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Top 8 Reasons To Visit Ukraine – Culture, Art and Experience

A land of beauty and diverse culture, Ukraine remains a great place for tourists and visitors. However, many people have negative thoughts about the second largest country in Europe after Russia. But on the contrary, there are many that meet the eyes in Ukraine. The beautiful landscape, the nature, the culture, and even the history. You have many reasons to visit Ukraine once its feud with Russia ends.

Naturally, people tend to stay away from war-ravaged countries. This may be the same with Ukraine today but that does not stop you from planning a trip to the country once the war ends. And there are many reasons to do so.

About Ukraine

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. Its capital city is Kyiv. Ukraine’s official language is Ukrainian. Ukraine borders Russia (to the north), Belarus (to the east), Poland (to the south), and Hungary (to the west). Ukraine covers 945,000 square kilometers and has a population of about 46 million people.

The climate in Ukraine varies greatly depending on location. In the northern regions, winters are long and cold, while summers are hot and dry. In the southern regions, winters are short and mild, while summers are hot and humid.

Ukraine has been inhabited since at least the Paleolithic era. There have been many invasions throughout history, including those by the Greeks, Romans, Mongols, Swedes, Germans, Russians, Turks, Tatars, Austro-Hungarians, Nazis, Soviets, and Americans.

Ukraine was once part of the Russian Empire until 1918. After World War I, Ukraine became independent and joined the Soviet Union in 1922. In 1991, Ukraine declared independence from the Soviet Union and became an independent country.

Ukraine is rich in natural resources, including coal, oil, gas, iron ore, gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, nickel, limestone, marble, clay, salt, sulfur, timber, and fertile land. Agriculture is the largest industry in Ukraine.

Ukraine is a member of the European Union and NATO.

Top 8 reasons to visit Ukraine once in your life

Let’s put the current war in Ukraine by the side. You have many reasons to visit Ukraine at least once in your life. Below is our list of top 6 reasons. They include:

#1. Ukraine is well connected

Ukraine is well connected both internally and externally. Therefore movement within and beyond the country is simple and organized. Most importantly, because of its strategic position, the country connects many countries in Europe. With more than 20 airports, Ukraine serves many countries in Europe and beyond with flights.

Apart from that, it also has resounding ground transportation, with trains being the most popular. Thus, it connects many cities and towns with the major stations at Kyiv and Lviv. Internationally, Ukrain connects with Belarus, Poland, Belgium, and Russia by train.

Furthermore, you can not talk less about the road connection between Ukraine and other European countries. The most popular routes are Moscow – Kyiv, Minsk – Kyiv, Warsaw – Lviv, Krakow – Kyiv, and Kosice – Uzhgorod.

Simply put, you can easily navigate between Ukraine and other parts of Europe with any means of transportation.

#2. Easy crossing at Ukrainian borders

In addition to having a good transport network connecting to the rest of Europe, Ukraine also has a soft border-crossing policy. You don’t need many processes to cross Ukrainian borders. Thus, you can cross over to Ukraine from other European nations without a visa, especially from a Schengen country.

In other words, if you are coming from some parts of Europe, you can stay in the country for up to 90 days without a visa. However, it would help if you needed a Ukraine visa to stay more than 90 days.

Similarly, if you have a Schengen visa, you can visit Ukraine within the validity period of your visa.

#3. Visit Ukraine to experience its diverse cities and people

When you visit Ukraine, you must visit the cities of Kyiv, Lviv, and Odessa. These three cities, which are the most visited by tourists, offer diverse and unique experiences to visitors from all over the world. Therefore, you must try to visit the three of them.

Kyiv’s capital city is a well-decorated city with a Soviet outlook. It has both amazing street art and a lively urban scene with lots of restaurants and beaches for relaxation.

Above all, it is seen as the greenest city in the whole of Ukraine, offering tourists a natural environment to relax.

The second city to visit while in Ukraine in Lviv. This is a city which has peculiar history, culture and architecture. Additionally, it has a lot of festivals, with the Coffee festivals being the best experience for visitors, especially in the summer.

Other cities that you must visit in Ukraine include the coastal city of Odessa, which has the most important port on the Black Sea. It is also a great tourist destination.

Though a land of tragedy, it is worth visiting Pripyat – a city of ghosts and a horrible tragedy. Of course, you have heard about the Chernobyl disaster. This is where it happened, and today, the impact remains in the city.

