Waiting Period For OHIP And The Self Employed

Oftentimes, there are questions sourcing from the self-employed individuals who desire to benefit from the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), but there are possibilities opened for this category of workers.

Kanon has been living in Ontario since June 2018 with a temporary resident permit. He applied to extend his TRP and applied for an open work permit in August 2018. He recently received approval for both TRP and open work permit but has yet to be bothered by some questions.

First of all, there is usually a 90-day wait required for OHIP. Under Kanon’s circumstance, he would like to know if he would still need to wait three months for OHIP, given that he has been living in Ontario for over seven months. Then secondly, Kanon would like to know if he can apply for OHIP as self-employed since his open work permit does not specify that he is not allowed self-employment. It only says he cannot work in the sex trade business.

For Kanon to be helped with our comments and inputs, he first needs to be assured that he must wait for the 90 days period.

Secondly, to qualify, Kanon must show proof that he will be employed for six months. You will find a post about what must be contained in the letter on our blog.

There is a slim chance to qualify if Kanon is self-employed, especially initially.

How long do you have to live in Ontario to get OHIP?

Ontario has many social programs available to residents, regardless of where they live in the province. These programs include health care, welfare, and education. OHIP is one such program.

To be eligible for OHIP, you must be a resident of Ontario and have lived in the province for a certain amount of time. For example, you must have lived in Ontario for at least six months before you are eligible for OHIP coverage.

If you move to Ontario and do not meet the residency requirement, you can still be covered under certain circumstances. For instance, if you become a Canadian citizen or permanent resident after moving to Ontario, you are still considered a resident for OHIP purposes.

Who is eligible for OHIP in Ontario?

In Ontario, everyone 18 years or older is eligible for OHIP. This includes people who are permanently disabled, refugees, and members of the military. There are a few exceptions to this rule: people convicted of a crime involving violence or drugs and people deemed unfit to care for themselves because of mental illness or addiction.

To be eligible for OHIP, you must first register with your provincial health insurance plan (PHI). This can be done online or at your local health clinic. Once you’ve registered, you will receive an ID card with your registration number. You will also be given instructions on using your ID card to access services from your PHI.


In conclusion, there is no set waiting period for OHIP for the self-employed. The wait time can vary depending on the province and the situation. It’s essential to keep in mind that there may be specific requirements that must be met, such as having a valid business license. Ultimately, contacting your local health insurance office is best to find out what is required before applying.

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