When To Modify Or Update Your Express Entry Profile

If you have applied and submitted your information on the Express Entry online platform and yet to received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence, then you are clearly free to make changes or update your information.

One way or the other, If you are considering immigrating or settling permanently in Canada, you must pass through the online application platform known as Express Entry.

But what exactly is Express Entry? to simply put, Express Entry a system or tool used by the Canadian government for organizing the intake and processing of some economic immigration programs.

Immigrating through the Express Entry program could easily be one of the most important decisions of your life.

So, if you have applied through the Express Entry, but later, you discovered you had omitted something of importance.

And you are thinking about whether it’s possible to modify, update or edit your Express Entry profile.

Well, the good news is that you can still modify or update any information if you have not yet received an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

You can update, modify or fix mistakes or even add new documents (for example, if you retake your IELTS exam and get a better score, you can still add it to your profile).

What Is Express Entry?

The Express Entry system was designed to help select the best-skilled workers for Canadian immigration.

This means that your EE profile should be a genuine, impressive, and accurate reflection of yourself. But as humans, we are prone to make mistakes.

Here are some important points to know about modifying, editing, or correcting mistakes on your Express Entry profile.

The express entry system is based on the Comprehensive Ranking System where candidates are invited based on the points they scored.

Comprehensive Ranking System For Express Entry

CRS is a point-based system that is used to assess and score your profile and rank it in the Express Entry pool. It takes note of the following areas in your profile

  • skills
  • education
  • language ability
  • work experience

Applicants are assessed and selected based on their point score attained on age, educational qualification, language proficiency, work experience, etc. Sometimes, however, these point score disqualifies deserving applicants to get the invitation to apply (ITA) from the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

However, you can improve your points under the following conditions and thus increase your chances of getting an invitation to apply.

  • Additional points for Secondary (French) language skills
  • If you have siblings in Canada
  • Improved IELTS score can get you extra points
  • Points for Provincial Nomination Program
  • Points for partner’s credentials

Invitation To Apply (ITA)

Successful candidates for Express Entry are given documents by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizens Canada is known as Invitation to apply.

This document allows the candidate to start applying for Permanent Residence in Canada. Applications can be processed within six months and applicants can travel to Canada with their accompanying family members provided their names are in the Express Entry profile.

The following family members can follow an applicant’:a spouse or common-law partner, as well as any dependent children.

Express Entry Draw

All successful candidates who apply for express entry through any of the express entry programs are invited to apply for the express entry pool which is conducted every two weeks.

Any candidate that qualifies for this round can go on to process his or her permanent residence.

So far in 2021, due to the impact of covid 19, only candidates for Canada Experience Class (CEC) and Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) have been nominated for express entry.

When To Modify or Update Your Express Entry Profile?

If you have applied and submitted your information on the Express Entry online platform and yet to received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence, then you are clearly free to make changes or update your information. The changes you can make include:

Steps to make changes in your express entry profile

These are the specific steps to follow to make changes to your profile:

  1. Log on to your Express Entry account home page. Next choose the option that reads, “What would you like to do today?
  2. Next step, proceed to the section that says, “View my submitted profiles or applications” and then click on the section that reads “Check status and messages.”
  3. At the bottom of the “profile details” screen, you are going to see a button that reads, “View submitted application.”
  4. Almost there, on the “Express Entry profile” page, click the button that reads, “Update form.” And ensure you choose the appropriate section for modification.
  5. Update all the necessary changes and corrections on your information, scroll to the bottom of the pages, then hit the “Save and exit.”
  6. When you are done with your profile update, click on the button that says “Continue” at the bottom of the page. You are now in the clear to submit the newly modified version of your EE profile.

Please Note: If you make any changes that affect your eligibility or your Comprehensive ranking system (CRS), the Express Entry system will update your profile to reflect these changes within 24 hours.

When You Can’t Modify or update your Express Entry Profile

There are a few situations where you cannot update any changes to your profile. If your profile, for instance, does not meet the criteria or requirement for one of the Express Entry programs, it will be refused and you cannot modify or update it.

Secondly, If your Express Entry profile receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada permanent residence then all the information and details entered into the profile becomes locked in place, thereby preventing you from changing or modifying any information you put in your profile.

So it’s always suggested you get it right in the initial stage when submitting your information or effect corrections and updates right on time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Express Entry

Q. What is Express Entry?

Ans. Express Entry is an online application system that allows candidates to submit their permanent residence form online to be assessed and given an invitation to apply by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizens Canada if you score the minimum point according to the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Q. How many programs are under Express Entry System (EE)?

Ans. The express entry system has three programs under it. The three programs are

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Q. What is the processing time for express entry?

Ans. The average processing time for express entry is 6 months. So, when you get your invitation to apply, you must get all the necessary documents ready, so that once anyone is needed you can provide it without delay.

Q. Who can qualify for express entry?

You can qualify for express entry with any of the express entry system programs listed above.

However, you will have to meet the minimum requirements for any of the programs you want to apply to and score the minimum mark for that program.

For each of the programs, you will be scored according to the following criteria Level of Education; Language proficiency; Work experience; Age, and Admissibility into Canada.

Q. How long is express entry valid?

Ans. Any express entry profile is valid for only two years after which it expires. Your profile must be valid on the day you apply for permanent residence. After two years and you want to apply for another express entry, then you must create a new express entry profile.

While filling the form for your express entry profile you must make sure to fill in the correct information to avoid being disqualified based on false representation of information.

Q. How much is the express entry fee?

Ans. Express Entry profile is created for free but you will a visa processing fee of $825 once you receive an invitation to apply. This fee covers both you and your spouse or common-law partner. However, you’ll need to pay an additional $225 for each dependent child accompanying you to Canada.