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What To Expect When Entering U.S

What To Expect When Entering U.S. You have to keep in mind some things which are listed below while entering the United States. See details.,

Entering the United states Of America is not that easy. It is not just you having a visa. However, there are things to expect while entering the U.S. The first person you will meet will be the Customs and Border protection officer. He will thoroughly inspect you to get verification that you have been given permission to be in the country or to get information on what might prohibit you from entering the country.

Be Prepared for Lines and Delays

You have to be prepared for line checks. Delays might be encountered as your name will be thoroughly checked on the data base. The officers will look out for people who are coming to the country for illegal purposes or permanent stay with the tourist visa.How to pass this is to apply to a U.S trusted Traveler program. When you are in this program, you will not have to stand for long on the inspection lines except you are bringing in certain amount of money or goods that will make you go through the normal inspection.

Be Prepared for Questions From CBP Officials

There are several questions you will have to answer by the CBP officers so you have to try to b calm and polite. Some of the questions include: Why you are visiting the country. You should ensure your answer tally with your visa example if you have a visitor visa indicate that you are coming in as a visitor not looking for job because if you say that you are using a visitor visa to look for job then you will be sent back to your home country.

Another question that you will be asked is where you will be staying. The officer just wants to make sure that you have a clear plan for what you will be doing in the country and if you do not have a place to stay, the officer might question if you will be allowed to the country or not. They will also ask questions like who you will be visiting and they expect that you should show them that you have clear and legal plans. This question is usually directed to tourists. Another question is how long will you be staying? they want to ensure that you ain’t going to stay longer than necessary.

You will also be asked how much money you are bringing in and if you have visited the country before. This is to know if you can foot your bills and during your visit to the country if you stayed longer than you were allowed. If they notice that you stayed longer than you were allowed, you may not be allowed to come to the country again. If you over stayed for like a year, then you may likely remain outside the country for 10 years before you return.

Luggage Search

You have to be prepared of a luggage search as the border official may check your personal belongings. Be Prepared for a Luggage Search.

Ensure That What You Bring To The Country Does Not Contradict Your Visa Status

Make sue you do not bring along any book on how to immigrate to U.S if you are coming as a tourist as the CBP officials wont understand your intentions they might think you have them because you have future plans to apply for immigration.

Ensure Not To Come In With questionable Items

You must make sure you do not carry an item like a gun. It May be legal in your country but not accepted in the United States and if the officials notice any, you might be removed immediately. Items like plants, fruits, animals etc are not allowed into the country.

You can also see foreign workers permitted to work in U.S

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