What Immigrants Should Do On Their First Week in America

Starting a new life in America could be one of the most important decisions you’ve ever made. The first couple of months can be scary if you’re not sure where to start and what exactly to expect in your new surroundings, so we’re here to guide you. Below are some things immigrants should do on their first week in America:

1. Housing in America
You will immediately need to search for apartments to rent which should be close to your work or school. We recommend booking a hotel or Airbnb for short-term rental in the meantime. There are some websites you can check before you even arrive in America such as, and The apartment’s management will demand your stay document in the US and work info just to verify your identity. You will also need to have some credit, first month, last month and security deposit so as to move in.

2. Open Up a Bank Account
What immigrants should do on their first week in America is to go to any bank and open a Checking account. TD Bank usually opens checking account without a Social Security Number. By so doing you will have a USA debit card immediately. Also, it is a good idea to check with your employer’s preferred bank and open an account in that bank, just will make your life easier. Also, it is a good idea to open an account and check with your employer’s preferred bank, just to make things easier.

3. Build Credit, Apply for Secured Credit Card
It is important to have a credit history here in the USA. It is difficult to get an apartment, a cell phone plan, a car, etc. without a credit card. Then start your credit is with a secured credit card. After opening a bank account, then apply for a secure credit card. You should open either checking or savings account to issue you a secured credit card. It is given by the bank for a less amount like $500 by taking cash from you as a deposit.

4. Get a Mobile Phone with a plan – Prepaid or Post Paid
Available are prepaid and postpaid mobile phone plan. The Postpaid phone plans may require an established credit so you may want to go with a Prepaid phone plan. There are various Prepaid phone plans you can get at places like Walmart, Boost, Cricket, Straight Talk, etc.

5. Social Security Number (SSN)

Apply for SSN at least after 7 days of your arrival to avoid any delay. You won’t be paid without a Social Security Number(SSN). Ensure you check the SSN website online and submit all required documents to SSN Office. Work with your employer on this and get guidance if necessary.

6. Learn to Drive
Download and read the driving manual of the state you will live in the USA in order to learn how to drive before you apply for a Drivers License.

7. Apply for Drivers License
Possessing a drivers license is important in the US but if you intend not to drive then you will still need to obtain a State ID. Ensure to visit the state DMV website to get information on Learners driving license Permit. Read the material related to Learner’s permit and take the exam. Ensure to do this, so that it does not delay getting Driver’s license.