Which Province Is Easy To Get PNP In Canada?

As you make plans to migrate to Canada, ensure that you are thoroughly informed before choosing a province to live in. You may decide to choose a province where it will be relatively easy to get PNP in Canada. Canadian provinces cover a wide range of territory and are blessed with a different natural endowment, employment prospect, and demographics. Choosing a province that makes it easier to obtain PNP and achieves your Canada immigration dream should be your utmost priority.

Most Canada provinces have their own immigration programs. These include Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia among others. Now, these provinces have the authority to nominate applicants desiring to get Canada PR in any Canadian province.

The Two Canadian provinces which offer a much easier pathway and friendly Canadian permanent residency rules are Quebec and Saskatchewan.

Immigration to Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Provincial nominee program is certainly the easiest pathway to get Canada PR. No wonder, Saskatchewan has already become a major destination for international students. After all, it also boasts of a high number of job opportunities in petroleum and mining. And the rate of joblessness in Saskatchewan is very low. It also has several popular colleges and one research university.

You will be glad to know that international students can apply for permanent residency in Saskatchewan even without any job offer. the processing times for Saskatchewan permanent residency is just 10 months(maximum).

Immigration to Quebec

the Quebec province is also a favoured PNP immigration destination. That’s because it takes only two years to obtain Quebec permanent residency.

Immigrant aspirants who apply to the Skilled Worker Quebec Program are assessed according to a selection grid of factors such as age, French-speaking skills, Educational qualifications etc. And applicants who score the required points are given a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) which they can then use to apply for Canadian permanent residency. So, Quebec and Saskatchewan are the two easiest Provinces for getting Provincial Nomination Immigration in Canada.