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Which Province Is Best To Get Permanent Residence In Canada?

Canada has 10 Provinces each with unique immigration programs. But which Province is the best to get Permanent Residence in Canada? Do you know which province is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada as a provincial nominee? Let’s find out about it below!

Canada is not just only the best Country to migrate to, but its’ the best country to easily get Permanent Residency (PR). In Canada, each and every province has got its own governing rules and even the Permanent Residence rule and application process changes in each province.

Thus, now prospective immigrants are looking at the provinces where getting PR is very easy and also the unemployment factor is less. Choosing a province is vital for an immigrant and this plays an important role when it comes to settling down well in Canada.

But out of all these above-mentioned provinces, Saskatchewan and Quebec are the two provinces which have easy Permanent Residence rules and the lowest unemployment rate is:

Saskatchewan Immigration

Saskatchewan is, without doubt, the most targeted province for immigrants, newcomers and international students. The good news is that international students from abroad can apply for permanent residence in Saskatchewan without a job offer.

The time for obtaining permanent resident status in Saskatchewan is usually up to 10 months.

In addition, Saskatchewan province is rich in oil production. There are many job opportunities you can get in mining and petroleum and the rate of unemployment is very low.

As for immigrants, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has many options or alternatives means of entry into Canada.

The SINP allows Saskatchewan to choose candidates, who qualify under criteria established by the province, to the federal government for landed immigrant status. The good news is that there is no deadline to apply for the SINP and thus you can apply anytime.

Quebec Immigration

Quebec is the only Canadian French-speaking province as well as the second-most populous province after Ontario. Many Job opportunities are available in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, information and communication industry and aerospace. Joblessness rare is as low as 7%.

In addition, a lot of immigrants/newcomers take part in the PNP of Quebec, because there you can get permanent residence within two (2) years.

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