#4. Ukraine has the most beautiful architecture in the world

When it comes to architecture, Ukraine has one of the best in the world. The most important is the skyline of Kyiv, which serves as the symbol of Ukrainian architecture. In addition, Ukraine has other architecture, including UNESCO-protected buildings. Among the best place to visit in Ukraine include:

  • St. Sophia’s Cathedral (UNESCO)
  • Lviv Historic Centre (UNESCO)
  • Struve Geodetic Arc (UNESCO)
  • Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans in Chernivtsi (UNESCO)
  • The Ancient City of Tauric Chersonese and its Chora (UNESCO)
  • Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region (UNESCO)
  • Kyiv Pechersk Lavra
  • The Golden Gate of Kyiv
  • The Motherland Monument in Kyiv
  • The Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum in Kyiv
  • St. Andrew’s Church in Kyiv
  • St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery in Kyiv
  • Multimedia Fountain Roshen in Vinnytsia
  • Lubart’s Castle in Lutsk
  • Opera and Ballet Theatre in Odessa

#5. Visit Ukraine to enjoy some great outdoor activities

Ukraine is blessed with so many natural phenomena. Thus, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in this former Soviet country. Every city in the country has at least a park where you can relax and have fun at any time of the year. The most important parks include Feofania Park (Kyiv), Shevchenko Park (Kyiv), City Garden (Odessa), Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure (Kharkiv) and Sofiyivka Park (Uman).

If you are with your partner, you can as well take a romantic walk along the Tunnel of Love. The site is surrounded mainly by green arches, which makes it more natural and a place to have a quiet walk.

Some of the outdoor activities that are popular in Ukraine include:

  • hiking
  • climbing
  • mountain biking
  • skiing
  • snowboarding
  • parachuting
  • scuba diving
  • horseback riding
  • paintball

#6. Ukraine has a lot of local cuisines

If you visit Ukraine without tasting the traditional food, your experience is incomplete. Therefore, enter the local kitchen and enjoy some well-prepared local meals. The most important local dish is the borsch. This is a beetroot soup that contains many vegetables with sour cream.

Other dishes to try out in Ukraine include the following:

  • varenyky
  • holubtsi or cabbage rolls
  • chicken Kyiv
  • banish
  • korovai, paska
  • holodets
  • homemade sausages

Of course, you still have to try the drinks in this country with vodka or horilka served in all bars and restaurants. The best brands include Khortitsa, Nemiroff, and Medoff.

#7. Ukraine’s rich culture and tradition

Ukraine has a rich culture and tradition, and the people are curious to tell you about that. You can discover about the Cossack tradition everywhere in the country. But you can visit Zaporizhia and the Zaporizhian Sich to learn more about this unique culture.

The most recent tradition is left by the Soviet influence, and you can notice that all over r the country. Thus, soviet Heritage remains part of the Ukrainian culture and tradition. Rodina Mat in Kyiv is a good example of the impression from the Soviet period. You can visit the Museum of the Great Patriotic War to have a first-hand impression of this monument.

#8. Ukrainians are very friendly and welcoming

The first thing you will notice when you visit Ukraine is that the citizens are friendly and welcoming. Try to join them for a drink, and you will have the most amazing experience in life. But, of course, they enjoy their homemade drinks more. And you will learn more about the country, history, culture, and life.

Truly, Ukrainians are friendly to visitors and tourists.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit Ukraine?

If you plan to enjoy the best of Ukraine, visit Ukraine in May, June, or September. The temperature is friendly, there is less crowd for sightseeing, and there are fewer vacation makers along the Black sea.

Is Ukraine an excellent place to vacation?

Despite the war in Ukraine, it remains one of the places in Europe to go for a vacation. Think about the beautiful landscape, many cities and towns, outstanding nature reserves, and outdoor activities. There is a thing for everyone in Ukraine.

What is the most beautiful part of Ukraine?

Don’t fail to visit Lviv when you come to Ukraine. It is not only the country’s cultural capital but also the best city with a lot of fun.

Is Lviv or Kyiv better?

It all depends on your reason for visiting Ukraine. While Lviv has more tourist attractions, Kyiv has more English-speaking residents. However, both cities offer incredible experiences for their visitors.


In conclusion, though Ukrain has been under siege by Russia recently, you can start planning your visit to the country. The country has a lot of fun and experience for visitors, especially new visitors. Therefore, it is an excellent place to go for a vacation once the current war ends.

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