What You Need To Know About Work Before You Come To Canada

Most newcomers get surprised at how difficult it can be to find work in their profession when they first come to Canada. Unfortunately, lots of newcomers end up taking “survival” jobs that are below their level of experience and unrelated to their expertise.

It may take you a long time to find work in your field compared to the one you did in your home country. Many immigrants are invited to come to Canada based on their high ranking under the Express Entry system, which is partially based on the demand of Canada’s labour market; therefore the difficulty of getting the right employees can be a shock.

However, lots of supports are available for you as a job-seeker in Ontario where government or employment agencies cannot assure you a job. You’ve got to find work on your own which may take lots of time and efforts. You may probably have to upgrade your skills and credentials.

Getting the right work in Ontario always requires doing lots of research on the labour market in the city where you desire to live, check the requirements for your profession and Canadian norms for the job-search process.

The following are typical steps you need in finding employment:

  • Researching labour market information
  • Finding out if your profession is recognised or not and how to become licensed in order to practise a recognised profession in Ontario.
  • Update your skills and credentials if necessary
  • Make connections and networking in your field
  • Seeking assistance with your job search
  • Create a Canadian-style resume and a cover letter
  • Ensure that your specific occupation language skills are at an optimal level
  • Learn and understand Canadian workplace culture

You might want to get support from an employment agency or a settlement, your family and friends or your faith group while looking for employment. Finding a job can be a hard process and it is necessary to take care of your mental health during this period.

After you find employment in Ontario, make sure to learn about your workplace rights and responsibilities. Employers sometimes take advantage of newcomers who are unaware of Ontario’s employment laws.