Where To Process Social Insurance Number In Canada

Upon landing in Canada as a permanent or temporary resident, getting a Social Insurance Number (SIN Canada) is vital. This is because you cannot legally work in Canada without one.

A social insurance number (SIN) is a nine-digit number issued to foreign workers, permanent residents, and Canadian citizens in Canada to administer various government programs. The SIN, created in 1964, is currently issued by Employment and Social Development Canada.

The SIN number is used to identify you by various government agencies. You will need it to access government benefits and programs as well as to payment of taxes.

Every temporary, permanent resident, and Canadian citizen, 12 years of age and above, may apply for their SIN number.

Its purpose is similar to the National Insurance Number in the UK, the social security number of the United States, or the Tax File Number in Australia.

You will need to provide your SIN number to your Canadian employer upon being hired. There is no fee charged to apply for a Social Insurance Number in Canada.

Where To Process Social Insurance Number In Canada

You can apply for your SIN number in Canada by getting all the documentation needed and taking these to the nearest Service Canada office.

If you are a permanent resident, you must provide your PR Card. A Confirmation of Permanent Residence letter will be accepted as a substitute for a permanent residence card accompanied by a valid passport, like a driver’s license.

Temporary residents who arrive on a Working Holiday Visa in Canada will be required to provide either their Canadian study permit or their Canadian work permit, indicating that they may accept employment.

Usually, temporary residents are issued a Social Insurance Number in Canada beginning with ‘9’. The confirmation of the SIN Canada letter will have an expiry date that corresponds with the one on the immigration document. You may apply for a SIN Canada by mail or in person, depending on your proximity to the Service Canada office.

Processing Time For Social Insurance Number In Canada

Your SIN number is issued to you during your visit on a printed sheet of paper, commonly called a Confirmation of SIN Number letter. In 2014, Canada stopped issuing plastic cards SIN to residents, but the cards can still be used where required by anyone who still has them.

For mail applications, you will be issued your SIN Number within Twenty (20) days from the receipt of your application.

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