Why Canada And Australia Accept So Many Skilled Immigrants?

Australia and Canada are among the topmost coveted destination of many immigrants, skilled workers, students and businessmen. Both Countries are technologically and economically advanced and have a rich cultural diversity that makes the world wonder. But, their population and birth rates are paradoxical to their landmass which is a major concern of both the countries today. In this article, we will discuss why Canada and Australia accept so many skilled Immigrants?

Let’s take a look at all such major factors that makes both countries accepted by more and more immigrants.

Why Canada And Australia Accept So Many Skilled Immigrants?

An ageing population, low birth rates are two major factors both Canada and Australia, which have further given rise to other problems such as;

Shortage In Skill Workers 

Highly skilled and talented workers are in short supplies for both Canada and Australia fast-growing industries and organizations.

The immigrants’ works help improve the economy through their world-class skills, and huge experience in the occupations which need special expertise and abilities. Immigrant workers are also the key tax contributors in both countries. They help the country prosper.

Young Workforce

Australia and Canada have growing number ageing population which means they don’t have the young workforce, that is the demand of most industrial and advanced Countries of the world.

Thus, they need young and highly skilled immigrant workers, which can become a useful resource for the growing industries and companies.

Demographic Balance

It is essential for any advanced Country to have a right demographic balance, i.e. a country must have the kids, women, senior citizens, and young population in the right percentage.

But, with low birth rate and fertility in both Countries, striking the right demographic balance is becoming difficult to deal with. Thus, the skilled immigrant worker and their families coming from their homeland, help the government create the right demographic balance.

Cultural Diversity

Aside from the above, multi-cultural diversity has also become part of the culture of both Australia and Canada. The government, communities, and people usually don’t discriminate immigrants based on their identity, race, religion and language, etc.

Growth and Development

Immigrants play a major role in the development of most advanced Nations of the World. The United States has been a great example of the same over the years.

A huge number of Engineers, Scientists, IT professionals, Professors, and CEO’s in America have their roots outside the US.

In the same vein, Immigrants have also played a crucial role in the development of Canada and Australia. Most especially in Canada, immigrants are at all important positions in the government, corporate sector, and society in general.

All the factors above contribute to the high immigration rate of Canada and Australia. This is the reason that a large number of people move to both these countries from different parts of the world, i.e. Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, etc.

Do you have plans to move to Australia or Canada? 

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Tips for choosing the best Immigration experts

Choose a Registered Consultancy Service: You should make sure that immigration consultancy services you choose are reliable and duly registered by the immigration regulatory body of the country you are moving to. You may also try to find out or ask from your friends and family if they have availed services from such agency.

Contact a Consultancy firm and not the agents for freelancers, etc.: Be wary of agents and freelancers who have no office or team setup. They are more likely to cheat you. Always patronize registered visa consultancy firm who are trusted and approved.

Be wary of fraud agents and agencies: Even though there are many immigration consultants service providing invaluable immigration and visa services to applicants, there are few who can still mislead applicants. Such fake consultants could make you lose the opportunity for a particular visa or immigration program.

Hence, you must verify the authenticity of any agency before you patronize them.

Search through their website: Does the immigration firm have a well-updated website? If they do, have they clearly and comprehensively stated all the information that concerns you? A company website is the face of the company which tells the client what they are all about. The best immigration consultant services will have a well crafted and informative website.

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