounge Bar & Grill
  • Nubian Cafeteria
  • Da Vinci’s Restaurant
  • Baho’s Restaurant
  • Nomad Restobar
  • La Familia Bar & Grill
  • Juba Bridge Restaurant
  • London Restaurant
  • Looli Cafeteria
  • Mizizi Restaurant
  • Shanghai Restaurant
  • De ‘Havana Lounge
  • Mama Africa Restaurant
  • Fire Tree

#12. Plan how you would like to spend your nightlife in South Sudan

Although South Sudan offers a spectacular nightlife experience, you must include how you want to spend your nights ahead of arrival. These include drinking and gisting with friends in a pub, bar, or nightclub.

List of Pubs, Bars, and Nightclubs in South Sudan

  • Club Caliente
  • Club The Buddies
  • PP and Me
  • Club Black Diamond
  • Standard Bar and Restaurant
  • Toplax Lounge & Grill
  • Kindernight
  • Club Nile Secret
  • Uptown Café & Lounge
  • Notos Lounge Bar & Grill
  • C! Jadaraka Bar & Club

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is South Sudan worth visiting?

Of course, it is worthwhile in all ways to visit the Republic of South Sudan in Africa. Many people visit the country for its amazing culture, as well as its numerous sights.

Can I visit South Sudan without a visa?

No, you cannot travel visa-free to South Sudan, as foreigners from all countries must obtain South Sudan Visit Visa online or through a diplomatic mission.

Do I need a visa to visit South Sudan?

Yes, you are required to get a South Sudanese visa to enter the country for any purpose. You can apply over the internet or in person via a South Sudanese diplomatic mission.

Which airlines fly to Juba South Sudan?

Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and EgyptAir are some of the airlines that offer international flights to Juba, South Sudan.

When is the best time to go to South Sudan?

The perfect time to visit the Republic of South Sudan is anytime from December to February. However, you must get a South Sudanese visa before leaving your home country.


In summary, a visit to the Republic of South Sudan can help you to connect with nature, as well as explore many different cultures. It will also allow you to create meaningful friendships and get an experience that lingers for a lifetime.

Have no hesitation to contact the Work Study Visa team in case you seek further assistance.

Thanks for reading!

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