What You Should Do when Detained At The U.S Airport

What You Should Do when Detained At The U.S Airport. There are several things you could do when being detained at the U.S airport. they are.,

Reasons For being detained At the U.S Airport

There are various reasons one could be detailed at the U.S airport. It could be that you are suspected of a criminal offense. There will be a random check to verify the details about your travel. Though you cannot be detained just because you ain’t a citizen. If your name appears on the watch list by the government, you could be detained. It is also said that if you do not have valid travel documents, you could be detained example if you are coming into the country with a B-1/B-2 visitor visa but it was detected that you are actually coming to work, you will be taken in for secondary inspection for questioning. Your race, religion, origin etc could not make you get detained but you could be detained if you are not a citizen.

What To Do If You Get Detained At The U.S Airport

You have to first know if you were actually detained. Most times people do not understand if they have been detained or not because the questions are been framed so what you have to do is ask if you are been detained or not and if the answer is yes, you are free to ask the Customs and Border Protection for explanation on why you are being detained and for permission to call a relative or an attorney so they will be aware of your delay.

Other Do’s And Don’ts

What you say to the customs and immigration officers counts so you have to try as much as possible to be polite and do not make jokes even if the officer is friendly. Ensure also to maintain eye contact with the officer while being questioned. Make sure the documents you are carrying, texts on phone or laptop etc meets with your purpose of entering the country. You should also know the phone numbers of people you can call. If you travel always to the U.S, ensure to apply for any traveller program such as Global entry as acceptance into any of the programs will aid easy entry.

The CBP officers also have the right to search United States citizens. Travel plans also lay a role in where people may be detained. you may be detained because you have travelled to a country where contamination from soil, sea, water could pose a high risk.

What To Do If Your Travel Companion Is Detained

If your travel companion is detained all you have to do is to call an attorney. The reason why the companion was detained should detect the kind of attorney to call. Immigration detention requires an immigration attorney while criminal detention requires a criminal defence lawyer. You should text or email the name and phone number of the attorney to your travel partner.

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