What Makes Canada The Best Country To Get Permanent Residency?

What Makes Canada The Best Country To Get Permanent Residency?

Canada is predominantly the top destinations for most immigrants who are planning to move or relocate abroad. It is the second largest Country in the world in terms of land mass and also among the top advanced countries of the world.

Another major reasons which makes people prefer Canada over the other top advanced countries, i.e. USA, UK, etc is her relaxed or easy and excellent immigration rules and procedures, which makes it a welcoming place for immigrants.

In the last three years, Canada has been consistently accepting over 300,000 immigrants. The federal government of Canada has eased various immigration rules and process requirements to permits more immigrants to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

Here are a few key factors that make Canada the best country to get permanent residency.

Canada’s Multi-year Immigration Plan (2018-2020)

As regarding the multi-year immigration plan of Canada, the government are expected to invite approximately 1 million people into the country as permanent residents in next 3 years, that is, 2018-2020.

The IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) have already accepted 310,000 immigrants in 2018 alone. This rate of immigration is expected to increase further in the years to come.

Multicultural and Tolerant society

Canada is blessed with a multicultural society, which is known to be most liberal by nature. This is an important aspect about Canada, especially at a period, when we every day hear the incidents of cruelty and monstrosities against immigrants in top advanced countries of the world.

Canada is known as the country of immigrants. Most of Canada’s political leaders, social activists, business tycoons,etc. have their origin outside Canada.

Stress free immigration system

Canada’s Express Entry immigration program is widely recognized all over the world and is hassle free. It is a well organised point-based system that do not discriminate applicants based on race or ethnicity and religion, etc.

The point- based system access an applicant based on age, educational qualification, work experience, language proficiency, etc. and accordingly assign them permanent residency.

Best country for immigrants to get PR

According to stats from Gallup study, US News and World Report, Canada is popular for the best country in the world for immigrants for some major reasons, such as;

  • Canada is placed on the number one position for Quality of Life according to US News and World Report.
  • Canada is ranked 2nd best nation in the world for overall parameters, also according to US News and World Report.
  • It’s the 3rd best country for quality education.
  • It is 4th most welcoming country in the world for immigrants according to new Gallup study.
  • The 4th best country for obtaining Citizenship.
  • It is ranked as 5th best country to raise kids.
  • As we all know, Canada is 7th Happiest Country in the world.

All of these factors are what Canada the best Country to get Permanent Residency. So, what is stopping you from migrating to Canada? if you are planning to move Canada in 2019, you should start the immigration process right away.