Ways Of Purchasing The Super Visa Insurance

Ways Of Purchasing The Super Visa Insurance. There are ways to purchase a super visa insurance for parent or grand parents which are.,

A parent who wish to visit Canada from abroad can stay up to 2 years by applying for a Super visa. To obtain the super visa requires a proof of private emergency medical insurance on one year minimum. Any one applying for a super visa must show that they have purchased a medical insurance which meets the super visa requirements

Requirements For A Super Visa Insurance

  • The super visa insurance must be issued by the Canadian insurance company
  • It must be valid for one year
  • It must have the necessary health care, hospitality etc coverage
  • Must be available for review by the port of entry officer
  • Must be valid on each Canadian entry
  • A minimum of $100,000 must be provided om the coverage
  • A new policy must be purchased if you wish to stay more than a year.

Eligibility For a Super visa

You are eligible for a Super visa if.,

  • you are a Parent or grand parent of a Canadian citizen
  • Your child or grand child provides you with financial support
  • You pas the medical examination/screening
  • You have a medical health insurance from a Canadian company.

Applicants must take the responsibility of purchasing the Canadian health insurance during their stay in the country. The super via helps you to come to Canada on a short notice by lowering the fees required for the application. Applicants must obtain a private Canadian health insurance during their stay where each plan covers each parent up to $100,000 and it includes the laboratory test, ambulance expenses etc.

The day of insurance protection policy should be the first day when the parents or grandparents come into Canada. If incase your super visa is turned down,you are qualified to receive a 100%  of the premium paid for the super visa and if the applicant decides on returning to his home country due to emergency reasons, they will be granted a pre-rated refund of the premium.

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