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What to take into account when planning to visit Zimbabwe

If you plan to visit Zimbabwe soon, you have a trip to plan. Preparing to visit Zimbabwe can be a daunting task. However, there are numerous factors to consider when planning a trip to Zimbabwe.

You will have a lot to consider, from budgeting and visa applications to housing and health. Whether you intend to visit Zimbabwe for tourism, work, or business, you must follow the same basic planning procedures. Most importantly, it would help to consider whether you will be in Zimbabwe for a short or long time.

In all of this, you may overlook some basic things that you shouldn’t. This article takes that into account. It outlines the most important things to consider when planning a visit to Zimbabwe. So let’s get started right away!

About Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a Southern African country that lies almost 300 metres above sea level. Due to its spectacular tourist destinations, Zimbabwe is called the ‘world of wonders.’

As one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, Zimbabwe is a perfect choice when contemplating vacation, tourism, or work. The tourism sector if the country contributes a greater quota to its economic growth.

Zimbabwe is a perfect location for business and investment. It is one of the major employers of labor in the Southern African region. The tourism sector in Zimbabwe employs over 90,000 people and offers numerous business opportunities.

Zimbabwe shares a border with the Republic of South Africa on the south and Botswana on the southwest and west. It also shares borders with Zambia in the North and Mozambique in the northeast and east.

Extensive outcroppings of Precambrian rock distinguish its landscapes. However, the basement complex, the most ancient part of this rock formation, covers most of the country. In addition, Granite makes up about four-fifths of the basement complex. Moreso, the Matobo Hills in the South of Bulawayo result from a long-term erosion of an exposed granite batholith.

The Great Dyke bisects the nation from north to south. It also contains enormous chromium, nickel, and platinum reserves. Furthermore, the karoo, a thick layer of sedimentary rocks consisting of shale, sandstone, and grit, covers the Zambezi valley and its tributary valleys.

What to take into account when planning to visit Zimbabwe

While planning to visit Zimbabwe, you should make budget-friendly plans, considering all the processes you need to fulfill. Below are the areas you need to look into more as you progress.

#1. Destination

While planning to visit Zimbabwe, you should first decide which state and places in Zimbabwe you want to vacation or live. In addition, you need to choose where to lodge. You should also enquire through the travel agents before concluding on a destination.

Why you need to decide on the destination of your travel before visiting Zimbabwe is to avoid being taken unawares. Traveling to a foreign country is very expensive. So, you need to plan thoroughly and start saving up.

In addition, you need to go for a medical checkup. If your passport is no longer valid, you should request a new one. Furthermore, you need to buy travel insurance and many more.

Deciding your destination before you visit Zimbabwe will help you make your budget and tailor it according to the finance you have or were able to put together.

#2. Cost of Living

Another urgent factor to consider when planning to visit Zimbabwe is the cost of living in the country. The cost of living in the country is 1.12 times below the average cost of living in the world.

However, the cost of living in Zimbabwe can vary due to your duration of stay in the country. If your visit is between one month and three months, you might not feel the cost of living in the country.

But if your stay in the county is up to one year, the cost of living will slightly increase.

So, while making your plan to visit Zimbabwe, you need to consider the following cost of living;

  • Cost of accommodation
  • Cost of feeding
  • Cost of transportation
  • Cost of healthcare
  • Cost of entry flight and return flight
  • Cost of grocery shopping and many more.

You don’t want to run out of cash during your trip to this wonder of the world. So, whether you are visiting Zimbabwe for a job, tourism, business, or family visit, you need to calculate what it will cost you to live in the country for the period you wish to live.

#3. Health

For every travel you plan for an international destination, you should remember that your health is a primary concern. So, as you plan to visit Zimbabwe, you should check for the country’s vaccine requirements.

Check for the necessary vaccines and injections for an illness that you need to take. Moreso, you will include in your plan to schedule an appointment with your doctor to check your health status.

In addition, the next thing you should consider as you prepare to visit Zimbabwe is to purchase insurance. Anything can happen as you vacation. You can incur unplanned health and travel expenses.

However, the travel health insurance you purchased will cover the unforeseen expenses when they come as you travel to your tourist or work destination.

#4. Travel requirements

On the top list of your planning, you should not forget to enquire about the documents you need to visit Zimbabwe. Yes, you should get a jump and start preparing your necessary travel documents.

