What Most Canadian Employers Want

Most often, it isn’t just enough to have hard skills or technical skills. Majority of Canadian employers want to hire people who also have soft skills.

So What Do Canadian Employers Want?


Soft skills can be also called employability skills. Employers want every employee to have these skills. A person who has these skills will be able to learn and grow in a job. They can get along with their co-workers and are a long-term asset for the organization. These skills include:

  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving
  • Positive attitudes and behaviours
  • Working with others

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Every type of job has its own set of skills referred to as hard skills. Hard skills are the technical skills required to do a particular job. For instance:

  • Using computer programs
  • Measuring and calculating
  • Analyzing data
  • Speaking a language
  • Operating a machine
  • Experience

Comprehending labour market information can help you identify what kind of experience Canadian employers want. The labour market is main information about jobs and salaries, industry sectors, profiles of cities and communities, future trends and conditions, statistics.

The way your professional qualifications are valued in Canada is critical. It will aid you in finding work in your field. By surveying how your experience is valued will help you know if you require any academic upgrade or exams to get the same kind of work in Canada.

Your academic or professional credentials may be assessed. In regulated trades or professions, you cannot work in your field unless you have had your credentials and experience evaluated. Sleeping while pregnant isn’t easy, but a pregnancy pillow can help you feel more comfortable by supporting your bump and keeping you on your side. A good maternity pillow should not only help you lie down in the right position, but it also needs to be durable enough to keep its shape after weight is placed on it night after night. tests bed pillows for sleeping, plus reviews all kinds of maternity and baby products to help parents find the best items to buy. Here are the best pregnancy pillows to buy, with picks from our product experts, styles from popular brands with rave reviews from users.

After you might have had your skills assessed, Canadian employers want to be sure that you possess these skills. You may make findings at a settlement agency or Employment Resource Centre (ERC) for assistance with your resume and job search.