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What Medical Exam Requirements Are Needed For Temporary Residents?

Individuals who are temporarily immigrating or coming to Canada or who will be staying in Canada for more than Six months are often required to show medical exam report during their visa application process.

But if an individual plan to visit for only six months or less, he/she would not be required to undergo a medical exam, unless they plan to work in certain occupations.

It is worth noting that the personal doctors of individuals cannot carry out the medical exam. Therefore, the individuals would need to see a doctor provided on the list of panel physicians. You can obtain the complete list of panel physicians on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website.

The panel physicians will carry out complete medical examinations. Thereafter, they may refer the individual for chest x-rays and various other laboratory tests. Once the medical examination is conducted, the physicians will forward the results to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

The CIC will then make a decision. In case there is a problem with an applicant’s medical exam, the visa office would contact that individual in writing.

Medical Exam Requirements Needed For Temporary Residents

When an individual goes for the medical exam appointment, the individual would be required to provide the following medical exam requirements.

  • Proper identification: This would include at least one document that indicates the individual’s signature and photograph. Such documents could be expected to include passports, national identity cards or driver’s licences.
  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses (in case the applicant wears them)
  • Any medical reports or medical test results that the applicant has concerning previous or existing medical conditions and,
  • The Medical Report form i.e. IMM 1017E. This is important if the individual or applicant does not undergo an upfront medical examination. The immigration officer would typically send this form to the individual.

Besides these, the applicant appearing for the medical exam might also need to provide four (4) recent photographs.

However, the applicant would only need to provide these in case the doctor chosen from the list of panel physicians does not work with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) through the medical electronic system.

Therefore, the immigration authorities advise individuals to check with the doctor’s office at the time they book their appointments.

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