If you need to renew or update any document, you should consider doing it some weeks earlier before you begin your travel. Some of the documents that you may need to keep handy for your trip to Zimbabwe are;

#5. Passport

The first thing you might need to do is to make sure that you have an up-to-date passport is very necessary for your visit. While your up-to-date permit is in place, you need to gather all the documents for your visa application and proceed to process your travel visa.

The processing time for a passport can last for weeks or months. However, to avoid delays and unforeseen stories during your visa application, you should start your passport application several months in advance. The Zimbabwe immigration services require that your passport should be six months valid beyond your entry date.

#6. Visa

Travelers from some foreign countries are eligible for visa-free entry into Zimbabwe. So, as you enhance your plan to visit Zimbabwe, you might as well check to know if your country is among those eligible for visa-free entry.

Other foreign nationals who do not fall into the category of countries with free-visa entry should request a visa.

#7. International Driver’s Permit (IDP)

Travelers who intend to drive when they visit Zimbabwe must apply for an International Driver’s license (IDP). This permit issued allows you to drive a car in over 175 nations.

However, you must be 18 years and beyond to be able to apply for and use the international driver’s license. The International Driver’s Permit, or IDP, may be required of visitors who intend to drive while abroad.

#8. Accommodation

Another thing to consider while planning a trip to Zimbabwe is accommodation. Hotels and resorts are among the most common accommodation options in Zimbabwe. The best accommodation facility in the country is in its capital.

However, there are other accommodation options for foreign visitors in the other cities of Zimbabwe. You can find accommodation in Harare ( the country’s capital), Mutare, Hwange National Park, Gweru, and Victoria falls.

In addition, the option for a foreign traveler to get all-inclusive accommodation rests solely on their financial capability. With extra cash in your hand, you can find the most comfortable accommodation throughout your visit to Zimbabwe.

#9. Transportation

As part of your plan to visit Zimbabwe, you need to consider the means of transportation that you need to use. When deciding on transit, you should weigh your budget. You do not need to overspend beyond your budget.

In contrast, you can pay for your transportation as you pay for your flight. Also, consider how you plan to commute around the country and to the tourist centers if you need to. For a more presented service, you either book your rental car or car transport from a company that renders transportation services.

#10. People and Culture

The next thing you might want to do as you plan to visit Zimbabwe is to research the people you are going to their land and their culture. Moreover, you do not want to alienate yourself from the local people as they can be of help during your tour of the country.

The people of Zimbabwe love their culture. The only way to get close to know them is through their culture. Learning about their culture is also a way to interact and know more about the people.

A popular aspect of culture you can try to learn is the language of the Zimbabweans. Knowing the country’s language will always help you navigate through the country. In addition, do not let your lack of fluency hold you from touring the whole of Zimbabwe.

#11. Security

While making your plans for your travel, it is beneficial if you learn that the security system in Zimbabwe is poor. So, you need to do the things that will help your safety in Zimbabwe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Zimbabwean visa cost?

The Zimbabwe visa costs between $90 to $250 for countries not eligible for free visa entry. However, the cost of the Zimbabwe visa depends on the entry facility you choose and the processing time you choose.

Furthermore, it depends on the duration of your stay, the Zimbabwe embassy in your country, and the exchange rate.

Do I need a visa and passport to visit Zimbabwe?

Yes, you need a visa to visit Zimbabwe. Every foreign citizen seeking entry into Zimbabwe must apply for a Zimbabwe visa at the local consulate.

In addition, you must ensure that the documents you need to apply for the visa are complete and accurate.

What is Zimbabwe’s official language?

Zimbabwe’s official language is English. It is the language used in government and business and as a medium of instruction in schools. There are different languages spoken in Zimbabwe. However, the dominant language is Shona.

Do you require a tour guide when you visit Zimbabwe?

Yes, you require a tour guide. You may interact with the local populations with the aid of the tour guide. It will also assist you in navigating Zimbabwe’s roadways and tourist destinations.

Is Zimbabwe a tourist destination?

Yes, Zimbabwe is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Africa. It has so many significant tourist attractions in the world; hence the name, ‘world of wonders.’ Therefore, you are welcome to travel there.


Zimbabwe is not just a prominent tourist destination in Africa. It is a hub of business and employment. Because of the wonders of its attraction sites, it records over 50% of tourists every month. Traveling to this part of Africa will leave you with priceless experiences that will last for a lifetime.

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