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What to take into account when planning to visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has always been an amiable country for foreign Nationals. Therefore, visiting Sri Lanka is on lots of people’s bucket lists. The democratic socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is an island nation in the Indian Ocean known for its abundance of wildlife, spectacular beaches, thousand-year-old Buddhist temples, and rich archaeological history.

It would help if you did not fail to visit the country with the splaying tea gardens, excellent water sports, astonishing sunsets, and palatable Sri Lankan food. You would fall in love with this magnificent country.

One thing about this country is that it is rich in culture. Sri Lanka is an intriguing blend of well-preserved local traditions connected with rapid modernization. As a result, Sri Lanka was adjudged the best country to visit in the world in 2019 by Lonely Planet. It is a must-visit for anyone that wants to get everything heart-thrilling. This article will provide information on what to consider when planning to visit Sri Lanka any day.

Things to consider when planning to visit Sri Lanka

#1. Avoid the water in Sri Lank

Bottled water here is expensive; you can go over it with your reusable water bottle and a cleaner. You would be saving money this way.

#2.Consume more of the local meals

The local food in Sri Lanka is much cheaper than western food, so go for the Indian or Sri Lankan foods.

#3. Take a Tuk-tuk ride

As you visit Sri Lanka, you would save more money if you hire Tuk-tuk drivers. You would need to part with $20 for the day. The drivers are also honest; you don’t need to bargain hard with them.

#4. Use the Airport Train

You do not require to spend so much to transport yourself from one location to another. The Airport Train is best to use when you visit Sri Lanka because it is cheaper than other means of transportation.

#5. Train booking should be early      

Use a travel agency to book your train in advance as you visit Sri Lanka; you can book your train ticket in person here. So the booking should be made at least four days before your departure.

#6. Be early to Sigiriya

There is always a massive crowd at the Sigiriya site, so if you plan to visit the scene, you should get there as early as 8 pm to prevent getting into huge lines. It can be very overwhelming sometimes

#7. You might not have high-end hotels

As you visit Sri Lanka, don’t expect to see high-end hotels here, the country has just basic hotels but is still okay for use.

What to do and see as you visit Sri Lanka

Suppose you want to visit Sri Lanka you would like to know what you would see or do. Find below the places and things you would visit and see:

#1.Explore the Lion Rock Fortress, known as the top of Sigiriya

The Lion Rock Fortress of Sri Lanka is the most iconic historic and incredible place to visit. It would help if you were sure you were ready for the 1,200-step climb in the hot day temperatures. It is better to visit in the morning to avoid the mid-day crowd. You view the magnificent top of the fortress as you visit Sri Lanka.

#2.Relish the Temple of the Tooth

This temple is a Lion Rock Fortress attractive and famous Buddhist temple. It is located in the Kingdom of Kandy, which is just hours from the stunning beaches of Sri Lanka. You would need to take a trip to the Temple of the Tooth during a visit to Sri Lanka.

 #3. Enjoy the massive Dambulla cave temple

The Dambulla cave temple is the most beautiful and preserved in Sri Lanka. The Dambulla cave has been home to Sri Lankan Buddhist monks and is a sacred and special place even today. When you visit Sri Lanka, you will see the Golden Buddha Statue. This is a perfect place to experience rich religious artifacts and rare culture.

#4.Sight endangered animals at Udawalawe National Park

You can have good sightseeing at the Udawalawe National Park. The park is one of Sri Lanka’s most significant national parks and home to animals like leopards and elephants. With a visit to this park, you would be fortunate to see even the endangered Sri Lankan sloth bear.

#5.Discover the Stupas and find the beautiful Buddha statues

How about you visit Sri Lanka to experience PolonnaruwaVatadage?You would be glad you visited the world heritage site. The beautiful ruins here are truly stunning sights in PolonnaruwaVatadage. All you need is to explore the whole scene, which is hand carved from solid rock. You will be lucky to also sight monitor lizards with even Indian star tortoises lurking around.

#6.View gorgeous, historic bathing pools built for the Sri Lankan royalty

You will see the ancient Royal Baths at Polonnaruwa as you visit Sri Lanka. The great pools were built as bathing tanks; though you can swim in them, you would be mesmerized by their glory, beauty, and splendor. You would see the uncommon craftsmanship that went into constructing them.

