Ways To Determine If a Positive Decision has Been Made On BOWP

Ways To Determine If a Positive Decision has Been Made On BOWP. The ways to determine if a positive decision has been made on BOWP is as below.,

The bridging open work permit ensures that the foreigner submits his application for permanent residence and CIC provides a positive eligibility decision. This is made when the applicant receive the acknowledgement letter. The confirmation for the bridging open work permit varies depending on the type of application and submission time.

How To Determine If A Positive Decision has Been Made

You determine if a positive decision has been made If the APR paper was submitted by mail before January 1 or was submitted outside the Express Entry System. This eligibility id made once the status in GCMS is set to passed or when an acknowledgement receipt is sent to the applicant.

The applicants must attach a copy of their acknowledgement letter with the open work permit application while applying.

How To Determine If the Nomination For BOWP Has Restrictions

To determine if the nomination has restrictions, a nomination template letter will be provided to all provinces. The letter which has already been implemented by the provinces will be implemented also by other provinces. this letter contains the IRCC officers who use it to determine whether there are restrictions for employment on the nomination.

The provinces includes the employers’ names and occupation and his National Occupational Classification code to indicate if there is employment restrictions or not. This makes the applicants eligible for an open work permit. They will also request for a nominating letter which shows that there are no employment restrictions.

Eligibility Criteria For the BOWP Holders Spouse Or Common-law Partner

The dependent children of the permanent residence applicants must obtain the Labour market impact assessment or have the Labour market Impact assessment exemption so as to be able to apply for a work permit. However, the Bridging Open Work Permit must be valid for longer than 6 months.

You can also see the Labour Market Impact Assessment processing times

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