Why Canada Is So Attractive To Foreign Students

Canada is now the world’s third-leading study abroad destination of international students, with a staggering 642,000 students. But why is Canada so attractive to foreign students.

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) statistics, Canada’s international student’s population increased by Thirteen (13) per cent in 2019 compared to the last year, marking yet another year of remarkable growth. Generally, 404,000 international students saw their study permit take effect in 2019.

Canada’s international students’ population has grown six-fold over the past Twenty (20) years. In the past decade alone, it has tripled.

Canada’s growth is being boosted by the rise in the global middle-class population, with more foreign students seeking to pursue educational, and in some cases, immigration opportunities abroad. Presently, according to UNESCO, there are now over five million foreign students globally, compared with around two million in 2000.

Here at home, Canadian colleges and universities have been left with no choice but to admit more international students in order to sustain themselves financially. Growth among the major cohort of Canadian-born students entering universities and colleges (individuals between the ages of 18-24) has stabled over the past decade due to Canada’s ageing population and low birth rate.

While Canada’s population has grown by Eleven (11) per cent over the last decade, the 18-24 cohort has only increased by Four (4) per cent. As such, Canadian institutions requires revenues from foreign students to fund their rising operating costs.

attractive to foreign students

Nearly Fifty (50) per cent study In Ontario

Ontario is by far the biggest beneficiary of foreign students in Canada. In 2019, hosting about Forty-eight (48) per cent of Canada’s international student’s population—nearly 307,000 people.

British Columbia is a occupy the second spot, with twenty-three (23) per cent of Canada’s international students amounting to—about 145,000 people.

Followed by Quebec in the third position, with fourteen (14) per cent of all international students in Canada—87,000 people.

Nova Scotia and Manitoba have high international students populations on a per capita basis, with some 19,000 international students in each province.

Canada Moves Into Third Place Worldwide

Currently, the United States has an estimated 1.1 million foreign students. Despite concerns, the policies put in place by President Donald Trump may discourage international students from studying in the United States., the country still boasts many of the world’s renown universities, which continue to serve as a major attraction for international students.

Australia ranks second on the continent, with its nearly 700,000 foreign students. Canada’s 642,000 international students now rank it third globally, ahead of the approximately 500,000 each hosted by the United Kingdom and China.

Why Canada is so attractive to foreign students

Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) findings show that international students opt for Canada due to the country’s strong and high quality of education, as well as its reputation as a multicultural society.

Some Sixty (60) per cent of international students have also reported to CBIE that they are interested in becoming permanent residents after their studies in Canada.

Canada offers international students one of the world’s most juicy packages, allowing them to work and study, and then obtain a post-graduation work permit to acquire Canadian work experience and then offers them more than Eighty (80) economic class immigration programs to choose from.

Another consideration is that while international students pay higher tuition than Canadian students, their overall expenses in Canada are lower than in the likes of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. A major reason for this is the Canadian dollar is lower in strength than the U.S. dollar, British pound, and the Euro.