#7. Take a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Anuradhapura

You shouldn’t miss seeing UNESCO World Heritage Site as you visit Sri Lanka. This city is special because it is the oldest city in the world. It is also a sacred city for Buddhists. So you need to visit here and explore.

#8.Learn the history of Galle & Stilt fishing

A few minutes from the center of Galle, you would notice some stilt fishermen along the beaches. Fishing here isn’t commercially done as it used to be, but it is still great to see how to do it; you have to be part of little tips to learn.

#9.Delight in the beaches of Bentota

If you want to be in a coastal town as you visit Sri Lanka, then Bentota is the place. It is one of the coastal towns in the south. Bentota is known for its spectacular beaches, less choppy than the surfing beaches in the west. You would also see famous and historic railway lines.

#10.Savor the temples in Beruwala

Another enticing place to see is Beruwala; you can wander around the spectacular KandeViharaya Temple and view its fine, most enormous Buddha. Here you would see the largest population of Sri Lankan Moors. They speak more of the Tamil language you would hear in the country. Madu Ganga is also one of the conservative mangrove locations in the country, making this a beautiful rare place to see.

#11.Have a Safari in Minneriya National Park

Visit Sri Lanka and take a tour of the alluring National Park. It will be a perfect delight for our sights as it is coated with outstanding natural beauty. Here, you will also see some of Sri Lanka’s popular residents, like the Asian elephants.

#12.Unwind at the magical beaches

Though they might be lovely things to do as you visit Sri Lanka, Some days, you might want to unwind and ease off. The beaches are there to take out to unwind on; all you need do is take a walk on the lush Sri Lankan shores. You can enjoy yourself here the whole day.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to visit Sri Lanka?

To visit Sri Lanka, you do not need to break the bank as it is a cheap country. You might only have a little about $40 daily to splurge, avoid the overpriced Western foods and stick to the local foods. It is possible to go second class on buses and go for lesser accommodation. The bottom line is just working with your budget.

You would get accommodation as you visit Sri Lanka. It has good hotels, beds, and breakfast, and in-customer satisfaction is always their watchword. So you are secured and safe in the country. You can try lovely places like Berjaya Hotel Colombo, Palitha Home Stay, Pedlar’s Inn Hostel, etc.

Where are the places to Eat in Sri Lanka?

There are restaurants, food joints, and ready-to-eat huts scattered everywhere for you to relish both the continental and local cuisines in the country. The Ministry of Crab is a good place though it is an expensive seafood restaurant in Colombo meals here are very tasty.

The Slightly Chilled Bar is another popular meeting spot; you can have a nice view of the city when sunset in the evening.

How do I book for the Sri Lanka trip?

As you plan to visit Sri Lanka, you need to book your flight; you can use the services of Momondoor Skyscanner to find a cheap flight. They are the two noticeable search engines that you can easily use to search websites and airlines around the globe to find cheap flights for Sri Lanka. You can begin the search with Skyscanner as it makes the biggest reach!

How Do I Book Accommodation in Sri Lanka?

If you plan to stay in a hotel when you visit Sri Lanka, you should book your hostel at HOSTELWORLD as they have the best deals and the biggest inventory. But if you intend to stay somewhere else than a hostel, visit; they always make affordable rates for Sri Lanka guesthouses and hotels.

How helpful is Travel Insurance for my Visit to Sri Lanka?

This Travel insurance protects you against injury, cancellations, illness, or theft. It can also give you comprehensive protection in case anything happens, so don’t take a visit to this country without one. You can use either Safety Wing or Insure My Trip.

Can I study in Canada from Sri Lanka?

Yes, you can study in Canada from Sri Lanka. Many schools and universities in Canada offer programs for international students. However, you must obtain a student visa to study in Canada.


Sri Lanka is one adorable country to visit, and with little tips like the one stated above, you can travel without any disappointment. The good thing is that visiting Sri Lanka is pocket-friendly. You can enjoy the tours, attractions, hiking, beaches, and food on a budget. There is a lot for you to see and do in Sri Lanka. So what are you waiting for? Visit Sri Lanka soon to enjoy all the power punches.

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