Why Canada Is The Ideal Study Destination?

Low crime rates and affordable cost of living are making Canada not only the ideal study destination but also an international study hotspot for international students.

The United States and the United Kingdom are often considered the main education hotspots for International students seeking to study abroad. However, new research shows that Canada offers a much lower crime rate and affordable cost of living than its education rivals.

Studying overseas before the university can cause a lot of concern for parents, but Canada provides the security and stability to put even the most fearful mind at rest.

Unlike other advanced countries with affordable living costs, Canada also has high-quality education systems in the globe. Home to the University of Toronto, a prestigious and elite world university according to QS World University Rankings 2019, Canada is attracting foreign students in from all parts of the world.

Students have been trooping to Canada since the 2016 announcement of a student visa that enables them to live and work in the country after graduation.

Aside from having top-class and highly reputable universities, however, many international students are opting to come to Canada to study at one of its many prestigious institutions, which give students the chance to adapt to the new environment and culture before applying for university.

Ontario province alone has more than twenty (20) top institutions – forunners in technology and workforce development – assisting students develop skills for future careers, with 5,000-plus programmes across more than two hundred (200) fields of study.

International students can choose anything from one to two year certificate or diploma programmes, – and over 200 regular degree programmes which don’t only offer the key qualifications but also valuable practical experience. Add to that the extensive transfer opportunities which recognise students’ existing credits – and a respectable qualification from a Canadian institution really can take you anywhere.

One of the main problems international students encounter is having a lack of information and cultural knowledge about the higher institutions they wish to apply to.

By studying in Canada for your pre-university programs, you will be able to find out and visit the country’s top universities and understand exactly what grades required to gain admission in your dream institution.

“When I arrived in Canada for college, it was really strange knowing all my close friends were still back home,” Charlotte Ramsbury, a current student at the University of Toronto who came to Canada from the United Kingdom  when she was Sixteen (16).

“But, when it came to applying for an higher institutions, it was really helpful to be already have the experience of living there. I think a lot of students are put off from applying to study overseas because they don’t know the customs.”

Charlotte said that being able to speak to professors and students at the universities really informed her choice, and it was really helpful to already know certain aspects of Canadian culture.

“Canada has an interesting  way of life which I wouldn’t have understood if I didn’t come to study at college here first. It allowed me to figure out if I liked the country as well as understanding the application and visa process,” she said.