What Are The Benefits Of Canadian Citizenship?

Once you obtain your Canadian citizenship, you can apply for a Canadian passport. Don’t patronize certain persons, websites or agencies who claim that they can help you to get a Canadian passport. They cannot! They only want to cart away with your hard earned money.

The application forms and information are free of charge and you do not need to pay for them. But, you still need to pay for your passport processing fees. Only Passport Canada regional offices, designated Canada Post offices, Service Canada Centers, and Canadian Government offices abroad are authorized to issue a Canadian passport. To be on a safer side, you can apply directly at Passport Canada.

The benefits of Canadian Citizenship are clearly outlined below.

Canadian citizenship have the right to vote

Canadian citizenship gives you the right to participate in an election. You can vote in any federal, provincial or municipal election. You only have to register yourself to be able to vote by visiting your local Elections Canada office to be added on the database of Canadian electors who are eligible to vote in federal elections and referendums.

Canadian citizenship gives you the right to live outside Canada with no time limit

As a Canadian permanent resident, you must live in Canada for a minimum of two years within a five-year period in order to keep your PR status. But, Canadian citizenship gives you the right to travel anytime and to leave and re-enter Canada whenever you want.

Canadian citizenship gives you the right to be a candidate in provincial, federal and territorial elections

Canadian citizenship gives you the legal right to run for elected office in Canada.

Rights to jobs in the federal government

Most federal government jobs require the applicant to have Canadian citizenship. This is particularly true for jobs that have a high-level security clearance requirement.

As a Canadian citizen, you have the right to pass Canadian citizenship on to your children born outside Canada

As a Canadian citizen, any children born to you outside Canada automatically become Canadian citizens.

Canadian citizens can easily travel to the United States

When you carry a Canadian passport, you may not need to apply for a United States tourist or visitor visa. The conditions of stay remain the same as for non-Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residence but the admission to the United States is much easier if you have Canadian citizenship.